Thursday, October 08, 2009

LUSH: No Longer Just a Bath Bomb

I've been LUSH-ing away lately--I can't seem to get enough of the place, but I blame it on the cold weather. When in-store, everything melds together a bit overwhelmingly--but any single item taken outside of the premises is just amazing. The philosophy that they have towards natural ingredients is to be admired--but the fact that they all seem to work really well...well, what's not to enjoy?

Coconut Deodorant Powder

As the months turn cooler, the need for a clinical strength deodorant is not as pressing as it is during, say..110 degree weather. Therefore, a powder will suffice for the under areas--or even better, a coconutty powder! Made with dessicated coconut, coconut milk, and coconut oil, there are few things that it doesn't include of which I'd want. Add to that some tapioca starch (the key ingredient which absorbs sweat), and you've got a product made in some sort of island heaven! It's much easier to apply than expected--just a little cupping in the underarm area, and you're on your way.

Lemony Flutter

Salves and thick body butters are always appreciated around my way, as i grew up with a mother who forbade me to sit with my knees to the floor (paranoid about dry skin, I suppose?). Lemony Flutter comes as a cure all for any dry patches--from elbows, to knees to heels. Sure, it's a cuticle butter, but it's made of mango and avocado oil--so I figure why should the rest of my body suffer? This one reminds me a bit of a lemon chiffon cake--but I love the smell of lemon, so I'd compare it to anything.

Clockwise: Big Shampoo, Floating Island
Cupcake, The Comforter Bath Bar

It doesn't stop at the body butters and deodorants, as LUSH is of course known for their bath bombs and bars. I can't help but want to take one of these to the bath with me each time I decide to steep. (But on that note, do you ever notice that once you're actually in the bathtub, you enjoy it for a couple of minutes only to realize that you're suffocating and want to get out?) A few of my faves--the Floating Island Cupcake, The Comforter, and a Sunny Side Bubble Bar. This bar turns your tub to liquid gold, and amazingly doesn't leave you with glitter stuck to your skin. I'm not a glitter girl...but a gold girl, I am.

Sunny Side Bubble Bar

It's hard to miss the big tub of shampoo that also found its way into the image. Big, is a shampoo that I picked up after reading Tali's review of the stuff. Two words: I love. It's not as though my hair needs to be any bigger--as shown by Exhibit A below. This was taken after I returned from work one day (mind you, I couldn't tell you how those stylists fixed the I Dream of Jeannie style):

Yes, Major Nelson?

This is why I like the stuff: My scalp plays a little trick between being dry and oily. One day it's dry, and so I moisturize it like crazy and enjoy the outcome, only to find that the very next day, my whole head of hair is falling flat. It rides a fine line that even I can't comprehend--but this gritty salty shampoo (which smells like a margarita, minus the tequila) has been the only thing thus far that has removed the excess oil, yet left it clean and moisturized. It doesn't look or feel like shampoo, but takes very little time to lather up.

Now LUSH has created a Pumpkin soap, and a Cobweb bath bomb just in time for Halloween. I made a trip yesterday, only to realize they had already sold out and were waiting for re-stock!

Did any of you get your hands on it? What are your favorite LUSH products?


rufflesandrouge said...

wow I love your hair - It's so thick. mine is super fine ;/

I need to get my butt over to lush - I've been missing out.

BeautyTalk said...

I've never tried kush but I've always loved the pretty packaging. Will definitely try it!

Tiff said...

You have extremely beautiful hair, wow! I've never tried Lush, but I've heard nothing but good things about it.

fantastic said...

@lady b: you dont do lush? i imagine it as being your type of will love everything ;)

@beautyTalk: yes, the packaging is pretty...nice & simple. Very efficient too

@tiff: thank you :) at least you make the effort with yours though. This is coming off a job, so the credit goes to a professional. Do you have lush around your way?

Tali said...

I dont think were getting the halloween stuf here by them! :( only the christmas stuff is online and in stores! boo!!

Your hair is GORGEOUS! Super shiny!!It looks so healthy!

