Friday, October 23, 2009

Kanani Buxom Lips

I'm not the biggest fan of plumping lip glosses, as they tend to irritate me (ie. my lips feel like they're on fire). Also, my pout is probably full enough on its own...and I can't help but think that there's something strange about stinging your lips into submission. While I'm not the biggest fan of lip-plumping products, I'm also not a fan at all of Bare Escentuals. The powders and I do not play well together (also read: they turn my face a bright shade of orange), and I find the product in general to be a bit clogging.

Buxom Lips (a line from Bare Escentuals) threw me for a loop when I sniffed at the applicator to check whether there was a scent. Yes, yes there was. In fact it was the scent of candied applies--one of the most appealing scents on earth! I began sifting through the shades (of which there are many), and found one called Kanani. It's a shimmery yet sheer pink, and there upon the packaging is the photo of what marketers feel is an island woman. I sort of don't like it when companies do this--but yet, I fall for it every time. I mean, I wanted so badly to be a Bianca, or a Bambi--but who am I kidding? I'm a Kanani. Definitely a Kanani. (Although, couldn't they have thought of a better name? i'd much prefer to start seeing glosses named Meleane or Vapina).

As for the burning effect--this one has proved itself different. Instead of the normal stinging and tingling, it just feels overall cooling. It's as though you have a breath mint in your mouth, or have just brushed your teeth. For this I am pleased. I'm a big advocate of oral hygiene, so it doesn't bother me at all. I can't say that I've noticed a lot of plumping going on, but oh well I bought it for the scent.

What do you think of companies trying to match their products to race and ethnicity? Are you generally pleased with their pairings?

Have you checked out Lady B's blog? She has great posts on products/design/style, and they're a bit off the radar. Not the kind of blog where you feel you've read the same review by 20 other authors. She tagged me about dishing on a few hair products that I regret buying, and I've finally taken her up on the offer! The idea is to name and shame a handful of items that you've purchased in an effort to beautify your hair, yet all they've done is create problems.

I love a dry shampoo, and there are few products by Ojon that I do not like. Although the product is effective, and smells much better than some of its competitors, no matter how many times I re-purchase a bottle of their Rub-Out Dry Cleanser, the cap clogs up and I can no longer finish off the product. That's almost as annoying as a bad product.

One product I should have never laid hands on, is the Maxi Professional Hair Polish. It smells wonderful (which is usually why I fall for these things), but even with a light hand, it eventually causes me hair to hang and look greasy. This would be a good choice for someone with extremely curly hair--but even then, I would spray very lightly.

As someone who colors her own hair at home, I prefer to leave the professional products to the pros. I fill in where I can get in, and otherwise I have to rely on someone with more expertise to use the big guns. Such is the story with my Schwarzkopf hair colors. Mixing the stuff with developer in a bowl, isn't my idea of fast or easy. When you color as much as I do, you really can't be bothered. I need to 'fess up to my stylist that I'm not using these things, as i have way too many lying in the cupboard.

One of the first dry shampoo products I became interested in, was Bumble & Bumble's Hair Powder. They come in shades that are meant to be suited for your hair color. It's messy, they build up, and never really match your hair color, unless your hair is jet black or platinum blonde. All it does it make you want to wash your hair, which is the very thing you were aiming at avoiding.

Which hair products just didn't work for you?

I'd love to hear from you--Tali, Dila, Kajal Couture, Su-Pah, Rocaille, and Tina!


Puna said...

Totally agree with you on the Kanani thing... but hey Im glad the girl wasn't Blonde. Now wouldn't that be a disaster!

fantastic said...

@puna: if they were to make her blonde, they should've been real and just made her orange. you know we can't have honest blonde hair! lol xx

Puna said...

...Simple everyone should be washing there hair! DONT BE LAZY... On that note, washing everyday definitely can lead to drying your hair.

Tali said...

