Monday, July 05, 2010

Take Me To...Turks & Caicos!

As I was speeding past the NARS counter a few weeks back (well, that's if speeding means gliding while swatching all new items within arms reach), I came across the limited set of multiples that are being promoted for the summer. The Multiple Tints come in three shades--Beverly Hills (fuschia), Cadaques (baby pink), and Turks & Caicos. After debating between the fuschia and Turks & Caicos, I decided on the latter, due to to its peachy-orange-crush hue.

I forced myself to make up my mind as quickly as possible, because the makeup artist kept trying to appeal to my every whim. I'd pick up the fuschia.. "Oh, that's perfect on you"...then the peach.. "Now that one is just fabulous for your skin tone"...then the baby pink (which might I mention looked horrible on me) .."That one is so popular. You'll love it!" I mean, could you just go back to ignoring me like you normally do and let me think for myself?!

Anyhow, the choice was easy. Turks & Caicos glides on glossy, and leaves a fresh--and dare I say it--dewy sheen on the skin. It's the kind of product that doesn't need foundation layered underneath, and in honesty is probably better off without it. I've worn it on a bare face, coupled only with mascara and a tad more on the lips, and I received so many compliments on how healthy I looked. It really does give you a sheer glow with just a bit of color. Typically not a fan of NARS Multiples, the fact that this is not a highlighter or boldly opaque shade, means that it will probably be finished by the end of summer.

In other news, I brought home a new orchid. It's a bit of a baby orchid, housed in the cutest recycled glass vase. My mum is a major orchid mama, and at one point in my childhood she had about 100 in the house at once. She would hand-carry the most unique versions home from her travels, and they would bloom away, year in and year out. I don't have her green thumb...but I'm working on it. For now, this mini version is just my speed.

Have you tried the Multiple Tints? Are you a fan of all-in-one color sticks?
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