Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Collection Time

There a handful of Holiday collections that have arrived on the scene this season, yet very few that I have found myself interested in. One that caught my eye, was Cargo's Hands of Hope palette. Do I need more eyeshadow? No. Are they exceptionally large for a palette, and a very good price? Yes. Were they worth adding to my collection in terms of quality and pigmentation? Absolutely.

Although the above factors were taken into account when purchasing, I think the most unique thing about this palette is the concept. I love the hamsa hand on the cover of the cardboard casing, as much as I enjoy it impressed in each of the individual shadows. I think that this sign of hope works perfectly with the theme of the Holiday season. I appreciate the integration of the religious/spiritual, with...well, beauty products. Why not?!

Each shadow is quite pigmented, yet I haven't done a lot of looks with only the colors from the palette as they're quite unique on their own. Cargo's Holiday offerings, are all a bit of the Mediterranean or Eastern-tone variety (you know, whatever that means...I'm still disappointed that their Tonga blush is nearly untraceable on my skin).

swiped straight from the pan...

...and in no particular order

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I was so excited to get my hair done last week. I love my stylist. He gets it right every time--so straight, that I don't know what to do with myself, and I almost always use it as an excuse to eat out, or do something where it can be seen in public. This last time around, it literally felt like I was wearing a wig because it was so flat.

And in other news, Advent is upon us again. It's one of my favorite times of year, as we lead up toward Christmas. I prefer to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas beginning on Christmas day. But as it is, there are holiday parties and celebrations that require things to be in order prior. Our Advent wreath, is our way of taking things slow, in an otherwise whirlwind season. I used to mark this time with a calendar, which had little chocolates behind every day of the month. Anyone else have one of those?

And for the ornament of the day...

This bright birdie reminds me of Brazil. The colors, the sparkle, and that tail feather. Ooh lala!

There are so many holidays and feasts around this time. What are you celebrating? What are the festivities and how do you prepare? Any Holiday collections that you've had your eye on?


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what to tell the hubby about adding this to my stash other than Suka said so. lol. I'm in love with the endless possibilities. Color pay off looks amazing. Dramatic, and I love it! Oh, and I'm gettin the blush for the same reason I picked up Samoa Silk.... Just because. lol.

Tali said...

Ahhh the birdie is too freaking cute! haha im a sucker for cute things on the tree. A few years back i found two mini fur hedgehogs and a squirrel. So not christmassy but they were so adorable i had to get them!

That palette is gorgeous.. i saw it on some other blog but this is the first time i saw swatches! I love the concept of the palette.
All the colors are actually usable (except the mint green at the bottom which is just not in my comfort zone) which means fially the paletee greaters are growing brains!

Your hair looks sooo shiny and healthy!! Wow! xxoxx

Kajal Couture said...

Your hair looks gorgeous, shiny, and sleek! I love walking out of the salon feeling on top of the world!! Have you ever considered getting your hair chemicially straightened? I get the Japanese one that is good for your hair, and I love it!

I'm usually not impressed by Cargo, but I like the pigmentation of the palette! My problem with a lot of palettes like these is there are not enough neutrals that would allow me to travel with just that palette alone.

Anonymous said...

cute palette, is that the turkish hand of fatima design? (it's usually on charms that ward away evil and bad luck, found in places like turkey). but i'm not supersticious enough for any of that, haha! still cute though.

you look so doll-like with your hair like that. cute!
straight hair looks boring on me, i need kinks in my hair! :p

fantastic said...

@Pri*Sila: haha! Yes, tell him Suka said so--lol. Poor hubs that only knows the screen names of our friends online..mine is the same :) It's under $30 too...a steal! How about the OPI polishes called Samoan Sand, or Tutti Frutti Tonga? lol

@Tali: When I saw the birdie, I thought the glitter and the color were too much to pass up! A squirrel? I need to look for one! I found a really nice papaya the other day (while we're talking about things that don't belong on a tree lol), and also a pomegranate.