LOL I KNEW you would go for the gloss because of the packaging! lol!!! I was given it by my mum and i instantly thought of you... but then i thought 'if i tell her a half naked non-tradtionally dressed lipgloss reminds me of her shell think im nuts'

I hate BE mineral powders. Bad shades and make me itchy (although for the first 2 months it was love till the itching startes.) I am curious about the new matte version though....

I am not good with dry shampoo because i dont know how to use it!! Any tips for me? I have 3 cans id like to actually use lol!

My last hair disaster product was the Frederik Fekaki Beach wave spray. It was waaaay too sticky on my hair and left it looking greasy and NOT wavy at all!! xox

fantastic said...

@puna: hahaha, I agree...but sometimes you need that every other day spiff up. But I am lazy. Guilty as charged! Lol

@tali: haaaaa! Just like when I told you I saw the croatian man on tv..or worse, bill rancic! So don't worry I should never take offense to you thinking of me based on a lipgloss! Lol

Don't you wish there were a trade-in program for those items like BE? Sephora always pushes them as free gifts too, & I always pass. Dry shampoo--I spray it at the root, turn my head upside down & massage my scalp...I can't put it directly on the hair shaft--it's awful! I've had a little more luck with batiste or klorane.

The beach sprays...ugh. I like john master's one..but honestly, even when I'm at the beach & get that salt water infusion, my hair feels tangly and annoying. So, I don't know why we opt to re-create that from a bottle!

Tali said...

The problem with beach sprays is the sea naturally gives you some the tangles look sexy.. but the product version gives you flat clammy waves..its just not the same.

Ok i have to try spraying it on the roots.. gonna try now! Have a manicure at 10 so dont want to go looking like crap!

Tali said...

ok just did it with my baptiste tropical spray (smells like the beach! like lotion..coconutty and pinaply yum!!!) and it looks good!! Ok new obsession starting!!

rufflesandrouge said...

I so relate to you on the beach spray thing - It's good in theory but doesn't work for me in application !

I had the same problem with Ojon dry shampoo - I almost put it in my shame list too haha :)

Buxom looks interesting - but I have full lips and sometimes I look a lil botoxed with I mess w. the lip plumpers haha ! Great post tho !

Dila said...

xx thanka for the tag it's actually one of those "helpfull to everyone" tags :P

I've never tried tried shampoo I always wanted to try them tho.. How do you use those??

and about those buxom lips.. lol well yea it's a great marketing and I think I like that ethnicity match thing I mean product looks so cute maybe that's why.. :)

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Well, maybe the image on the packaging is quite archetypical, but still... it does look pretty :)And the color must be fab! The cooling effect reminds me of my Avon plumping lipgloss, it feels very fresh on the lips, perfect for the summer :)

I'm not much of a hair person, but I regretted buying Schwarzkopf got2be shine spray. It did give my hair some shine, but I wasn't crazy about the smell and most importantly, it felt very greasy. I have oily hair to start with, so that was a complete miss.

Thanks for sharing your list! xxx

Anonymous said...

hey kanani, you izh sho shmekshy!!

anything schwarzkopf in the world of home hair dye, i trust it 100%.
i also entrust it to leave my hair silky smooth and feeling healthy wonce it's done too.

Anonymous said...

did i just type Wonce, in place of once??
omg! 0_0

SmileHapaStyle said...

Ohhhh....LOVE this!! Can't wait to go and try it, the color is amazing...good for an island girl with a natural glow :) BUT mixing races and beauty together to promote happens all the time...stereotypical hula girl on the product!

fantastic said...

@tali: ooh, i've wanted the tropical version of baptiste for a while now, but i don't think we'll get it over i settle for the original. i much prefer that dry shampoo to some of the more expensive ones!

@lady b: same here. sometimes the plumpers make me look like a bee stung me. and in an overboard sort of way.

@dila: i like to spray it at the roots, throw my hair upside down and then massage the product in. i really prefer not to spray or place it directly on the hair shaft, as it makes me look powdery.

fantastic said...

