Friday, July 15, 2011

Nordstrom Anniversary Picks - 2011

It's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale time! I purchased these items about a week or so ago, and figured I'd wait until the sale went live (this morning at midnight) to discuss them. For those without a Nordstrom in their neck of the woods, the Sale is when the department store brings out all of their new items for Fall. It's a madhouse here (being that this is where it all began), and you will find shoppers waiting at 7am for the doors to open with a serious plan of action, and an enorme coffee in-hand.

Each year I seem to pick fewer things from the sale. Growing up, my sister and I would be taken to Plum Avenue (then, the little girls department) to pick out back to school clothes. In later years, we would graduate to the Juniors department, and then go on to work the sale during university. If only you could see those back to school outfits. Atrocious. But we were positive that they were the height of style.

There are a handful of Anniversary exclusives in the cosmetics department (special beauty combos that have been put together). A few that made it home with me were the Jo Malone set, a gorgeous Alice Temperley for Elemis Collection, and one of the MAC Cine-Matics Duo's i
n Feature 4. More on those later.

My favorite purchases were put to use right away. First up is Shiseido's Benefiance Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Eye Set. For the price of a single eye cream, you also receive the Benefiance Cleansing Foam, Bio-Performance Corrective Serum, and the Balancing Softener--all housed in a soft and sparkly rose-gold pouch. This eye cream is my favorite of the many that I've tried--it's one of the only ones that have actually made a difference in the suppleness of my eye area (I've gone through several tubs over the years), as it is extremely hydrating. If you've ever considered trying it out, now is the time to pick it up!

Of course there are shoes. Many many shoes in this store. I've been trying to plan ahead for post-baby-delivery days. Although I will never forsake my heels, I've realized that it will probably be a hell of a lot more comfortable pushing a buggy around in flats (well, at least while shopping). These leather "Foleys" by Report caught my eye, as they appeared to be rose-gold toned as well. The bows struck me as a cute way to dress up a plain pair of denim jeans, or cigarette pants. Once I tried them on, I realized that they were indeed more pewter than rose gold...nonetheless, they are comfortable and can be thrown on in a second.

Now that I'm browsing online, I'm noticing a handful of other items that I may have overlooked. It's a little overwhelming to shop in-store during this time...and even if you thought this post didn't apply to you, don't forget that Nordstrom now offers International shipping :)

Are you planning on/already did pick up any items from the Anniversary Sale? Doesn't it seem a tad early to think about Fall, when for many of us Summer has just begun?


kuri said...

Ooh, lovely picks! That Shiseido set is quite tempting, but I will refrain this time.

Ebru said...

Love your picks! I've always wanted to try Shiseido skincare products for some reason, they just look luxurious :) Your shoes are so cute! I checked out the sale I like a few things but not so sure if enough to buy just yet. I saw a couple of cute bags, but we'll see!

Kajal Couture said...

You will be glad to know I went to nordies today and got sucked in to getting the shiseido set because of you. enabler. =)

FABB said...

Would love to have you on our fashion and beauty bloggers network. Please like our Facebook page the FABB and we'll send you an invite when the site launches.

fantastic said...

@kuri: :)

@ebru: i really enjoy shiseido generally as a line. I think their makeup is quite good as well--but you have a great store to shop that Michigan Ave ;)

@Kajal Couture: I'm happy you picked it up! Let me know what you think of it...I love the stuff! What else did you find?

Rocaille said...

That rose gold pouch is enough to buy that Shiseido set :) I might have a look at their sale now that my parents have gone back home... x

mineral lipstick said...

I like the shoes in specific...very neutral color and the work really adds a lot of glamour to the piece.

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Manmeet Sachdev said...

fab picks :)

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