Saturday, August 08, 2009

Multi-Colored Nails

Last weekend, my dear friend came into town to celebrate her birthday, and as usual she was sporting a new nail trend. This isn't unusual, as she changes her nail routine constantly, and I've featured it before. This time however, she went for the mismatched nail color, and I was all over it! We've seen it with nail trendsetters like Solange--whether it be black and white or multi-colored madness. Instead of going for the all out shocking contrast like my mi amiga, I combined two colors that I like together in any situation (by this, I mean that I like it on pillows, clothing, cakes, etc). A little bit of OPI's Senorita Rose-alita, and a touch of OPI's Bright Lights Big Color was all that was needed to spice up my once boring nails. As I am someone who sports a lot of solids and dark colors, this is an almost unoticeable, yet nice "accessory" for the hands. What do you think? Would you dare to switch up a digit or two?
In other news, I was speaking with a friend the other day about the gradual change I've been feeling in everything from my skin, to energy levels. Something is just off and for the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to put a finger on it. We got back to discussing healthy eating and the like, and I suddenly realized that it's been over a year since I've done my annual cleanse. I can't even begin to explain what great things cleansing and detoxing can do in terms of skin--seriously cleansing from the inside out! It's time to get things back in order, but not so fast. I have a wedding to attend this upcoming weekend, and the last thing I want is to be unable to eat--so I'm pushing it off another week, and in the meantime having a daily glass of Green Drink. My favorite is Amazing Grass' SuperFood that is easily mixed with water--it gives a great boost of energy and goes a long way in helping to sort out imbalances in the body.

Is anyone with me on the cleanse/detox? You have a week to consider all of the goodness it will do!


Tali said...

If i wasnt off to Croatia id do the cleanse. Unfortunately there are too many family members who want to feed me.. so its not even possible!!

People dont realise that one detox day a month can make a hell of a lot of difference to your digestion an general health. A week-3weeks a year is a great great idea. When i get back i may do a modified cleanse... im very skinny right now so i have to be careful I dont lose more weight!!

The nails look great.. i love the fact the colors are a bit holographic. Its deffinately more interesting than the usual boring one color we go for!! I always get stuck in a one color rut!!

fantastic said...

@tali: aw, i forgot you're leaving! it's near impossible to do it around the family...and you're right, it's good to avoid the skeletor look!

i used to go for 10 days twice a year, but i'm SO off the wagon this time around..

if you decide to do a different nail look, let me know! i need some more ideas for color combinations! this may be my new hobby! xx

Anonymous said...

I just posted a recipe last night with my own superfood mixes, but I'm not exclusively consuming it. Are you only drinking the green drink, or do you eat for other meals, as well?

Taking cues from Erykah Badu to redefine Soul Food.

Y.S. Organic Bee Farms Pure Royal Energizer (Ultra Mega Strength) Royal Jelly, Maximum Fruits Super Fruit Formula Natural Berry flavor, Garden Greens Essential Greens Super ORAC Concentrated Greens Drink Mix Very Berry flavor, ALL FROM GNC. Lily of the Desert Whole Leaf Organic Aloe Vera Juice, from grocery store.

5 minutes
Serving Size:

1. Organic Royal Jelly
2. Antioxidant Fruit Powder
3. Green Foods Powder
4. Filtered Water
5. Organic Aloe Vera juice

You'll need:

1. 2 teaspoons of Royal Jelly
2. 1 tablespoon Fruit Powder
3. 1 tablespoon Green Food Powder
4. 1-2 oz Chilled Aloe Vera Juice
5. 8 oz Chilled Filtered Water


1. Mix all of the powders, royal jelly, and aloe juice in the water. Add some ice cubes if you'd like. It's easier to dissolve the powder by shaking the mixture in a closed container. I wouldn't recommend a blender. Somehow, this blend completely cancels out the bitter taste of the aloe vera juice!
2. Now THIS is soul food, Nature's way.

fantastic said...

@Miss Kari Baby: thanks for the recipe! Will definitely try for the green drink, I'm also consuming other foods--not until another week will I go onto the Master Cleanse. How did this one go for you? I really like aloe vera juice--but prefer to get the flavored ones from whole foods ;)

Tali said...

Reading that recipe.. really makes me want to start one!! When i come back am going to do a vegetarian.. no fried foods type of detox!

Im so bad with nails.. i had acrylics for so long that ive never really bothered doing anything to them! You have to do step by step instructions of how to create some fancy ones. I saw some nail pics from your blog in 2008.. so cool!!

Muhsine Emin said...

Do you know what, I actually like those mis matched nails!!! I think I'm going to do it next time I paint my nails :) thanks for the tip :)

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

What's your idea for detox? Do you do it for the whole week or one day like Tali? I'm also off to a wedding on Friday (yes, Friday, in a catholic church...), so that's not an option right now, but maybe later...

The nail polish shades are fab! I also like this combo, very energetic! xxx

Elphaba said...

Ur blog is cool!!! I love ur nail stamping and the china glaze laquer!!! *follow*

Dila said...

woooow I never tried 2 colored nails but it really looks sooo pretty maybe because of colors but I really like it...
Contrast colors may not look as pretty as this one, I will try to find different version with different colors as soon as I find 2 colors that I can combine :)
thank u fantastic for the idea :) xx

fantastic said...

@tali: i'm going to try this recipe soon as well...that's a good detox to do! cutting meat is so much easier on the body--dairy too!

yes, i will do some step by steps on nails. if i keep up with this slowly progressing p5p, i'm going to HAVE to get creative with the posts! hahaha

@bubblegarm: you have so many pretty new polishes, that you definitely need to do some combos!

@rocaille: i've never been to a friday wedding in church?! the only one i've been to on friday was when it was in a different building--have fun! my idea of the detox has always been to add on as many days as i can handle--i've gone up to 20 on the master cleanse, but i may only do 10 this time?

fantastic said...

@elphaba: thank you :)

@dila: i'm looking forward to what you come up with! pictures pictures!!

Anonymous said...

OOoh.. cleanse, I'm the world's most unhealthiest eater. I used to be really into my green tea and 5 a day fruit-veg and such stuff, but lately? Laa.. It's too much hassle! Chocolate FTW! ;)

Anonymous said...

great nails!

fantastic said...

@su-pah: that's the same way i've gone--i don't think that coffee, lollies and mac & cheese can qualify as healthy eating--it's no wonder i feel off!

@melroxx: thank you ;)

Tiff said...

Both of those colors are super pretty. They look great together.

fantastic said...

@tiff: thank you :)

Tina A. said...

Love the nail color combination, it's lovely! :)

How's the cleanse going, have you started yet?
I 've never tried anything like it, I just eat salads and drink juices, if I feel like I need more vitamins...


fantastic said...

@tina_mbc: thanks! I haven't started the cleanse yet...this coming week when I'm back in town, then I'll begin :)

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