@rocaille: i agree that glosses can go very wrong, depending on what the ingredient is that offers the shine. the silicone is often too heavy..

@su-pah: i'm dying at "wonce"! it's just how it sounds..english can be such a pain sometimes! hmm..maybe i'll give it another chance (the at-home dye)...i know it's more gentle on hair..but egh, just more steps than i would like!

@smilehapastyle: i think you'll like it! not stingy like the Lip Venoms or similar products. Well, like Puna said--I guess it's good the girl wasn't a hula girl AND blonde ;)

Kajal Couture said...

I never did like the BE makeup so I am just tainted and pass it by. I do get suckered into Indian packaging but I often find the colors are not pigmented enough and my people need color. I am on the fairer side and if the products don't work for me, they aren't gonna work on other desi skins. But in a way I do get excited just to see Indian things in the mainstream (other than religious things that is).

fantastic said...

@kajal couture: exactly! half of the things that are made with island girls on it, are so light that they would never show up on the majority of actual islanders! we do range in color, but some of it is just rubbish. the sad thing, is I was so excited for NAR's Tonga lip liner, and Cargo's Tonga blush...the blush just disappears on me.

Speaking of Indian-inspired things..have you seen Heidi Klum's new line for Victoria's Secret? What are your thoughts?

Kajal Couture said...

I did see that new line in one of the catalogs (I seem to get one like every other day...kinda annoying) and it looks tempting. I really want to try out the Christian Siriano kajal liner for my waterline. With VS makeup it's always hit or miss with me so I tend to be more cautious when purchasing. Have you tried any of the products? What do you think?

fantastic said...

@Kajal Couture: I love me a good kajal! The Christian Siriano one is nice--but it doesn't keep twisting up like the Shahnaz one does...and also it's not the deepest black. Which I can appreciate during the daytime, at least.

As for the new Heidi Klum line..I didn't want to spoil it, but I really don't like anything she had! The colors were v jewel toned, which is what I think everyone automatically thinks of when it comes to "Indian shades", but were very glittery and not super pigmented. For me, it may be one of those miss items that they offer. They also have meteorite look alikes in the line.

Kajal Couture said...

I went to the mall to search for my Ginger dress, and that didn't work out too well. But while I was there I stopped in to VS to check out the HK line. I agree with you, the shadows were too glittery. They were smooth though, but I feel there are so many better palettes out there right now. I also tried on the Siriano kajal and it was not black enough, and it didn't stay on, so I didn't purchase it. I feel like VS makes good colors, but the products don't have much lasting power. I'll stick to their undergarments. What is this Shahnaz kajal? Where can I find it.

Tali said...

Ok Torpical overdose.. the baprtiste dry shampoo.. the scent is really making me feel sick (and its nothing to do with my hangover)
Im guessing this is not natrually fragranced lol!

Tina A. said...

Oi, that's gonna be a tough one, as the ones that never work are long thrown away!!!
I 'll try to do my best though! ;) Lol!


BeautyTalk said...

One of my best friends swears by Buxom but I can't take the sensation.

fantastic said...

@kajal couture: it's this:

i love her line...even her skincare, in fact! very ayurvedic ;)

@tali: oh noooo! how much did you spray?! i've come to realize that it's good for a day--but by the end of the evening, my head begins to get a little itchy...maybe the product builds up quickly?

fantastic said...

@tina: i had to go through boxes that i had brought when i moved--that were meant to be chucked in the bin...the gloss spray for example--cannot be touched again!

@BeautyTalk: It's definitely a sensation--although different from the typical plumper. It reminds me of a cold day, where everything you say feels like icicles on your lips!

faika said...

what good cover-up products would you suggest for me :( i just can't seem to find the right one for me something that covers well and would give me a natural look :(

Unknown said...

@faith: what is your skin type? i think that matters in choosing the right concealer.. also, is it redness, scarring, etc? i always like something creamy--along the lines of cle de peau's concealer, or even benefit's boingg. MUFE has a good one for under eye circles...let me know!

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