Monday, March 12, 2012

We're All Adjusting...

Oh my gosh, hi. *hiding face* I know, it's been months. I mean, I'm not even sure what I've been waiting for to post an update--my son's college graduation? Let's just pretend that break was some sort of post-pregnancy sabbatical. Even though I'm pretty sure I had a beginning, middle, and end-of-pregnancy sabbatical (lame!). I have about three thousand things to chat about with you lovely people, and around ten minutes each day to compose it. Thank you for being so patient. I haven't stopped testing, fawning over, or (shockingly) wearing there is lots to cover.

So how about we start with a couple of things that I picked up over the weekend? I'm experiencing a major foundation kick--which is sort of ridiculous since I rarely wear any. Last week, I swore no more foundation until I've used up a bottle. Well, oops.

Josie Maran came out with a new powder foundation, the Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation (SPF 20). And let me tell you, the finish is creamy and light. Nothing like the heavy cakey things that promise extra coverage..more like, the kind of product that will reach in and pull out your inner-argan glow. The shade adjusts to your skin tone, which means I chose the light/medium shade. So far so good, however this must be applied with a sponge. Using a brush results in a huge powdery mess.

As I'm not a fan of products which claim to adapt to your mood, body heat, sexiness, etc. I didn't think that I'd be very interested in Dior's Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush. It really didn't matter anyway, because every time I went to have a look, it was sold out. Until the day I came across that darned Josie foundation. I swatched what seemed like a too-powdery bright pink over the back of my hand...only to look down minutes later, and find a warm sunset coral. Sold. The trick is to swipe and wait. If you don't give it some time to develop, you risk ending up with serious dolly cheeks.

I'll be back to give you the pros and cons of the foundation, but have any of you been on a foundation binge lately? Also, please leave a link if you have a swatch of how the Rosy Glow developed on your skin. I'm excited to be back ladies!


Tali said...

I have the blush and am so happy with it! I cant believe how it changes from that dolly pink to peach on me!!!

annie said...

It's nice to know that there's a "mood adjusting" blush out there that actually works! I'm not sure how I'd feel having to wait a bit for it to develop - I'm always in a rush. Still though, the coral shade you're describing seems amazing!

I'm not on a foundation kick but more on a BB Cream, and tinted moisturizer kick. I don't know what happened, I used to be all about full coverage! I think my latest foundation was the Bourgeois Healthy Mix Serum, which is still quite light!

fantastic said...

The change is really shocking, right? I'm a believer! Now I just need to buy a mood ring!

fantastic said...

Oh yes, the tinted moisturizers and bb creams..I think I've bundled those into the foundation category, as I prefer very light coverage. They're addictive!

Rocaille said...

Gah, now I wish I got that Dior blusher - I'm pretty sure I'd stay light pink on me, so the effect is kinda wasted. That foundation looks very interesting too!

Muhsine Emin said...

Yay yay a post from you, that foundation looks beautiful. I know what you mean about the foundation I have soooo many any use it about once a week :) keep the posts coming and I'm sure that blush looks amazing on you! X

fantastic said...

@rocaille no, come and try this one. I actually placed it back down until I noticed it had developed really beautifully!

@muhsine yes, let's keep this streak going! I don't use foundation as much, also bc I'm paranoid about it getting on baby's face.

Kajal Couture said...

It's so nice to have you back! I've missed ya girl!!

I will have to check out that foundation...I'm in a bit of a base rut and don't like anything I have. I picked up a couple new ones but apparently I have purple skin or something....nothing seems to be a good shade match.

Peti said...

The blush is an interesting concept! I wonder how the range is in color. I'll have to try it out:)

Rowena said...

I've bought sooooooo many foundations recently but I am still searching for 'the one'. I love the look of the Josie Maran cosmetics though, it just looks good for you?!

fantastic said...

@kajal couture: thank's great to be back ;) i am completely the same--i will think that a shade is a perfect match, only to return home and find it too pink or too yellow.

@peti: well you can hop on over and try it--it will look great on you ;) xx

@rowena: which ones have come close? i remember you used to like an RMK one, no? i hate to admit that there are a couple that i currently have my eye on. *keep repeating* just finish one bottle.

DSK Steph said...

Welcome back to the world of beauty blogging!! :)

I really need to get my hands on a few Josie Maran products! The blush looks gorgeous in pan. I'm so curious about it's "powers" now!

fantastic said...

@dsk steph: thank you! i feel like i've been missing so much of what's going on out here :) yes, josie maran is perfect for those natural days--or really any day!

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