Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rose Gold Manicure

Rose gold is popping up everywhere, right? Over the past few months, it has made a major comeback. I've always felt it a nice alternative to yellow and white golds, as the effect is a bit softer and looks marvelous on olive skin tones (and you know I can't help but be concerned about those olive skin tones!). The search for the perfect rose gold nail polish has now been called off, as I think I've found something to fit the bill. Orly's super-metallic, ultra-shiny, I-may-have-a-minx-manicure-effect polish in Rage is workin all 10. The shade is one of three, that make up the Foil FX Collection.

Although it is incredibly metallic, it's not as jarring as other gold or silver shades. That alone makes it much more wearable in various settings. Two coats is plenty for a consistent application. I tell you, with each stroke I become more enamored with Orly polishes.

And what do you remove it with, you say? Only my favorite nail polish remover...ever! I have found the remover that my nail supply case has been searching for. It's non-drying, has an upright pump, smells halfway decent, and can tackle half of a hand in just one application. Zoya's Remove + is everything you've ever wanted in a varnish remover. Just watch..once you go Zoya, you'll never go...err, I guess that doesn't really rhyme.

This bachata remix of an old favorite has been playing all summer on the iPod. How are those dimples? ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Been So Long...

This is what happens when I wander into the drugstore without a single need...or an idea of what I could need. I really should limit my drugstore perusing hours, but it is my favorite place to shop..
I'm sure I have plenty of blue polishes (that I rarely wear, because when it comes down to the work week, I'm not sure that anyone can take me seriously with my blue tips), but this one reminded me of a favorite crayon. Of course this led me to the bright idea of designing (ie. painting things that only I will recognize) with a nail art brush on my nails. Which for one reason or another made me realize that I was hungry...for candy. This is pretty much the reason that I should never be let loose in a Walgreens, much less Target.

I miss you all. I'm back..I promise :)
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