Friday, January 08, 2010

Swap 'n Hearts

When I returned home after spending a few Christmas days with the family, I pulled up to a box sitting outside of the garage. The side of the box read, and the first thing I thought was "Great, time to go and deliver this to the person it was meant for." But no no no. It was for me!

This package came from the Scarlet Empress herself, Javy! We had agreed ages ago to do a swap, and then life got in the way. From wedding, to health, to school..there was always something. So we collected and collected, and left our boxes to wait.

And let me tell you--her box did not disappoint. So much so, that I thought I was having slight heart attacks as I continued to pull out product after product.

I was (and am still) so overwhelmed with her generosity. Looking at this picture is a reminder that I have met some of the sweetest girls through this blog. It makes all the annoying amounts of time that I spend watermarking my photos, so worth it! It's shocking that Javy could pinpoint my interests and tastes so well--I was going to pick up the Too Faced Bronzer that afternoon, and there is also an amazing honey and shea body balm that now has a permanent spot next to my monitor. Her package is en route, and I won't bother to post any photos here because that would be spoiling all the fun! If you've yet to check out Scarlet Empress, there's no better time than the present!

Thank You, Javy!

We finally let go of our Christmas tree last night. I was a sobbing mess through the whole ordeal. At first I told the Mr. that I couldn't bear to take its lights and ornaments off--but it needed to be done. Then I said that he could take it outside and I just wouldn't come back outdoors until the garbage truck had come to pick it up in the morning, therefore I could avoid seeing it cold and lonely on the curb. Before I knew it, I saw him walking with the tree across the house and through the deck! I had to stop him, because the way he was carrying it was so funny.

He has a way of making me laugh, even when I think I'm going to cry. Especially if it means chucking our seven foot tree over the deck with one hand. Hey, he was sparing me all of the pine needles on the rug!

And for a little more randomness...

Since our Christmas decorations are down, I'm now looking forward to Valentine's day. I love seeing how creative people can get with basic heart designs--and I attempt to find coffee mugs each year that reflects this. This year I've already succeeded in finding two! There are some masculine mugs in the cabinet for the guys...but these make me look forward to my morning tea or coffee.

Is anyone else a fan of St. Valentine's Day? I'm trying to get back to regular posting, and seem to be so backlogged on reviews and you mind the general chit chat?


Unknown said...

Those cups are so cute, we don't really have any nice crockery while we rent, we are waiting until we buy our own house, which kinds of sucks because it is nice to have nice things around you. That was such a lovely package you were sent, she must be a very sweet lady xx

Tali said...

I love those cups!!!

I spat out my tea when i saw the pic of Mr Spice (his blog name) with the tree on one arm. 1. Errr hellooo hot musclues! 2.Deffo better do it that way than have a trail of pine needles around the house!!!

THat package is phenominal it will take you ages to get through that stuff! Enjoy and fill us in on all the stuff!! That too faced bronzer is <3!!! :)


Dila said...

aww that's soo sweet of her :) even I'm overwhelmed

CherriesinSyrup said...

Wow, the package you got was really amazing!!!!!!!

And the cups are so cute:)

Valentine's Day here in Brazil is celebrated only on June 12 th (don't know why it has to be different from the rest of the world....) XOXO

fantastic said...

@sarah x: I know what you mean...maybe you can get a few mugs or special serving pieces to hold you over until you move :)

@tali: he doesn't know I put his picture here...and since he doesn't read the blog, he probably never will lol. Yes, less pine needles, but still a lot. Luckily the vacuum took care of that. The package may be the thing that holds me over if I really do p10p! xxx

@dila: totally, right?! She outdid herself...I'm so grateful! xxx

@cherries in syrup: ooh I remember that. When we were there it was just about to be VDay...there were so many adverts in the store windows with hearts on them--so pretty! xo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I think I woulda gone crazy over the box. Actually I am, and the box isn't even for me. lol. What a sweet treat!

Those V-day mugs are smashing! Where did you find em? I love mugs, but seem to always steer towards solid, but crazy colors. Hmmm... Could It be that your mugs have swayed me? If I find some cool ones, I will be sure to twitpic. :)

Muhsine Emin said...

Those mugs are adorable! What a fabulous set of goodies! X

Anonymous said...

wow! what a lovely, generous swapper! i'm seriously drooling over all them goodies.

corr! biceps on your man, so macho! :D

Will said...

tell donny stop abusing that tree!

fantastic said...

@pri×sila: target! Run to target! I also have found ones in the past from starbucks...I checked and their vday merch isn't out yet. xx

@muhsine: I feel so thankful :) x

@su-pah: generous is right! I was seriously overwhelmed! Haha @ the hubby...wonder when I'll tell him I posted his x

@will: eh seriously, right? You shoulda seen us the 2nd night we had it--we used the wrong kind of stand, & it fell down at 430am. He was NOT happy lol

Tina A. said...

Amazing package! Definitely lots of stuff in there to cheer you up now that Xmas is over...!
Funny you mentioned Valentines, the bf and me never actually celebrate, we think it's cheesy etc etc, but somehow I feel excited about this Feb 14th... Lol, dunno what's wrong with me!


fantastic said...

@tina: then we must be extra cheesy, because we celebrate it every month! hahaha! i found another mug today...i can't help but like those's just a nice reminder to love :) xx

Tina A. said...

Hehe, they are super cute! What do you know, I 'm becoming "cheesy" too!
Just don't tell the bf! Heehee!


Javy said...

hey doll, im so slow on reading blogs!!! sorry i didnt see that you had posted this sooner haha. im lolling so hard at you thinking it was someone elses box, lol the was the only one i had that would fit everything perfectly lol. im glad you liked your box, i got yours today and LOVE it! look out for a blog post on it this weekend :) and thanks for the shoutout to my blog, i swear if im ever in seattle we are having a day of shopping, coffee, manis and pedis - a full on fun girls day :)) <333 javy

Tali said...

Aww its not cheesy its the way it should be.

I need more fawning over lol.. i feel left out!! I need a hubby!! xxx

prashant said...

That was such a lovely package you were sent, she must be a very sweet lady

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Zahra said...

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