Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful For You!

Since we're only 30 minutes away from a day of total gluttony and indulgence, I'd like to wish everyone a big Happy Thanksgiving! I can't wait to grind on some of that turkey, stuffing, and haka Tonga...because, you know we can only get so American with the food at mom's house. Truthfully, I'm meant to be preparing some desserts right now--but then I thought "oh, the blog!" and got a little distracted.

I have to tell you right off the bat--I've had Alicia Keys' new single on repeat for the last couple of hours. It has a smooth early 90's vibe to it...but the lyrics. Oh, the lyrics. Gone are the days of pausing the cassette tape, rewinding, and then jotting down the lines. With the likes of YouTube, you can figure out the lyrics in a matter of minutes! Have you seen it?

So, who's a fan of Le Metier de Beaute? I am, I am! I got a little wrapped up in the line a couple of weeks back. I don't think there's a whole lot of turning back from here. The shadows have a really fine mill to them, which makes it pretty difficult to go wrong with them. Although they're known for their Kaleidoscopes, I knew that as a newbie I had to start slow with some single shadows. I decided to try Spicy and Innocence.

Both are on the neutral side, with a bit of shimmer. I like to use Innocence on the inner corners of the eye, or even the brow bone. Spicy on the other hand, is great in the crease--and so nice to just stare at in the case. Both come with mirrors in the lid.

Remember when I told you that I'd find something to pair the shockingly bright Colbalt Clutch Stila Smudge Pot with? These two were the lucky winners.

Next up, concealer. It's difficult for me to stray far from Cle de Peau's wonder of a product--but this one has caught my attention. And it will keep it (at its slightly lower price point) for the time being.. I'm not convinced that I got the perfect shade match (shade VIII), but the Classic Flawless Finish Concealer with SPF 18, is so soft and creamy that I can totally overlook that. It doesn't settle, crease, or appear the least bit cakey.

And now for the shining star of the group--Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Captiva. I just can't get enough of this golden-flecked gloss. It tones down the pinkiness of the lip, and adds a subtle sparkle that is different from most shimmery gold glosses that tend to lean towards the copper tones.
One thing that I wasn't so pleased about, was the mislabeling of colors. Unfortunately, I returned home with boxes of Innocence and Captiva that had those very names on the product, but were completely different ("Innocence" was a light peach shade, and "Captiva" a muted pink). I thought I was seeing things, until I returned to the counter for a closer inspection. The makeup artist couldn't understand why the products had been mislabeled and gladly exchanged them. After, I did a bit of blog searching, and it seems that others out there are being sold the same products with problem labeling. I can't begin to tell you how different the shades were--they didn't have any other shades like them! Additionally, this is a line that is best tested in person. The color swatches that you find online, are nothing as though they appear in reality.

So, are you a fan of Le Metier de Beaute? And just how will you spend your Thanksgiving holiday? I'm thankful for all of you, and your friendships and interaction that have been rooted in this blog. I look forward to chatting with you each day, whether it be here, on email or twitter :)


Tali said...

Oooooo Spiced looks nice!! I love the other one too.. but i think the name 'spice' makes me drawn to the brwn one more!!

Also great use of the smudgepot blue thing.. its very wearable! Suprisingly wearable.. not at all too much. Quite impressed as i was wandering how you would use it!!

When ever i haver the name Cle de Peau.. i cant help but think of Pepe le peau the cartton skunk! lol.. Cle le Peau sound like it should be his woman! :P

Great post!! (FINALLLYYYYY!!!)

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!. Thanks for sharing the song.. i love it!!!


fantastic said...

@tali: pepe le peau..hehehe i know what you mean! spice is a great name for any makeup related product..i think :)

i'll keep the posts up...i'm workin on it! happy thanksgiving to you too :) xxoxo

Tali said...

i will buy anything food named or scented... or colored lol.. its terrible. Im a sucker for good marketing tactics!! :P

fantastic said...

@tali: me too...or if it smells like food. lord knows why i want to smell like food..maybe it's just an obsession with eating?

Music said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. :) I haven't heard about Cle de Peau. Not surprising really as I'm only into makeup in the past few years. I'm more into skincare, perfumes and other nicely scented things prior to this.

Tina A. said...

My, my, another sexy colourful look!!!
Blues and purples look amazing on you you know...!!!
More looks pleaaase! Lol! :)

Funny, I was just goggling La Metier de Beaute a couple of days ago, only to find that (surprise surprise) we don't get it here...! I saw a look on YT with a Kaleidoscope palette thingy and fell in love, lol!!!
Ah, many brands and not enough...stockists!!! :DDD


fantastic said...

@music: thank you for reading! cle de peau makes really nice concealer (in my opinion).. it's been hard for me to find a good match for it.

@tina: they stock at very few places here in the States too...doesn't it seem like the harder it is to find, the more you want something?

Tina A. said...

Yes, it surely does! I 'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to LE/HTF items or brands myself...
But then again, maybe at those prices it's a cosmic sign (Whisper: "Tina, you don't need to buy it...")!!! Lol!


fantastic said...

@tina: that's true...i suppose we don't need to have every line...i should apply that theory to RBR :)

Anonymous said...

dang! guess i'm too late to wish you a happy thanksgiving now.

i love the shadows on you! you hot, gorgeous woman you!
i use that combo of blue liner with brown/neutral shadows too, but mainly in the summer. great for brown eyes, yes, yes. :D

Anonymous said...

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