Sunday, March 28, 2010

U-Turn: Grab Me a Green Smoothie!

When life throws you a curve ball, it's time to re-direct your energy and make something of it. I've been feeling this way lately, and it's brought me back (in a big way) to something I've always had a huge interest in: health and wellness.

This can be defined in so many ways, as it's different for everyone--but I've been an advocate of organic/local nutrition for years now. When we first started (the now hubby and I) the journey, the changes we began to see in our energy, skin and overall wellness were enough to never look back. That doesn't mean that I don't slip in a saimini (Top Ramen) or Wattie's spaghetti every once in a while. I give in when I feel I'd like to. But what you put into your body (and we've heard this a million times) is unquestionably revealed on the outside, so if that's something you want to change or improve, why not start from the ground up?

Lately, I've been on Kimberly Snyder's health tips site non-stop. Every once in a while I'll pick up a book or journal to read about someones "healthy living" tips, and find myself bored, or of opposing opinion. Not so, here. Her thoughts and feelings are very similar to mine, and (of course this is a great side note) she has spent so much time traveling throughout the Pacific that I can't help but respect her views on all things sprouting in the sea. Her green smoothie recipes--and there are several variations--are amazing, and have been implemented into my morning routine. Also, I've switched from Spirulina supplements to Chlorella tablets. Honestly, these things taste (if you chew them--which is best) like sea vegetable. That's fine by me--I'll eat anything that comes out of the ocean, right down to the sand.

Chlorella is amazing, and you can read about it on her blog--I owe my original introduction of Spirulina (which is very similar) to my dear cousin in New Zealand who would drink it daily. And that's the other thing--is it just me, or does every other country in the world get hip to healthy eating habits years before the US? I can't be in Sydney for example, without seeing masses of people jogging and exercising throughout the day.

So, winding back to beauty. Take a chance on examining your health directives--see what it can do for your hair, nails and skin. I get a lot of questions about those things and what I do to keep them in this or that condition. When I start dissecting my routine, I realize that what I put into/do with my body is the biggest factor that affects what ultimately materializes on the outside.

Just a thought for the beginning of the week..and by the way, Happy Palm Sunday to those of you who celebrate!

Have you implemented anything different into your health/wellness routine lately? What do you feel is a good tip for those of us looking for new ones?


Unknown said...


i love smoothies ;)

I started to add some more vitamin C in my diat and I must say I wasn`t ill since then ;) I am also trying to eat food that is great for my blood type and as much as I can I try to eat only home grown food ;)

Have a great week!


Jazmine said...

You should pick up some Amazing Grass Super Food - berry flavor, from Whole Foods. I mix it with water and OJ in the morning in the magic bullet. Good stuff.
I'm also going to read The China Study, one of these days..when I feel like giving up junk food for a long time. The basic premise is that eating animals is what causes a lot of diseases.

A guy in the NFL even read The China Study, and it changed him forever, here is a link to an article about him:

CherriesinSyrup said...

I totally, completely, absolutely agre with. It just doesn't make sense to spend so much money in products that are going to be used only on the outside. The main thing is what you put inside, and that will then, reflect on the outside. I am trying to add more yougurts on my diet, since I don't like milk, calcium is vital for our bones and eat more bananas, since they are the most complete fruit and do us a lot of good :)))

fantastic said...

@SummerBabe vitamin c makes such a difference, doesnt it? i rarely get sick either...i love hearing when others dont!

@Jazmine i love the amazing grass superfood with oj! i think i posted about it once on here. but this i have to read it! thank you for the link as well ;)

@CherriesInSyrup bananas...mmmm. could have those for every meal! I'm not a huge fan of milk either..just way too difficult for our bodies to digest. i do use almond milk though, which has almost as much calcium. i like yogurt w legitimize, or lots of probiotics in it. i miss brasil bc every corner was another juice made things so easy! x

Anonymous said...

thank you somuhc for posting this! your post inspired me to go to buy all the ingredients and make the smoothie this morning! im going to make this a routine now and will check out the chorella tablets =) pls continue posting health/wellness stuff!! thanks !!

fantastic said...

@anonymous: will do! let me know what you think of these things!

Tina A. said...

That's such an inspirational post my dear...!

I 'm slowly trying to make an effort to eat healthy and be consistent on my skincare and haircare steps for now... like continue to eat low fat, home-cooked meals for starters...

And trying to get into a standard exercising routine...

Definitely not as easy, but I know that my body (come summer) and my mind (come exam season) would thank me for it!

Keep up with your healthy living lifestyle, I 'm sure you 're doing a great job so far! :)


fantastic said...

@tina_mbc: i think you're right on it with the home-cooked meals..that's where i lose it every time. we love to dine out!

no, it's not easy at all..but just keep pushing yourself to do it, and before you know it, it will be second nature! xx

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