Big really is the best right now.. i havent used anything else since i got it!! I picked up a few xmas items.. but i just feel so let down by lush! No halloween!?!?!?

Muhsine Emin said...

I need that big shampoo, and the coconut deo - wow :) ur hair looks AMAZING :) xx

Kajal Couture said...

Your hair looks so healthy and oily or dry! I have been lusting over that shampoo since you mentioned it one day on Twitter. I think I am overdue for a lush run in the near future ;)

fantastic said...

@tali: oh no, i can understand your pain...i know you have a big heart for halloween! i idd notice some things that they have online that we don't have in stores though..that's difficult, because you really need to be able to smell them in person

@bubblegarm: thank you :) i think you would enjoy the shampoo..definitely a different texture

@kajal couture: as soon as you get it, let me know what you think!

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

I love the smell of Ma Bar bath bomb, but not so much the product itself... But I really like their massage bars, they sure leave your skin oily as hell, but my husband likes them particularly for that reason because he says he doesn't have to moisturize anymore after hugging me :D

Great post, hunni, and I love the hair style :) xxx

fantastic said...

@rocaille: the first time i had that bar, i had no idea what to do with it, so i used it to scrub my body during the bath. oops! it smells so nice though..i guess i couldn't resist?! how are you doing now that you are back from the big wedding? congratulations again!!!

Tina A. said...

I can't comment on LUSH, since we don't have it here, but I just had to say "please show your beautiful face (and hair) more", you are gorgeous! ;)


Tali said...

Exactly. I like to smell my crap in person before i buy as sometimes lush's descriptions are quite ambitious!!
You look very pretty in the pic!(aside from the lovely hair!)

TINA- (am aware this is not my blog but had to comment) whaddya mean you dont have lush?? In Croatia and Serbia you cant escape them.. they are everyhwere like starbucks!!?

fantastic said...

@tina: haha...too sweet :) i didn't post my face for the first couple of years of having this blog! you don't have LUSH?! a sin! but at least there's korres, right? :)

@tali: ambitious is exactly the word--sometimes when i get home i'll re-read the descriptions online and think..really? that's what it's meant to smell like?!

Tina A. said...

That's riiight, no Lush here! Yep, there's Korres and other "greek" brands, like mactic spa etc, but no Lush, or I would have definitely tried it extensively already! :D


nadine said...

I quite like LUSH too hand have phases where I'm really keen to try out all their products.

I'd say my favourite is Demon in the Dark, a rather polemic soap that some (all right, most) claim smells like toothpaste, but which I find really refreshing and soothing for sore muscles. I love it, it has me doing happy goat hops when I use it.

I'm going to check out the dry deodarant, thanks for the tip and for the lovely post!

rufflesandrouge said...

I go through phases w. Lush - It's been about 6 months since I've stopped in :)

fantastic said...

@tina: well, just more reason for us to do a swap one day :) xx

@nadine: i know exactly what you mean..this is exactly one of those phases for me. i remember rushing to Canada to go to their stores, and being obsessed with the bath bombs..then forgetting about them for years! It sounds like the hubby would really appreciate that Demon in the Dark. It will be on my next list! As for the dry deodorant, it's such a welcome change from the ingredients in other deo's that are a bit sketchy..

@ladyb: i'm the same way, hun. maybe check in now as they're doing holiday things, and see if there's something that appeals to you :) Big would be a good start!

rufflesandrouge said...

I'm really thinking about trying BIG:)

Unknown said...

@lady b: DO!

SmileHapaStyle said...

Um...never heard of this brand...nor of the store. Where is it? I'd like to test it out. LOL!

fantastic said...

@smilehapastyle: they're all over the place...check out

but for you specifically, you can go to bellevue sq or westlake :)

beautyparler said...

I love alot of Lush products! Sympathy for Dry Skin, Angels on Bare Skin, Lemon Fluttery, Pumpkin Soap, Ghost, & the list goes on (all on my blog). The latest is None of your beeswax lipbalm. But I must try the BIG shampoo, I have the curly wurly but the coconut bits are too messy for me.

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