Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peach & Coral: Interchangeable?

This season has gone all shades of peachy. The subdued orange tone is popping up everywhere, and is in nearly every current limited line. The problem for some ladies, is this--olive undertones combined with pigmented lips, means that certain shades of orange can wash you out, make you appear ill, or just look clownish. The light colored opaque formulas tend to come off as pasty, giving the appearance of tacky lips...not the pouty, moisturized ones many of us are after. Such was the issue when I went to test out the popular YSL's Rouge Volupte in Faubourg Peach. Who was I trying to kid? Even the makeup artist laughed.

A solution has been found. Someone with my skin tone or deeper can safely avert their attention to coral shades--ones with a little more warmth, and a little less of the cool undertone.

Paul and Joe's Lipstick in Poppy is an example of the direction we're heading. Although it's not the same as the lighter peaches we're seeing, the lip will actually grab a bit more of the orange than first meets the eye.

On the glossier end of things, I found a formula that is a tad sheer, yet still cancels out the rosiness of my natural lip tone.

The Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Sensation Coral (#346) was brought to my attention as an option that could be effortlessly applied throughout the Spring, sans the need for a mirror. The formula is very moisturizing and consistent. The color is buildable, and the above is shown with two coats.

When compared to YSL's Peach Fauborg, it was clear that it would allow the best to shine through, while still achieving the bronzey peach that I was after.

And now for some major shine...

Combining the peach and the pink, in a formula that would almost seem too milky to pass as natural, Paul and Joe's lipgloss in Icing is the ideal in-between. The paintbrush style applicator spreads product in a way that evenly coats the lip. As the intensity wears thin, it leaves a very light stain to the lip which giving a healthier-than-normal appeal.

Which shades have you turned to for your peach fix this Spring? Have you had to veer away from a must-have shade because it just wasn't right for you?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hard To Come By

I mentioned that I had picked up a couple of things on my weekend out of town (which was to Canada--congratulations, Rocaille!). Well, maybe it was a few bags worth of things. They have everything we don't up there! GOSH, Vasanti, the extensive lines of Bourjois, Garnier, etc. And the food--oh, the food. Dim sum for days, laksa, and all kinds of Indian deliciousness.

Two of the drugstore items that made my heart skip a major beat, were Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation (made famous by Bubblegarm), and Garnier's Pure Daily Cleansing Gel (which I have The Gloss Goss to thank for). Clearly, I trusted these two ladies reviews, because I went a little overboard with the backups. In terms of feedback, the foundation is major love, and have yet to try the face wash. Reviews to come.

After Easter, it became official that Spring had actually hit. With the random appearances of the sun, each day is giving us a glimpse of brighter days ahead. I figured that the nails could use a little pastel cheer, and went for a lavender shade (China Glaze Agent Lavender). The effect is much less jarring than a pastel yellow (although I'm on the hunt for a good one), and doesn't quite throw you into the world of "blue nails". Which means...almost work-appropriate!

A few other things have come up over the week--the perfect coral lipstick for brown skin (that won't make you look like a clown), and a hair fix for your in-between hair appointment times.

Are you doing the pastel thing on your nails this Spring? What's your favorite pastel nail shade?

Friday, April 02, 2010

Tokidoki Has Returned!

I snuck out of town last weekend--can you guess where?

It was nice to have some good food and drink, an opportunity to shop a different market, and to just be away from it all. A couple of things were obtained thanks to the reviews of some of my favorite beauty bloggers (next post), and I returned home to find that Tokidoki for Sephora had hit stores.

While each item is packaged all cutesy and fun, but only one product walked out of the store with me. The Prisma Lip Gloss in Donatella is a nude yet sheer gloss, offered up on a spatula-like wand. Major selling points were:

*Cap filled with crossbones and hearts
*Scent and flavor--blueberry, of all things!
*Shine factor--this is major shine with a huge dose of moisture
*Spatula wand. First I've seen of this.

Would I purchase again? Really, only if I wanted a color that had a little more pow-factor. A berry or red stain effect would be nice. Unless used over a lipstick for some extra shine, you're just looking at a lot of cute packaging and effect (which for the record, I don't mind one bit). The rest of the line offers great compacts (especially the bronzer and highlighter), and the eyeshadows are three tiers, with a bit of heft.

Are you planning on grabbing anything from the Tokidoki line? What's your favorite high-shine gloss?
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