Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Hi ladies! It's been some time since my last post--I was out of town over the weekend, and am packing to leave again the morning. I thought I'd do a quick post before getting out of here, although everything in my being is looking forward to some 90 degree weather!

When packing to get away, there are a few things that I believe are absolutely necessary to pick up beforehand.

The familiarity of a razor can mean the difference between spots and irritation, and legs that are even-toned and smooth. Have you ever forgotten your razor, and after calling down to room service end up with something that looks like a two cent men's version? No bueno. The same goes for shaving cream--I like Alba's Coconut Lime version, as it never gets clumped up behind the blade, but I'll be trying out their Mango Vanilla formula this time around.

Deodorant and toothpaste also fall into this category. In warm weather, my preference is to go with a deodorant formula. Think about it--you're sweating more than usual, and instead of letting those toxins break free and release from your body, you plug them up more than ever with some anti-perspirant, sending them right back to where they came from. The hardcore formulas are thus reserved for special outings, and I instead keep a purse-sized natural formula in my bag. Toothpaste is almost always forgotten. Not a fan of the ingredients that make up many of the mainline toothpastes, I turn to organic formulas. The only problem is, many of them don't have the minty punch that I like in the morning. Enter Jason Organics--my favorite of them all...even the vanilla mint flavor packs major freshness.

And since I'll be basking in the sun, I figured I would bring along some blot powder. I'm that girl that breaks out in a sweat while blow drying my hair--so you can imagine what the sun does to me. Although one can use a regular face powder to soak up shine, I find that that the color can build up in an unappealing cakey way, after a couple of applications. MAC's Blot Powder in Medium-Dark is my answer to this issue as it adds little to no color, and does a fine job of eliminating the glossy effect.

On that note, I'll leave you with a couple of shots from this last weekend...

The first photo is the church that my dear friend was married in, while the second is a tree that I love the look of. These are the type of trees that iguanas blend into in Tonga...but we could not think of the English name for it. Does anybody know?

And who else is perplexed by how Sade stays so young looking? I want 52 to look that way for me...

Friday, May 07, 2010

Prepping For Sunny Days Ahead!

It's May--which means that in a couple of months, we will be able to welcome summer. I'm beyond excited about this, as the warm weather resonates with my sense of wellness, and I'm looking forward to being on the beach, soaking up the heat and swimming in the ocean. There isn't a season that gets me more energized than the summer.

As of late, it's been about getting things ready for the sun--from planting to fitness. After picking out a handful of shrubs and flowers from a local nursery, my mama helped me to pot them, and also start a new herb garden. Who am I kidding? She did nearly all the work--right down to adding her "special fertilizing soil", and teaching me how to sing to the flowers. Apparently this has worked in her garden, because her yard is like a nursery itself.

The daily workouts have arrived via DVD. I could never have imagined that I would say this, but it's not half bad. Under the influence of fellow bloggers, I picked upJillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Never having been a fan of exercise videos, I'm pleased that I have held on. The comments (from those who know me best) that I would never complete the 30 days, was enough to get me going...and 28 days later, I have already ordered another workout DVD, and have a new little collection of workout gear!

You see, I chose the gym that I belong to, based solely on the steam room and spa services. My kind of gym visit involves a little bit of running, and a whole lot of falling asleep in the steam room. I'd just as well burn calories preparing a huge dinner, which explains why my arms have always been incredibly weak. This Shred business threw them into complete havoc. There is a mixture of strength, cardio, and endurance training which is taught in intervals. To put my initial reactions simply, the Mister would return home to the sound of shouting and snide remarks, coming from a wife that couldn't deal with Jillian's "motivational" remarks. So yes, her commentary is annoying--but once you understand the workout, you can mute the television and turn on an iPod.

Overall, it is effective. You've got 20 minutes of non-stop training, and it's a promise. A promise that in 20 minutes, you can return to your regularly scheduled life and feel good about your small accomplishment. The positive results--my arms are in much stronger condition, and push-ups are no longer an issue. The drawback? Jillian and her pals are--in my opinion--a little bulky. If you want to look that way, follow the workouts to a T. Load up on the hand weights, and knock yourself out. If you'd like to avoid the bulging leg effect, follow the variations of the workouts and use lighter weights. The video is probably best as a supplement to a regular cardio workout--but do what you can. Nobody's keeping score. Oh, and feel free to call her anything you like. She can't hear you.

Nails of the week? You've got it! OPI's Ate Berries in the Canaries, with a touch of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields on the ring fingers. Decided to take it old school--like, August 2009 days.

Are there any other Shredders out there? Who is planting/gardening in expectation of the warm weather?
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