Friday, November 27, 2009

Peace Out With a Cold Weather Staple

For the next couple of months, I'll have the fireplace roaring daily and you can find me wrapped in a Snuggie on the couch. It's that cold. We've been having windstorms throughout the night, and sometimes I wake up in the early hours, thinking I'm in some sort of Halloween movie gone wrong. It's the sounds--they're creeky and loud, and with my 3am reasoning, it makes me wonder if the house will just split or topple over.

Since cold weather typically means long sleeved shirts and thermal underwear (hey, I get chills even in 80 degree weather--you can imagine what I go through now), to me that means slapping on some extra body moisturizer. Just because it's all covered up now, doesn't mean it'll never resurface--and if come April, your legs look like ashy abandoned poles, you'll have no one to blame but yourself after reading about this new fave.

Introducing, Vaseline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy Skin Protectant Body Lotion. What a mouthful. But that's neither here nor there, as all of my other moisturizers have been kicked to the curb. Over a Vaseline product? Yes. This penetrates deeper than a body butter, with zero mess. It soaks right into the skin, and even at eight hours later, the effect remains. Although it claims to be unscented, I think it has one of the most pleasant airy scents that I've come across in some time. The sort that won't mix disgustingly with perfume or body sprays. Of course, being the girl that I am, I still apply coconut oil as soon as my shower head has been shut off--but on the off chance that I forgot to do that, this lotion did its job. Not only is it inexpensive, but a few bottles of this will clear you right through Spring with skin that you can be proud of!

Another indoor/rainy day project? Nail painting. Thanks to a little shipment from 8ty8beauty, I've been able to collect a few shades that I couldn't get my hands on at the local beauty shops. They sell China Glaze, OPI, and a few other brands for a huge fraction of the retail price. I'm saying never again to $8 polish. Well, at least $8 polish that I can otherwise purchase for $2 on this site. Check out FYI from the OMG Hologram Collection (China Glaze).

Check the pointer and pinky finger. Still doesn't
do the polish justice.

Scrangie's images catch the holo effect much better than mine do. It reminds me of Minx, but at a much better price--say, three dollars-ish?

These three are the hologram polishes that I settled on. I have to admit, I'll probably be back for the rest. They're sort of addictive in a non-chunky glitter, shiny kind of way.


Non-beauty related, this is the Mr. and I's first Christmas as a married couple. Since today is the day after Thanksgiving (aka. crazy person shopping day), I'm feeling that we'll need to get on a Christmas tree hunt pretty soon. I don't have a huge array of Christmas ornaments, as I've always left that up to my mum--but for the last few weeks, I've been on a bit of a Christmas ornament buying craze. I'll feature them from time to time, as they each have a reason for belonging on the new tree :)

First up is a thin peace sign. I remember wearing peace signs on black leather cords around my neck when I was in Junior High. I guess I've never fully recovered from the desire to welcome peace.

How do you decorate for the Holidays? Are you one for Minx-ish type nails?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful For You!

Since we're only 30 minutes away from a day of total gluttony and indulgence, I'd like to wish everyone a big Happy Thanksgiving! I can't wait to grind on some of that turkey, stuffing, and haka Tonga...because, you know we can only get so American with the food at mom's house. Truthfully, I'm meant to be preparing some desserts right now--but then I thought "oh, the blog!" and got a little distracted.

I have to tell you right off the bat--I've had Alicia Keys' new single on repeat for the last couple of hours. It has a smooth early 90's vibe to it...but the lyrics. Oh, the lyrics. Gone are the days of pausing the cassette tape, rewinding, and then jotting down the lines. With the likes of YouTube, you can figure out the lyrics in a matter of minutes! Have you seen it?

So, who's a fan of Le Metier de Beaute? I am, I am! I got a little wrapped up in the line a couple of weeks back. I don't think there's a whole lot of turning back from here. The shadows have a really fine mill to them, which makes it pretty difficult to go wrong with them. Although they're known for their Kaleidoscopes, I knew that as a newbie I had to start slow with some single shadows. I decided to try Spicy and Innocence.

Both are on the neutral side, with a bit of shimmer. I like to use Innocence on the inner corners of the eye, or even the brow bone. Spicy on the other hand, is great in the crease--and so nice to just stare at in the case. Both come with mirrors in the lid.

Remember when I told you that I'd find something to pair the shockingly bright Colbalt Clutch Stila Smudge Pot with? These two were the lucky winners.

Next up, concealer. It's difficult for me to stray far from Cle de Peau's wonder of a product--but this one has caught my attention. And it will keep it (at its slightly lower price point) for the time being.. I'm not convinced that I got the perfect shade match (shade VIII), but the Classic Flawless Finish Concealer with SPF 18, is so soft and creamy that I can totally overlook that. It doesn't settle, crease, or appear the least bit cakey.

And now for the shining star of the group--Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Captiva. I just can't get enough of this golden-flecked gloss. It tones down the pinkiness of the lip, and adds a subtle sparkle that is different from most shimmery gold glosses that tend to lean towards the copper tones.
One thing that I wasn't so pleased about, was the mislabeling of colors. Unfortunately, I returned home with boxes of Innocence and Captiva that had those very names on the product, but were completely different ("Innocence" was a light peach shade, and "Captiva" a muted pink). I thought I was seeing things, until I returned to the counter for a closer inspection. The makeup artist couldn't understand why the products had been mislabeled and gladly exchanged them. After, I did a bit of blog searching, and it seems that others out there are being sold the same products with problem labeling. I can't begin to tell you how different the shades were--they didn't have any other shades like them! Additionally, this is a line that is best tested in person. The color swatches that you find online, are nothing as though they appear in reality.

