Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Korean Cosmetics & a Swap!

The shelves of Sephora have been a bit uninspiring to me lately. Some of the fall and holiday lines are looking promising, so my eyes will be peeled for those--however, in the meantime I've decided to try my hand at a few Korean cosmetics lines. In these parts, Korean shops are a dime a dozen...but Korean shops with good Korean makeup--now that's a different story. I was lucky to find one that was willing to work with my limited knowledge of the lines, and I will show you (over the course of the next couple of posts), the winners of my purchases. Most can be purchased online.

Clio Art Shadow 1.5 in Forte Goldgreen

Clio is a brand that is made in Italy, yet marketed in Korea. It's affordable (under $20 for an eyeshadow), and very well made--especially for those who are interested in color. The shadow combinations are endless, and most of the items from this "Art" line are baked. I've been using this one for the past four days straight. So do I like it? Oh yes.

One of my favorite lip products that discovered, was Clio's Milky Pink Lipstick--also from the "Art" Line. My lame Photoshop skills prevented the packaging from showing, but the case is just as special as the color--it's covered in multicolored hearts! The formula is creamy and consistent, so I will return for others that fall outside of the "very popular in Korea" tagline that the sales lady gave me. Milky Pink reminds me of some of MAC's cult faves (I'm thinking St. Germain or Color Crafted), yet for me it is a bit more wearable since it has less of a blue undertone. In this case, the term "wearable" means that I will most likely be using a gloss to sheer it out a bit. I just can't pull off this stripperish pink and still be expected to be taken seriously, with my skintone.

Castledew is a line from VOV cosmetics, and they offer a huge selection of Over Setting Glosses. I absolutely love this moisturizing gloss, as it has one of those teardrop sponge applicators, and a delicious scent. It lasted for over an hour before I decided to re-apply (I am constantly eating or doing something that requires me to touch up, so this is good time here). I will definitely be back for other shades. I love watching commercials for cosmetics--it's all in the hope of the marketing:

Oh, before I forget--I participated in my first International swap, with the infamous OxfordJasmine in England. I sent her the following items based on her requests:

My post to OxfordJasmine

I took a picture of the items she sent to me, the moment I pulled them out of the package:

Oxford Jasmine's post to me

Have you ever participated in a swap? What are your thoughts? Also, what has your experience been with Korean cosmetics?


Tiff said...

The lipstick and gloss are both gorgeous colors. I love the packaging of the Clio eyeshadow too.

dαnnεεl said...

The gloss looks gorgeous!! I love peachy color!! I love japan/korea makeups, I guess because I'm asian, and it seems to work better for me. But their makeup quality are not bad at all, and if you like to explore more you can go to sasa.com
their price are more reasonable than a lot of the online site/ebay

fantastic said...

@tiff: the packaging is so unique! i think i bought first for the packaging, and now love the colors even more so :)

@dannimag: what are your fave japanese and korean brands? no, the quality is very good--i love searching through sasa...i think i'll be making another order there soon :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I am in the middle of a swap with US and it has been fun shopping and shipping the package. No matter where we are, there are always things from other countries that we like, that is why swaps are wonderful.

Glad you can try out some Gosh products. That's one brand Canada has access to before US :-)

fantastic said...

@halifax: what products do you recommend from Gosh? I love the name!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really good swap. I have yet to partake in one, but am always open to one. :p

The girl in the ad Han Ji Won was in a kdrama I watched some months back, 'What happened in Bali' and she's a fab actress, hated the ending though, so cruel.

The BB creams I recently ordered are from Korea. Really good products but the shade selection is extremely limited, hope it's made available for all skin tones and made more accessible as it's a brilliant and innovative product.

Tina A. said...

Those lip products look really lovely!
Maybe you can use them for a FOTD??? ;)


fantastic said...

@su-pah: I need to add that k drama to my netflix queue! I love foreign films. I get you on the color range--I am interested in testing a bb cream, but with all of the face products from asian lines, I'm typically the darkest shade (which isn't even all that dark!). I end up hoping they'll be translucent!

@tina_mbc: ok, ok miss tina! I'm so lazy on fotd's, because I'm always late out the door--but I will do one with these two :) should be easy with the gloss, since I've been wearing it every day!

Tali said...

We need a korean fotd with hypnose!!
I love the look of the lipstick, its like make-up porn!!! So smooth looking (or that could be you have no cracks on your lips!!) and the gloss also looks hot!

Interesting swap.. wow..did some of the stuff get damaged in the mail? It looks like the bronzer has crumbled!!xxxo

fantastic said...

