Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dry Skin: Solved.

My face went insanely dry about a month ago, and it wasn't going away. I'm talking, literal patches of dry skin that were sort of ruining my life. You see, I've always felt that this body really wasn't created for the cold weather. It was made for a warm place with lots of sunshine and humidity. So every time Winter rears its head, I end up being plagued with the transitional terror known as extra-dry skin.

I tried everything. Even argan oil refused to come to my rescue.

Fed up, I was strolling through Barney's one day and decided to take a closer look at the NARS skincare line. I didn't really need to explain to the makeup artist what was going on--as it was clear--and he instantly recommended the NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator. In my mind, I compared it to the RMK Recovery Gel that I read about on Cosmetic Candy's site. A gel product, made predominantly of water (87% in this case--which made me wonder why I was paying so much for water), and could be used as an overnight treatment. He told me that the product was nearly always sold out--and those were the last words I needed to hear.

It works so well. Amazingly well. Honestly, it's the best hydrator I've had in years. I all the heavy creams when this part of the year comes around, but never has anything worked so well. It doesn't plump up the skin in the same way that thick moisturizers do. Because it is mostly water (which bursts when it hits the skin's surface), I don't have to worry about milia being formed under the skin's surface. Since it's meant to be used at night, I wake up to nicely moisturized--not greasy--skin. I can happily say that the trauma is over.

In other news, I have apparently decided to prevent myself from anything fun in life. I'm back on the detoxing train, and currently on day six (in one hour..hey, it counts) of ten. It's never been easier--which has been a pleasant surprise--as I wasn't too thrilled about starting this time around. It's given me an opportunity to prioritize things in my life, and to finish a few projects that I had abandoned. Coincidentally, a handful of friends were starting at the same time, so I figured there was some strength in numbers.

Is anyone interested in going for a 5-day?

PxP has also resumed once again, thanks to Tali at The Gloss Goss. I don't know why I do these things to myself. Most likely, because I never want to be absolutely comfortable in life. I like a little fire under the seat to keep things moving. So, until I finish 10 products fully, I won't be purchasing any more makeup for myself. The x can be replaced with any number you like. These products appear to be items that I've yet to review, so expect a few short reviews on these things--they'll be finished up for a reason! Pray this ends soon.

Who's in? For that matter, who else is dealing with dry winter skin? What do you do to resolve the issue?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the project 10 pan! I dont think I could do it but more power to you!

Connie De Alwis said...

Thanks for the review! Clarins and H2O+ makes really good skin hydrators too.
Now that I'm under exam stress, my skin's refusing to produce any oil at all so it's peeling and cracking in places

Tali said...

Werent you also detoxing during the last pxp??? Lol you really do love to make yourself miserable!!
Great idea about the blogging gloss.. now i need a shower/bath gloss hehe

I really want to try that moisturizer now! I do get milia around the eye area esp in summer so i think i may get this the second the weather turns warmer. If its not greasy i like it already!!!


beautylogicblog said...

oh my Gosh, I had the same problem before too. I really hated when I got the dry patches on the bottom of my neck.

CherriesinSyrup said...

I will begin the project x pan too, still don't know the number of items, but, I will begin it on Monday, since I will travel to Rio this weekend, and I will have the opportunity to go to MAC (we don't have it in my city)so....
But, I will definitely commit myself not to buy things that I already own a lot (especially lip products....)

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

I've never been on detox actually, it scares me to be honest... I just read a great tip for flakey skin on Farmgirl's blog the other day, she recommends sweeping a cotton ball with some moisturizer on any dry patches, I tried it yesterday and really liked the effect :) xxx

Muhsine Emin said...

I have never tried anything from the Nars skincare range but I like the packaging :) to hear something is almost always sold out is reason enough to try it!

Good luck with the detox and pxp! X

Tina A. said...

Great review! ;)
The way you described this is exactly what I 'd have to say for my YSL Hydra Feel moisturiser in the gel consistency!It leaves the skin moisturized, and no disgusting tackiness in the morning! I loved it in the summer, but even more so now (btw, I scrub 2x a week now, instead of 1x)!
If I could get my hands on the NARS one, I would definitely be purchasing, they sound like similar products! ;)

Your detox is making me wanna start a fruit/juice detox as well...Maybe after exams though, as in this cold weather & with all the studying, I need all the carbs and proteins I can get! :)


DSK Steph said...

The NARS hydrator sounds amazing! I've been under a bit of stress lately, and started to see dry patches appear! (eczema) ~ the weather has been a bit wacky here as well. A bit colder w/ rain to top! I definitely want to check out this miracle product! Thank you for the review!

<3 <3 <3


Tina A. said...

Oooh, consider yourself tagged missy: http://allthevanity.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-hit-pan-tag.html ;)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome moisturiser, I'm glad it worked for you. Dry skin is a real bugger!

The MA at my local NARS counter is always pushing me towards trying their skincare and I balk at the prices everytime. These are definitely investment pieces, for my broke-ass anyway, haha!

fantastic said...

@miss new kabuki: thank you! i think this time through will be easier :)

@connie de alwis: i haven't tried the H20+ facial moisturizers..something to look into! I love reading what you have to say about dry skin, because I think we may be in the same boat!

@tali: i think i may have been. stupidity! and then, next comes lent! it's a world of suffering..lol. this definitely does not encourage milia, and for that i'm happy. not greasy AT ALL! xx

@beautylogicblog: the neck is exactly where it started. it was so itchy and red :(

fantastic said...

@cherries in syrup: did you decide on how many items? have a fabulous time in rio--i envy you!

@rocaille: what do you find scary? well, the thought of no solid food is actually a bit scary..hehehe. i'll have to try doing that with a cotton--did it absorb well?

@muhsine: thank you! yes, i agree...the packaging is part of the appeal for me as it's so simple and square!

@tina_mbc: a fruit one would be really nice--my sister does those, but i've yet to. you're right though, don't do it while studying..it could totally make you lose focus--or on the other hand, increase your focus!

i'll have to try the YSL version--it sounds so similar!

fantastic said...

@su-pah: what's funny is that i hardly used any product at all to eradicate the dry skin--now that it's gone, and i'm hooked...i'm using huge amounts and indulging!

Tali said...

Ugh i really want this now. Its been 3 days of me thinking about it! haha im actually hping to run out of moisturizer (which doesnt look likely!) xxx

Model Citzen said...

I've never tried the Nars skincare line, (I use their blush) but after reading this, I just may have to. I use a very very similar product- clinquie hydrating moisturizer. It's leaves your skin so moisturized, but not overpowering- it's like your face just drank a tall glass of cold water! works great, I just wish this had spf for day... So Im guessing this is best used at night??


prashant said...

skin's refusing to produce any oil at all so it's peeling and cracking in places

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