Thursday, October 29, 2009

As Black as Night

Don't you just love a good black eyeliner? When I want a black liner, I need the blackest of the black. Something that defies night, and doesn't leave me with a look that is more morning-after than smoldering hot. I'm constantly on the hunt for the deepest darkest shade of black--and I think I've found a champion. It was in the most unlikliest of places, as true black liners are concerned--the drugstore! And who would believe me if I told them it was by good old Black Radiance? We're talking long-lasting, smudge free, standout performance--even on the waterline! Go figure.

Here's the proof--now you tell me which one takes the cake:

Oh right, did I mention that it's less than five dollars? Get thee to a drugstore!

The beautiful Bubblegarm tagged me recently for a one-word tag game. The questions deserve a one word answer. bottoms up!

Where's your cell phone: Bed
Your hair: Bun
Your mother: Generous
Your father: Traveling
Favorite Food: Tongan
Dream last night: Eww
Favorite drink: Water
What room are you in: Guest
Hobby: Cooking
Fear: Bedbugs
Where were you last night: Here
Something that you aren't: Full
Muffins: Blueberry
Wish list item: Knuckles
Where did you grow up: Home
What are you wearing: Jambos
Your pets: Amariah
Friends: Love
Something you're not wearing: Anklet
Favorite store: Target
Favorite color: Brown
Last time you laughed: Today
Your best friend: Hubby
Bestest Place you go to over and over: Mom's
Person who emails you regularly: PuniP
Favorite place to eat: Bed

I know that if I don't tag some of you, you'll never do it--so it's all on you: Kajal Couture, StellarNZ, Tali, Dila and Su-Pah!

Are you back from the drugstore yet? Creme liner in hand? Or do you have a black that beats these? I'm loyal, but a winner is a winner...


Tina A. said...

My my, you sure know your black liners, don't you??? :)

Lol @ "something that defies night"! :DDD

So, um, what's the deal with the knuckles girl? Who's ass is getting kicked? :)))


Tali said...

'Dream last night?- EWW' ???????
Hmmmmmm?? Lol I am so curious now! haha

Black liners are so hard to get right. Eveyone need a different formula.. and ugh.. after wasting SO much money on expensive ones.. the drugstore ones normally do the best job anyway! :/ xox

fantastic said...

@tina: i just picked up another one that should have been thrown in with this group...oh well, too late!

the knuckles--i'm not sure..i've wanted them for a while. umm, self defense?! I remember wanting them again after I saw JLo in Enough. hahaha! xxox

@tali: oh yea..the dream was on theme.. there's another drugstore one that i think is really great--but it's pencil form. i'll post! xxox

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Defo post your recommedantion on the one in pencil form, I'm on the market for it :) Great review! xxx

rufflesandrouge said...

that liner looks amazing - where did you pick it up?

and I agree w. Tali Dream - Eww ? hahaha

fantastic said...

@rocaille: i will...i wore it today, and lo and behold--it's still on the waterline!

@lady b: you can find it at Rite-Aid...I picked up mine at Bartell's though (I think that may be a local drugstore?) ..I've seen it off and on at Walgreens though.

Unknown said...

That tag is so cute, Love those words games :)
That black liner is a great deal.

Kajal Couture said...

Does that irritate when you put it on the waterline? Blacktrack irritates my eyes when on the waterline so I have to use pencils. I do like the $5 tag...speaks to my cheap heart!

I will be sure to do the one word post...I'm still lagging on the 5 hair products I regret buying post....will get to that one too....

Unknown said...

@gabriela: thank you :)

@kajal couture: it takes time to get caught up with all of the worries :) sometimes creme liners can bother me on the waterline--this one seems to stay put though. i do have a good recommendation for a pencil on the waterline (very soft so it doesn't irritate my eyes)...i'll be posting soon!

Pablo (yo) said...

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Connie De Alwis said...

great find!!

fantastic said...

@connie: thanks girl :)

meraldia said...

I think it's a great deal!

faika said...

i couldnt find this anywhere else i even went on their site ... i just haven't tried rite aid duhhhh! lol! thanks girl its been a while sinced i last popped in here :) hope you are well! ofaz

Anonymous said...

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