Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tali's Tag

This tag is thanks to Tali over at The Gloss Goss. It's been some time since I've done one of these...

Would You Rather..

Never use Mascara or Bronzer again?

I can't believe I'm typing this, but I could go without bronzer. Only because I'm sure I could find a way to regain my glow, had I woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Only be able to buy high end make-up or drugstore make-up again?

High End. My favorites lean towards high end.

Be In Love or Be Loved?

Be loved. It would save me from myself. If it were just I that were in love, it'd be a sad story.

Go out with chipped nail varnish or unshaven legs?

Get ready to barf. I do the second one all the time. My hair grows like weeds, so if I'm wearing long pants, then who cares? I will notice a chipped nail a mile away.

Go out with messy hair or no make-up?

Unfortunately, I have many a messy hair day. I hardly notice anymore. I go without makeup quite a bit, but it's the fun one out of the two, so...messy hair it is.

Leave the house with a bright orange tan or burnt ginger peroxide-gone-wrong ginger hair?

When my hair color is wrong, EVERYTHING's wrong...but I can't say I've ever had an orange tan either? Maybe the tan...I'd pop on over to Greek Row, and shake it like a salt shaker ;)

It were winter forever or summer forever?

Summer forever. I was made for the heat.

Have permanent 2 inch roots or permanently unplucked brows?

Permanently unplucked brows would mean that I'd be straight up carpeted. Give me roots any day.

Leave the house with dried toothpaste drool or crusty yellow sleep eyes?

Wow. I suppose sleep eyes.

Give up all MAC or all Illamasqua products?

Although I love Illamasqua products, there isn't anything I use daily. I use more MAC than I'd like to admit, although I'm definitely not a crazed MAC fan. We're giving up Illamasqua.

Who's next?! I tag everyone who has read this...or you can post your answers in the comments!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MAC Mean & Green vs. Orly Space Cadet

First and foremost, thank you all for your lovely Birthday wishes over Twitter and email. I've had a fantastic couple of days celebrating, and it looks like tomorrow evening will round it off for another solid year in the books!

I picked up a nail polish a few weeks ago, only to get around to using it this week. While I was having a look at MAC's Venomous Villains collection last week (of which I'm completely uninterested..phew!), something struck the familiarity bone.

MAC's Mean & Green Satin nail varnish, is a fitting shade for a collection that revolves around Disney villains. It's dark, but not black. The fade into darkness thing, is precisely what drew me in.

However, Orly's Space Cadet is...wait...exactly the same color. And it was released first. So who's copying who? No matter, because they are both gorgeous and a tad difficult to get your hands on. Only a couple of dollars apart in price, either one is a good bet--although the rubber handle and consistent formula of Orly, earns it a couple of extra stars.

The multi-chrome finish changes, depending on which way the light hits it. Complex and intriguing, I've found myself repeatedly twisting my hands to observe how the purples and greens and pinks pop out. The comments have been humorous--today in the Starbuck's drive-through, the barista dropped her jaw and then said "Alright. What color?"

Poor Larry. He thought he was just joining me for a coffee. Little did he know that he would soon have the wonders of concealer revealed to him. For reasons like this, anyone who knows me will tell you to stay far far away from my "coffee dates"...

Are you purchasing anything from MAC's Venomous Villains collection? What are your thoughts on dual/multi-chrome polishes?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In a Minute.

The last couple of weeks have been full You never know what you will be handed each morning as you wake...and sometimes it's better that you don't.

I was lucky to have my little chef (aka, the nephew) in town. He demonstrated one of his favorite culinary tricks..

Meanwhile, mum prepared my favorite comfort food of all time--pani keke Tonga. They're fried doughy balls of banana-y pancakes..

Somehow, there was time to fit in a quick concert..

And of course I snapped away--attempting to document an eye look--but only capturing some majorly 80's hair.

The weekend is upon's the little things! Tell me your plans...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thinking Ahead...

As the weather cools down and I face the reality that Summer will soon be at its end, I have found myself daydreaming of Halloween. I love getting dressed up for Halloween, but often come up with so many ideas, only to settle on the least creative (and whatever happens to be easiest when the day arrives).

To prevent this from happening again, I did the sensible thing and picked up a palette of theatre shadows from Ben Nye.

The Lumiere Grande Colour Palette comes with twelve refillable pans--all of which are richly pigmented and buttery smooth. No, they aren't your everyday neutrals, but each are wearable in their own respective (and bright) way. These shades contain a luminous shimmer, but there are many (of which can be purchased separately and popped into the palette) that are matte. They all feel very lightweight on the skin, although the Azalea and Cosmic Blue shades have the most staying power. This is an item that would be excellent for a kit--especially for someone who does a bit of creative work. At its $60 price point, the value is unbeatable (the brush is included).

I can appreciate the labeling, in that each shadow has its own name. For some reason, a shadow without a name pushes me to lose a lot of respect for the poor thing

Thanks to the tin casing, I can now feel like a real Bob Ross while holding it at my side.

So, I've had costume recommendations for Neytiri and a panda...what do you think I should be?

Have you given any thought to Halloween, or an outfit for a costume party? What sorts of themes do you tend to go for?

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Really, Another Bronzer?

I realize that I am good to go on the bronzer front...for about the next fifteen years...but they're so hard to resist. I'm convinced there's one for every mood, celebration, and tilt of the moon. Hearing non-stop reviews on Chanel's Bronze Universel (Soleil Tan De Chanel) hasn't helped but peak my interest, yet I have always believed that other creme bronzers in my collection were similar.

Well, you already knew where this was going. I gave in. This pudding-like little tub has yet to leave the top of my vanity table, as it applies naturally and effortlessly. Thankfully, it was unlike anything else I had (do you sense a fib?), while the closest I could find was MAC's Beach Bronze Creme Bronzer (from the To The Beach collection).

As you can see, MAC's Beach Bronze is a bit glittery, whereas the Chanel bronzer is flat, yet a tad sheer. The urge to stick my finger deeply into the Chanel pot, and smoosh everything around is quite strong...I'm not sure why. Scent-wise, it is reminiscent of other Chanel cosmetics--a bit floral, yet not as strong as say, the lipsticks. The color is buildable, without ever appearing cakey. It seems to melt into the skin, and doesn't settle on top. As it's summer, the color works well with my tanned skin--we'll see what the dreary fall and winter bring. Are you a fan of Chanel's Bronze Universel?

I snapped a photo of these guys, because whenever I'm swatching (or just doing my makeup), I am constantly reaching for one. Normally, I would find it a bit of a waste, but as Kirkland Signature is a Costco brand, you can pick up a box of 150 for $11. No, I don't use them as a daily cleanser, but they are perfect at the side of a vanity table. Do you use something similar?
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