For the price of these palettes, I think they're all worth a try. Funny enough, the mint green is one of the colors that drew me. But it never works..never never works on its own. *ahem* my hair doesn't look like that anymore...i can't bear to get the flat iron that close to my scalp xxoxo

@kajal couture: i always have to find an excuse to go somewhere after the salon, since my appointments are usually at night..and the only place i'm headed is home! how often do you get your hair straightened?

the other palette by cargo has some very pretty shimmery blushes..i agree with you though--typically the pigmentation isn't very strong, nor are they smooth.

@su-pah: hmm, let me do my research--now i'm afraid that the description of the hamsa was too commercialized on the website. i'll be back with info! xxox

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Beautiful palette, and the birdie is adorable!

I don't know why squirrels wouldn't belong on a Christmas tree, we've had one with a bushy tail and shiny golden belly since I was a little kid!

And I totally remember those chocolate calendars, there was something so magical about them... I know in Germany people make something similar themselves, they make a long chain of treats wrapped up like candy, one little gift for each day :)

I'm thinking of writing a separate post on Christmas preparations... Such a heart-warming subject :) xxx

Emily said...

I have a necklace with the Hamsa hand on. I love the symbol its so pretty and that palette is no different =)
I have never tried Cargo before.
Your hair looks lovely, mine needs a cut!! xx

fantastic said...

@rocaille: that's it! i'm going to find myself a squirrel ornament! please post on your christmas traditions, as i know they must be so unique there. the long string of chocolate sounds so nice--i'm now looking for one of those houses, where each of the doors open up. that way i can choose the kind of chocolate i want inside!

@pyxiee: the cut, was the exact reason i had to do it! my ends were horrific..but oh, the hair was so long! pretty, the pendant on a necklace...

Tina A. said...

Drops dead after seeing your hair!!!!!!
Woman, I envy your genes, but besides that, what miracle products do you use???
Now that's sth to...disclose, not the FTC crap! Lol!

The hamsa design on the shadows is absolutely lovely, even though the actual shades aren't doing it for me!
Love hamsa hands, I always wear one small one on me! :)

And lol@the parrot, too cute! Heehee! :)


fantastic said...

@tina: oh tina..hehehe. disclosure of hair products...mostly phyto, a little of lush, sometimes some ojon..and coconut oil!

the colors in the palette definitely need the help of some non-palette items..but the concept was too hard to pass up!

Tina A. said...

Damn! I think there miiight be Phyto in this country, I think I 've seen an ad somewhere, but definitely no Ojon...
You should definitely do a complete haircare post at some point, your hair's STUNNING!


fantastic said...

@tina: okay, consider it done! i have kept meaning to do something in the order of a hair series..but never quite get around to it...such is the story of my life :)

i really like ojon for my hair (which is quite thick and a bit unruly), but some people's criticism of it, is that it smells too hippy-ish. hehehe

Kajal Couture said...

I used to get my hair straigtened every 6 months, but stopped doing it and let it completely grow out....until Sept of this year when I went to India and got it done again. I'm going back in Jan so I'm getting the roots done there. In India they do an AMAZING job and its sooo much cheaper than in the US. They call it rebonding there.

CherriesinSyrup said...

Oh, the green bird is so so cute, and, indeed, it is all about Brazil :)

fantastic said...

@kajal couture: everything is better in india. i'm sure of it! now, to get myself there...

@cherries in syrup: the right colors, yes? :)

Muhsine Emin said...

Wowzers @ ur hair! Def do a haircare post! Love it! X

rufflesandrouge said...

your hair looks a-mazing! its the perfect shade of brown (which I am always on the lookout for)

and I love the pallete - the colors and the concept. This is the first time I've seen it so It is def on my wishlist now!

fantastic said...

@muhsine: thanks girly...i will :)

@ladyb: thank you!! the palette has a sister palette with some really pretty blushes in it...and they were just put on sale at $29! They're so affordable!

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