Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hard To Come By

I mentioned that I had picked up a couple of things on my weekend out of town (which was to Canada--congratulations, Rocaille!). Well, maybe it was a few bags worth of things. They have everything we don't up there! GOSH, Vasanti, the extensive lines of Bourjois, Garnier, etc. And the food--oh, the food. Dim sum for days, laksa, and all kinds of Indian deliciousness.

Two of the drugstore items that made my heart skip a major beat, were Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation (made famous by Bubblegarm), and Garnier's Pure Daily Cleansing Gel (which I have The Gloss Goss to thank for). Clearly, I trusted these two ladies reviews, because I went a little overboard with the backups. In terms of feedback, the foundation is major love, and have yet to try the face wash. Reviews to come.

After Easter, it became official that Spring had actually hit. With the random appearances of the sun, each day is giving us a glimpse of brighter days ahead. I figured that the nails could use a little pastel cheer, and went for a lavender shade (China Glaze Agent Lavender). The effect is much less jarring than a pastel yellow (although I'm on the hunt for a good one), and doesn't quite throw you into the world of "blue nails". Which means...almost work-appropriate!

A few other things have come up over the week--the perfect coral lipstick for brown skin (that won't make you look like a clown), and a hair fix for your in-between hair appointment times.

Are you doing the pastel thing on your nails this Spring? What's your favorite pastel nail shade?


Unknown said...

cant wait to hear about the lipstick;)

Dont like this cleansing gel though;)

Im having a GIVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere nailpolish, OPI, NYX, CG, Eldora, H&M, The body shop, Garnier,...) join if you like ;)

all your readers are welcome too!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

love that polish hunny!

fantastic said...

@summerBabe: oh no, I have several backups! We'll see how it goes :)

@ashline: thanks :)

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Yay, I won (wasn't that difficult though...)! I rocked dusty pastel lilac for almost 2 weeks, and I think now I'm ready for some seriously bright peachy pink (Barry M Flamingo).

You really hauled quite a lot of goodies! Which I can totally understand, I did the exact same thing last Christmas. xxx

Muhsine Emin said...

Love the nailpolish, and yay for your new purchases :) I'm looking forward to wearing china glaze peachy keen, hope to recieve it in a swap if im not swaplifted.. eek :) xx

Tali said...

Noooo nooooo paste nails for me! I have the polish and it clases with my skin! :(

Does that mean i have to try that foundation too?? *evil make-up fairies in my head* YEES TALI YOU MUST!!

DSK Steph said...

Agent Lavender is gorgeous!

BeautyTalk said...

I love, love, loveee Vasanti :) I think you can get Vasanti on amazon now

fantastic said...

@rocaille: i've seen that shade, and it's GORGEOUS! perfect spin on peach :)

@muhsine: ooh you're going to get it? i've been checking my stores for days, and peachy keen is sold out everywhere!

@tali: the pastel that does the least well on my skin is pink. actually, it's just disgusting on me!

@dsk: thanks :)

@BeautyTalk; I've seen it on Amazon! I need to find more swatches, so I can figure out what I'd like to buy :)

Tina A. said...

Agreed about the Garnier Pure cleanser, it's either this for me, or the Cetaphil Gentle one, in fact Garnier is a little more effective with lesser product!

On a non-beauty note, you have such amazing long fingers!!! Wow!!!


fantastic said...

@tina_mbc: this is good news! i use cetaphil, but sometimes worry that it doesn't take off all my makeup. thanks ;) xx

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