Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Eliminating Grey!

Today: two new things in hair and skin. A hairstylist was playing around with my hair the other morning, and he bent over to examine my hairline "...looks like you have some grey hair!" Oh really? You know, I'm well aware of that--in fact, I've told the whole wide blogging world very publicly before. Usually I try to keep it under tight wraps (aka Clairol's Perfect10), but lately I've been working back to back, so when I get home I shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to rid myself of the highly flammable amounts of hairspray. That's a recipe for disaster--fastest way to strip color from you hair: clarifying shampoo. Anyhoot, it wasn't all bad, as he then suggested a new product from the likes of Joico.

re:nu Shampoo, Conditioner, re:nual Serum, & Primer

re:nu is the marriage of Joico and Shiseido laboratories, to create a product that defies the aging process which shows itself in hair. Now, unlike the commercial intro for their website, I'm not in my 40's, or experiencing dullness in quality. However, I do get grey hairs--which is very common in my family (as it is in other Pacific Island communities as well). The Re:nual Serum is said to work at the sebum level of the hair, to create a new kind of...err, creature?...that grows back with more pigmentation. After 5 months, users are to see a 50% change for the better. I'm equipped with a 3 month supply, and I'm ready to do some serious monitoring. Upon announcement of this discovery to older family members, I was informed that they would be expecting a report back. These products are formulated with men and women in mind, so if it does indeed deliver on its promises, many a bottle of Re:nu I'm sure, will be received for Christmas. Yes, and that includes you *cough cough* bro.

I was also suckered into the shampoo, conditioner, and primer (which I'm sure aren't key to having the serum work). But what can I say--I'm an easy sell.

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
and Enzyme Cleansing Gel

After testing the sample kit of skincare from Mario Badescu (fill out the questionnaire and wait for an email response), I realized that his Enzyme Cleansing Gel was very similar to an old favorite that I used to use from Jan Marini. It contains extracts from papaya and grapefruit, which are very good at sloughing off the dead skin that can build up on the top layer of our skin. While I was at it, I figured I'd also grab the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, which is non-irritating and clears out anything that's been left behind. I highly recommend Mario Badescu's products, as I've used several of his products over the years. The price point is very affordable (especially in comparison to other brands), yet his simple approach to skincare always seems to be spot-on. Spot-on..hehe.

In other updates, I am currently halfway through day 6 of my Master Cleanse. It has definitely been the time around, thus far--I haven't been camping out on food blogs all week, nor have I gotten crazy with the Mr. when he eats plate after plate of food in front of me. So, that being said--it's going pretty good! I have more energy, my skin has cleared of some dry patches I was worried about, and I still have four days left until completion. I know of one other person that has decided to do this with me--was there anyone that I missed?

Anyone else a premature greyer? Who is a fan of Mario Badescu?


Tali said...

I have a few.. i heard it means the faster the hair turns grey the healthier you are!! I kind of like it.. am very protective of my one grey bob by my parting.. would never cover him up!!

Mario Badeshku is great.. BUT when you do have an allergy to a products its a huge allergy.

I love their pink on the spot drying lotion and their enzyme face wash... cucumber cleanser and me didnt react very well!!

Tina A. said...

Nope, no grey hair for me...or at least I don't think so (I mean, who knows what's under those blonde highlights)...Lol! But that's genetic anyways...

Sadly can't comment neither on re:nu, nor on Mario Badescu (not available here), however glad to hear you 're doing well with the cleanse girl! It's pretty radical for me, and I would probably give myself an ulcer by trying it, but I 'm always so intrigued when I hear that it works for a lot of ppl...!


fantastic said...

@tali: i LOVE the fact that my grey hairs can mean that i'm healthier! i love that you don't cover him up...sometimes I have to do that during my "in-between" days ;)

i like Mario's pink drying lotion as well..and his strawberry face scrub. I can understand the reaction with the cucumber toner, because at first I was very afraid...I've had good luck so far though! xxx

@tina_mbc: you're lucky! Sometimes I think that if my hair were lighter, it wouldn't be as noticeable..

Almost as quickly as I wrote that I was doing well on the cleanse, I ended up getting extremely hungry and surfing foodie sites! i'll put it this way...the next three days are more than welcome to fly by as fast as they'd like! xxx

Tiff said...

I have a few greys mom is 46 and she's probably found only 3 or 4 on her head total.

I buy shoes from pretty much anywhere...I buy a lot online too.

fantastic said...

@tiff: she's so lucky! what a great selection you have :)

Tali said...

Strawberry face scrub??!?!?!?

I ned to go find that and play with it!!

fantastic said...

@tali: yes you do...and the seeds are what exfoliates!

LissaSioux said...

how did the re:nu end up working out?!

fantastic said...

Lisa: not so well...didn't make a dent. I hear there are now pills that can be taken--waiting to see about the ingredient list.

Unfortunately I've seen this line in beauty stores on the super clearance racks--makes me upset, as I spent so much on them!

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