So, are you a fan of Le Metier de Beaute? And just how will you spend your Thanksgiving holiday? I'm thankful for all of you, and your friendships and interaction that have been rooted in this blog. I look forward to chatting with you each day, whether it be here, on email or twitter :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barbie Loves Stila Event

As a kid, I never played with Barbies. Mama didn't buy them, so I didn't own them. She said they didn't look right--and I sort of agreed. So when Stila launched their Stila Loves Barbie line this year, I wasn't too intrigued. If I didn't want a girl with a plastic face sitting in my room, I sure didn't want one now, plastered on a makeup palette.

But then...Ulta called. They were having an event with Sarah Lucero, Stila's well-known and sought after makeup artist. I decided to give the whole thing a try, and arrived to cupcakes and pink m&m's. The place was packed, with several artists working on girls.

Sarah is the extra tall one in the boots

And needless to say, I walked out of the store a good hour later, with Stila products...complete with Barbie plastered on the front. No, it doesn't take a whole lot to twist my arm--and even less so when you throw in vibrant shadows and liners.

The popular All Dolled Up quad palette contains twelve buttery shades. The typical Stila fallout has not be experienced with this palette, and I'm pleased to say that they even stay put when I failed to remember a shadow primer one day.

At less than thirty dollars, this gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I don't get stressed about the size of shadows, as I feel that it's very rare to hit pan on a bright blue or purple.

Side note: The trio in the top left corner reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream, right? Right?!

I thought that would be the extent of my Barbie-related products, until I saw the bright blue Smudge Pot liner in Cobalt Clutch. It's just so bright. I figured that instead of using it as a base (as suggested), I could use it to pep up an otherwise boring nude/brownish eye.

Stila brushes in my opinion, are some of the best out there. I still own (and use) a powder brush from 1999, and it's in perfect condition. It's among the softest of those in my collection, and I wish they still had the range they once did. One that caught my eye, was the double-ended shadow brush. The tapered side of the brush is much thinner than its typical competitors, which meant it would be a unique addition. Only problem is, as there are hairs on either end, I'm never quite sure how to store it.

I did pick up the Kajal Liner in Topaz, as it's as creamy as the infamous Onyx sister, but in a flesh-toned shade (when I say flesh, I'm clearly speaking of someone else's flesh..not mine). It works great on the bottom waterline as a means of opening the eye and making the general area appear more awake. Typically, many people will use a white liner for this purpose--but I think that gives more of a "I don't know what I'm doing" effect on women with brown skin. However, using this liner on the actual lid--where you would typically apply an eyeliner--similarly gives you the look of a Russian matryoshka doll. Freaky.

So then there was the gift with purchase. The items that typically remain unused, but in this case had enough appeal to make me want to use them immediately. There were three paint tins, stuffed with a shadow palette, lip glaze and mascara. The tin itself was much better than a cheesy leopard print bag that comes with perfume samples *cough cough*..Neiman's..*cough*. I could definitely use it to differentiate brushes that need to be washed, from those that haven't been used. I picked Black Barbie. Of course, because they sure didn't have Brown Barbie..or Polynesian Barbie for that matter.

The palette is also cute, with two office-appropriate eyeshadows and a blush.

The gloss reminds me of orange jello. Leaving the store, I ended up with purple eyes (the artist used the purple and pink from the palette), and a purple hoodie--only to realize that I was stuck in a swarm of fans that had just left our University's Football game--the team colors are purple and gold. Meaning, I looked like one crazed, overdone fan.

Did you pick up anything from the Barbie line? Classic Disney, a big yes. Fafi, for me--a double yes. But it just too much?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gilded Finds

From one liner to the next. If you're not a fan of the creme liner, than this one is for you. I have officially found a pencil that is softer than Urban Decay's 24/7 liners, at a much more affordable price. With...twice the pigmentation! I'm turning a bit into a drugstore addict...but that's alright, if they've got what I'm looking for. Presenting L'Oreal's HIP Chrome Eyeliner in Silver Lightning and Black Shock.

L'Oreal is making a huge comeback with these sorts of products--their pigmentation easily rivals that of MAC. Lining on the waterline is a breeze, as it lasts for hours. Although that's the case, I still pop mine in the purse for touch-ups. They are extra creamy and soft, so they glide one without any tugging whatsoever. And look at the intensity--need I say more?

Well I will say more. I'm going back for the remaining colors. When items like these are buy one get one free, it's nearly impossible not to snatch backups.

Speaking of chroma-type shades, check out this nail varnish that Sally Hansen has released with her current Hi-Definition line. Hot!!!

It's perfect for night, but just so gorgeous under the daytime sky, as it turns from shades of purple to a bullet-like silvery gold. The shade is Opulent Cloud. I've just learned that it is the one that is inspired by Tracy Reese (only one of my favorite designers!), and was the exclusive shade of her Fall 2009 runway show. It's no wonder that I love it! It is limited edition, so if you're a fan, get thee to a chemist!

One last thing--in the theme of all things golden or gilded, I was tagged by Miss Dila over at Bubbly Mubbly Bubblegum with a Color Tag. The color of choice? Gold! Easy peas for me, as everything in my life needs a little gold in it--in fact, it was one of the colors for my wedding! I chose five random things that were gold, and have captured them on film:

Shown, are Illamasqua's Liquid Metal in Solstice, a bikini top, a pair of satin shoes (that I'm sure I'll get to wearing over the holidays...size XXXL , I know), L.A.M.B. fragrance (which was purchased for the rasta colored bottle that hides under that ginormous cap), and my gold OLO Mt. Carmel scapular. Oops, I did five items and you were supposed to find seven.

I know that many of you have done this before, so if you haven't, feel free to do so now! And Gold is still the color of choice :)

Are you a gold fan? Or do you sway more towards silver or copper?
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