Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mama & Me

Mayjah apologies for my sparse updates these past couple of weeks. There has been heaps of to-do's on my plate as of late, so by the time I arrive at my computer, there's a whole lot of squinting and tiredness going on. I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to you lovely readers--there's over 100 of you, and I'm so honored that you all take the time to chit chat and read my ramblings! Big Hug, Little Hug, Big Kiss, Little Kiss :)

It's no surprise that my mom is my main pusher of beauty products--it's sort of where I learned all this mess in the first place. As a little girl I would go to her room, lock the door, and then begin playing around in her vanity. Only after she'd practically bang down the door (mom is a total mama, but don't make her upset, as she is also an ex-policewoman with the strength of a bull) would I unlock the door, and run past her as quickly as possible--smelling as though a Chanel #5 bomb had exploded, with filled-in eyebrows rivaling those of Frida Khalo's. She knew from a young age that I had been bitten by the beauty bug.

So, explaining to her that I was in the midst of this Project 5-Pan experiment, sounded like "pure rubbish" to her. She gifted me with a handful of items over the past few days, as she claims that she feels for me during this time. We are spitting images of each other with this dramatic nature of ours--but hey, I got it from my mama!

Monoi oil (or more specifically lolo Tonga) is something that she is quite good at preparing. With the heat that we've been experiencing, it has been the perfect opportunity for the oil to infuse the fragrance of the flowers, and she has created quite the collection of filled bottles. It is richly scented, and I can't stop inhaling it, as the scent contains all the memories of my childhood. My role is to stir, monitor and locate pretty bottles (the boring role), as she makes the final call on when the oil is ready.

Strolling through the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet), she found a little cluster of lipglasses/dazzleglasses from one of MAC's past lines. Now, as she is more of a skincare guru than a makeup fanatic, she has been watching me apply my MAC lip gelee as though I've been scorched by the desert. "If you don't stop putting that on, your lips will fall off--give it to me, then you can say you're done with it". I like the small size of each of these--as I can hardly work my way through a regular sized tube. What do you make of the items at your CCO?

To my dismay, she is often out of town--but whilst away this past week, she grabbed some goodies that I have been enjoying. Shiseido products never seem to let me down, and this Balancing Softener is no exception. It has a very thin gel quality to it, and it readies the skin to accepting moisturizer. The brush in my opinion is more gentle and sensible to use in comparison to the Clarisonic. If your skin is dry or irritable, their Benefiance line is something that you must check out. Lastly, this Donna Karan deodorant that I'm sure many of you have used. It is non-irritating and has a rather non-imposing clean scent.

So, who is your pusher/enabler in your beauty product fascination?


Tali said...

I like the sound of the mini glosses. That way they are easier to travel with and use!! Just cheak already.. dont eat the lipgelee!! haha

Your mums monoi oil looks great. I like the fact you spend time looking for bottles. I love it when it solidifies and you sit there with a bottle trying to warm it.. the whole process makes it so rewarding when you do finally use it!

I remember at 14 my first encounted (with my sister) of monoi oil. We didnt know how stong it smelled and ended up drowning ourselves with it. She had the brilliant idea to use it to help us tan. Ill never forget going to the pool all shiny with the stuff on.. my bikini bottoms literally sliding down and my brother looking at us like we were the biggest morons on the planet. Ill never forget that tan.. and the severe burn it was before it became a tan!!

Great post.. am off to read the article you linked on Tongan oil!

Tali said...

cheak?? cheat!!

Muhsine Emin said...

i want some lolo tongo, looks great :)

fantastic said...

@tali: it's long past time to cheat! but i think that i will be able to finish something off tonight..then it's done done done!

@bubblegarm: you need to live here so i can toss you a bottle!

Kajal Couture said...

I'm so happy I discovered your blog...keep up the good work!

I have never used monoi oil, what do you use it for?

fantastic said...

@tali: btw, your story had me laughing sooo hard! I can just imagine, & I know just the type of burn you're talking about :)

@kajal couture: I'm so thankful you read it..thank you! The oil is used for everything, frim being a basic moisturizer, to a deep conditioner for your hair, to a massage oil, to perfume, to a cure for things like eczema, to..hmm..I could go on forever! If you click on the link, there are other purposes's my medicine!

Tiff said...

Those mini glosses look really cute...unfortunately there isn't a CCO around me. My mom isn't really into beauty stuff anymore, and my friends aren't into makeup so I'm all alone without any pushers/enablers :).

Krystallia said...

The glosses look nice,its good for u that have cco stores,we dont of course :))Loved your post!!The oil looks nice too nad if its made from your mother it'll be perfect!!

fantastic said...

@tiff: nooo, you have us! I meant to add that..perhaps the biggest enablers of all are you bloggers ;)

@krystallia: they're hit or miss (the cco's)--I've heard there's one in england, so I wonder if they'll continue onto other countries as well?

Lipglossiping said...

Your mother sounds wonderful! I have a CCO that I've only just discovered and haven't had time to explore properly. I can't wait to get back down there!

My main beauty enabler is actually my husband, just because he gives me lots of his time to humour me about my latest purchases... what looks good (and what doesn't). He also never complains about how much I spend, even if I have a huge splurge. He knows I feel guilty enough for weeks after LOL

Anonymous said...

Need to get my mitts on some Monoi oil, you're so lucky tour mum makes it.
I think this winter my obsessions will be using rich oils, monoi and argan oil. :)

fantastic said...

@lipglossiping: how sweet of him--it's great to have your other half supporting you in this--especially since it's something that is predominantly associated with women :)

@su-pah: oooh, argan oil--have you tried the one that josie maran offers?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Josie Maran is US only I think, don't think we get it on these shores unfortunately. There's a brit brand, I think Liz-something (can't remember right now) that carries an Argan Oil line that I'm hoping to try.

Btw hun, I've blog awarded, pls check my blog. :)

Dila said...

Helloo where have u been?? (I tagged u) xx

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