@tali: makeup porn--I like that! Fotd's will be on their way! The lip products are so creamy & moisturizing...actually I find that Japanese lip products are too..hmm, seeing some similarities..

The bronzer was used, and I'm not sure--but maybe some of the other items? or perhaps it was the mail..sometimes they can be so rough with the handling!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new line! I like!

franklyfehi said...

Umm... maybe I'm blind, but my eyes tell me you got the short end of the deal..ARE THOSE PRODUCTS USED??!!! OMG IN LIFE!!! You really prepared a nice set for her and she gave you what looks like a squeezed-to-death tube and a bronzer that's been left in a daycare. omg, I am sorry. Next time you swap, make sure the person on the other end is going to reciprocate your kindness. Wow, is all I can say.

You are so fun to follow on here and this was my first disappointing read.Jasmine, you should apologize.

Krystallia said...

They look Great!!The gloss is wonderful and the swap products as well!!I would love to try Korean or Japanese make up,it would be interesting!

Maui (Suushh) said...

I love the lipstick! so pretty! :) I dont know if I can wear that clor on my skintone though and If I can find that here.

Have not tried swapping but sounds interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely gloss!

Kajal Couture said...

You had me at: the lipstick case has pink hearts on it. Now I am going to have to search K-town for these products! Keep us all posted on what you like and dislike!

Kajal Couture said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

check out www.bbcreamqueen.com where I got mine from, shipping is about $8 USD, and ships from korea. have a browse, they're not all super-pale. besides, i think a couple of the ones i own are on the translucent side.

yesss! i love foreign films/dramas too! :D
that drama is awesome, but the male lead had a bit of a tragic role, not in any way you can imagine, and I was rooting for him after the initial few episodes.
If you do watch it, skip the last epi, it's too tragic. and to think it starts off all innocent, even funny.

btw sasa.com does free shipping!! that's if you don't already know, and i got their stuff pretty quick to the UK. :)

and btw again, looking back at the swap stuff, i'm not too impressed with what you got if it was used. The MAC baby blooms set is expensive, if you'd taken that out, it would have been even in overall value. Was the Neal's Yard used before you got it?

fantastic said...

@crystal: anytime, anytime! :)

@franklyfehi: =/ thank you for following me!!

@krystallia: i think both Japanese & Korean cosmetics are sooo much more interesting than some of the more common brands. very innovative!

@sush: it seems like you have a lot of interesting brands your way--you should definitely try out a swap!

fantastic said...

@melRoxx: thank you!

@KajalCouture: oooh K-Town...I can really get myself into trouble there! I'm sure you will have a huge selection! I'll keep you updated :)

@su-pah: OMG...what a cute site! Now that's what we are good at--enabling..*ahem* supporting! any other good dramas to recommend? i'm a sucker for them, and as the weather turns, that means more nights indoors glued to the screen! the neal's yard..umm, that's how it looked??? :) i don't know how it's meant to be as we don't have the brand here! xx

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nadine said...

I have to agree with what lots of have said: love the Clio packaging, so cute! I wish there were some actual shops in my city where I could check out Asian beauty products as I hate ordering online (unfashionable, geeky, old-fashioned, I know).

I'm also a bit perplexed by what Oxford Jasmine sent you. It does look like you sent her more and while you got her new products her items seem used / in poor condition... but then again as far as the bronzer goes it could be the mail.
I've never done an international swap (I would love to try it sometime, though), but I have received international parsels from friends and family, as well as from the lovely Tali of Glossgoss when I won one of her blog prizes, and I have to say nothing ever arrived looking like that. I don't understand how swaps work, but I would think that people usually agree on how much they'll spend for each other and honour that agreement.

Looking forward to reading your next posts!


fantastic said...

@nadine: try ordering just a couple things online..it gets addicting, very quickly! thank you so much for reading...i look forward to your comments :)

Sarah said...

Hello, I've never done a swap before but I would love to do a beauty swap with someone from Korea - there are a few things I want to get my hands on. I'm from Australia if anyone from Korea is interested.

OxfordJasmine said...

This was my first swap and I am upset that the mail roughed up the package I carefully wrapped as they were new!

The Barry M had been given to me at a press event and I had never used it so was pristine!

I wasn't expecting any of the other items in the swap other than the Baby Blooms set and Odd bits e/s As much as I am grateful for the extreme generosity, it makes mine look small and mean!

I am sorry honey that the package was a disappointment to you. If there's anything else in the UK you'd like to try, just let me know. I'll send it to you (not as a swap!)

Sheila said...

Prefer Korean cosmetics because they use natural ingredients so good you can (almost) eat and won't cause breakouts!

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