Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barbie Loves Stila Event

As a kid, I never played with Barbies. Mama didn't buy them, so I didn't own them. She said they didn't look right--and I sort of agreed. So when Stila launched their Stila Loves Barbie line this year, I wasn't too intrigued. If I didn't want a girl with a plastic face sitting in my room, I sure didn't want one now, plastered on a makeup palette.

But then...Ulta called. They were having an event with Sarah Lucero, Stila's well-known and sought after makeup artist. I decided to give the whole thing a try, and arrived to cupcakes and pink m&m's. The place was packed, with several artists working on girls.

Sarah is the extra tall one in the boots

And needless to say, I walked out of the store a good hour later, with Stila products...complete with Barbie plastered on the front. No, it doesn't take a whole lot to twist my arm--and even less so when you throw in vibrant shadows and liners.

The popular All Dolled Up quad palette contains twelve buttery shades. The typical Stila fallout has not be experienced with this palette, and I'm pleased to say that they even stay put when I failed to remember a shadow primer one day.

At less than thirty dollars, this gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I don't get stressed about the size of shadows, as I feel that it's very rare to hit pan on a bright blue or purple.

Side note: The trio in the top left corner reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream, right? Right?!

I thought that would be the extent of my Barbie-related products, until I saw the bright blue Smudge Pot liner in Cobalt Clutch. It's just so bright. I figured that instead of using it as a base (as suggested), I could use it to pep up an otherwise boring nude/brownish eye.

Stila brushes in my opinion, are some of the best out there. I still own (and use) a powder brush from 1999, and it's in perfect condition. It's among the softest of those in my collection, and I wish they still had the range they once did. One that caught my eye, was the double-ended shadow brush. The tapered side of the brush is much thinner than its typical competitors, which meant it would be a unique addition. Only problem is, as there are hairs on either end, I'm never quite sure how to store it.

I did pick up the Kajal Liner in Topaz, as it's as creamy as the infamous Onyx sister, but in a flesh-toned shade (when I say flesh, I'm clearly speaking of someone else's flesh..not mine). It works great on the bottom waterline as a means of opening the eye and making the general area appear more awake. Typically, many people will use a white liner for this purpose--but I think that gives more of a "I don't know what I'm doing" effect on women with brown skin. However, using this liner on the actual lid--where you would typically apply an eyeliner--similarly gives you the look of a Russian matryoshka doll. Freaky.

So then there was the gift with purchase. The items that typically remain unused, but in this case had enough appeal to make me want to use them immediately. There were three paint tins, stuffed with a shadow palette, lip glaze and mascara. The tin itself was much better than a cheesy leopard print bag that comes with perfume samples *cough cough*..Neiman's..*cough*. I could definitely use it to differentiate brushes that need to be washed, from those that haven't been used. I picked Black Barbie. Of course, because they sure didn't have Brown Barbie..or Polynesian Barbie for that matter.

The palette is also cute, with two office-appropriate eyeshadows and a blush.

The gloss reminds me of orange jello. Leaving the store, I ended up with purple eyes (the artist used the purple and pink from the palette), and a purple hoodie--only to realize that I was stuck in a swarm of fans that had just left our University's Football game--the team colors are purple and gold. Meaning, I looked like one crazed, overdone fan.

Did you pick up anything from the Barbie line? Classic Disney, a big yes. Fafi, for me--a double yes. But it just too much?


Unknown said...

Fab post! Wish I could find these in the UK. Thank you for this xx Livia

Anonymous said...

you look absolutely beautiful, hot, smexy in purple!
hahaha@football fans! these kind of things only happen to our suka, yeah?

love the orange jelly style of lip glosses, another of my weaknesses.

Tina A. said...

Ooooh...I must say I never gave the Barbie stuff from Stila a second look...maybe I will now, cos those palettes look gooorgeous! ;)
Btw, that brush reminds me of MAC's 226 (that I -grr- don't own yet)!
Could we be having a possible dupe in our hands?
And, that eye makeup is pretty amazing, purple looks so hot on you!


Lipglossiping said...

Great post!! Stila has pulled out of the UK which is a shame, but it also means that there are some last minute clearance bargains to be had!

I'm desperate for the kohl in topaz, have heard great things about it and it's surprising hard to find a decent flesh-toned liner.

That purple looks hot on you, it's hard to find the right tones of purple to suit... but that's spot on!

Connie De Alwis said...

I'm tempted to get the Little Black Dress Smudge Pot. It looks so pretty! I'm not too crazy about Stila products but I love their #30 brush too.

fantastic said...

@princesa livia: i just heard they're no longer carrying it there? maybe you can catch some of the sales?

@su-pah: thank you, dancing queen! yes..these things have a way of happening to me hehehe. Those lip glazes..I've gone through so many Stila ones--they're all good!

@tina: i didn't either, until they told me there was an event! i think the palette is a v good value. 226...this one is a bit longer and skinnier..I don't think I took the best picture, because there's a bit of a shadow. but now i'm curious..i don't have 226..i need to compare!

@lipglossiping: thank you! i do like the topaz, especially since it's so creamy! i agree with you on purple...sometimes it can make you look as though you have a black eye...or...are a clown :)

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Fantastic post, I loved your haul... I have to say I wouldn't like Barbie on any of my products either, but the palette's shades are so beautiful... Lol at the icecream - right! xxx

fantastic said...

@connie: their smudge pots are quite good in my opinion..but every once in a while, you run across one that isn't too smooth. i guess like their competitors, they just need a little warming up.

@rocaille: there were some glosses that i believe are still available..they came in a 3-pack (similar, but smaller than the lip glazes). i think those are worth a look too. anything that reminds me of ice cream is a good thing in terms of makeup :)

BeautyTalk said...

love the blue smudge pot!

Tali said...

Stunning eyes! You made the colors work for you (and in a wearable way!!!!) Im loving the purple for this winter season (which is weird as purple eyemake up scares me almost as much as that blue smudgepot!)

That flesh toned pencil sounds great... keep us updated on how it works after a few uses!!

And i agree with does look like a 226 dupe!!! xox

Kajal Couture said...

Ooh, I got that flesh toned pencil too! I think I have some weird waterlines because even the liners that stay well on other peoples waterlines don't work for me. I still caved and got the Stila one though.

I like the purple shadow on you too! I am seeing violets, indigos, and purples all over the makeup world...very in for fall!

Muhsine Emin said...

That purple looks hot!!! I have never tried anything from the barbie range. x

fantastic said...

@BeautyTalk: :)

@tali: the smudge pot is truly a bit bright! i mean, that's really what you reach for when you're try to copy barbie's look!

@kajal couture: i'm loving purple right now! although, a little more subdued than this picture for a daily sort of thing. the waterline--lots of tears?! mine used to be a lot harder to work with when i wore contacts, because my eyes were always tearing up.

@bubblegarm: thank you! :)

Tali said...

You added more photos didnt you??

Its worrying but i want it all.. lol..evven the scary smudge pot. Thank the lord we dont really get stila here!! Or else id be in trouble!!

You said you would post missy... im off to bed and there are no new posts to read! Grrrrrrrrr

Citrine said...

To store those double ended brushes, I think you are supposed to just put them in the brush roll (on top of/not inside )slots...anyway, some people keep the plastic protectors and I personally just try to stuck them inside the brush roll very carefully.

fantastic said...

@tali: i did add another photo! sometimes i start looking at my past posts, and realize that i'm going on and on about a product where i forgot to post the picture. bad editing, huh?!

@citrine: thanks for the heads up..i think that's what i'll have to do. right now, it's getting prime counter space!

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