Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's In My Bag?

I was tagged by Miss Tali, over at The Gloss Goss to participate in a What's In Your Bag post. The idea is to empty out the contents of your handbag (shocking, I tell you), and to post pictures of what's in your bag at this very moment. I've always thought that if I were ever to go the YouTube route, that I would begin with a video like this--although I know that isn't in the stars for me. YouTube + Me = Hours of nonsense laughing and sarcasm.

Anyhow, moving on--I present to you what I lug around each and every day, sparing you the receipts, cards, and vitamins, but editing nothing else. I enjoy reading other's posts like this, so enjoy if you can!The bag I've been carrying on a nearly-daily basis (only because I am the very worst at switching my things from handbag to handbag each day--unless we're talking about a clutch), is Junior Drake--and it's the softest leather bag I have ever had. It just collapses around like a big lazy brownie. Love.

And this is the mess. Actually since emptying it out last night, I have condensed a bit more, and my shoulder is thanking me for it. Working clockwise in a spiral, we begin with my phone. This uses the Google Android platform, which I love--I didn't know prior, that one could get anymore connected to their gmail. Then we have sunglasses, day planner, anti-bacterial gel and E-Boost (which I've talked about before). Gum and lotion, keys for the car, the house, and for my parent's house (I don't like to have them all together--this way if I lose my car keys, I can still cab it home and go to sleep). Rosary, Saint medals (Infant of Prague, JPII, St Sebastian and the Miraculous Medal in case you were curious--hey, I would be!), Luxe Link (most amazing purse holder ever), business cards, mini wallet and checkbook. Lastly we have the Sisley bag full of makeup that is completely unecessary for a handbag (I really don't need 15 glosses a day), and has since been filtered down.

So ladies, was that interesting?! Now I want to see what's in your purse! Spill it! Literally. I am now tagging Lady B, Bubblegarm, and Su-Pah. You girls are up!

Update-wise, I am nearly finished with my first makeup product for Project 5 pan. If I can't complete this any faster, I'll be wearing a full face of makeup to bed! How are those of you who are participating, doing with the pact?


Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

I loved this post, I really have to do it tomorrow as Tali also tagged me! My only excuse is that I run out of the batteries for the camera :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh i love reading these! Im so nosey! :D really cute bag, love it!!


rufflesandrouge said...

Love the post!! but What is Live Lux? - and thanks for the tag I will be updating mine soon :)

Tali said...

I like the bag.. great color.. goes with a lot of things!

Is that a mac lip conditioner I spy (little black circle)?!

I think it looks like a reasonable amount of stuff to carry.. lol.. no back pain for you! xx

Dila said...

:) Love the post..
When I first saw the picture I was like woww too many keys and separate huh?! but when I read ur reason lol I ve never thought something like that before u re absolutely right I will do that:D

fantastic said...

@rocaille: I'm looking forward to yours! My batteries needed charging so it took me some time as well:)

@aisling: I think that's why I like to read everyone's also...tag, you're it!

fantastic said...

@ladyb: the luxe link look like a small disc (there are several designs), and it has a hook that pulls out and holds your purse as it hangs from the table. No more throwing your purse on the floor! Check out the site!

@tali: thank you, it def goes with all colors...that IS a lip conditioner in petting pink. Do you like those? I should have taken a picture of the crap (papers, receipts, cards) that I removed...that would explain the weight!

@dila: it's happened before! At a certain point, if I locked my keys in the car while getting out, i'd just go inside and wait for someone to bring the spare ;) tag, you're it! Let's see your bag!

dαnnεεl said...

i loved reading this post. Just nosy about whats in other girls purse. Love your bag, its cute.

Oh i have the laneige sliding pact in my bag also, haha, i love it!!

Muhsine Emin said...

i love ur bag, its perfect :) the contents inside are so neat and colourful, loved this post - i might do a video response to this :) xx

Anonymous said...

I love your bag, it's so classy and practical.
Thanks for tagging, I'll get on with it, asap.

fantastic said...

@dannimag: thanks! i really like the laneige compact, but everyone always thinks i'm pulling out my cell phone! what do you think of it?

@bubblegarm: thanks girl! make sure you do a video for this one! i'm looking forward to your upcoming videos :)

@su-pah: yay! now it's your turn..if i were to guess, there will be at least one palette in your bag? ;)

Will said...

Nothing better than the August to August Planner!

Tina A. said...

Wow, I 'm impressed with how organised you are (hmmm, I used to be too, what happened, lol)!

P5P is going suuuper slow here...! :)))


fantastic said...

@will: have you found a planner that beats this one? I can't. It has the widest lines and I love the bookmark & space. I can't get down w/planning everything electronically either..

@tina_mbc: I was JUST thinking...even if I finish 5 products, I typically get 5 or more in one shopping stop! So...isn't that defeating the purpose of this?! But..better than having 5 additional...right? Right?!

Ps. It was a total mess (the bag) before unloading it..I promise.

Dila said...

:D I will def keep that in my mind and as soon as I reach my computer (sunday hopefully) I will do tha tag :) thank u xx

Alejandra said...

Just came across your blog and I'm loving it!!

Kajal Couture said...

I wanted to do project 5 pan with you, but I really wanted one of the new MAC brushes, so I finally got that yesterday and I am ready to start. Except I don't know if I have the willpower for this...I think we need to start a support group...

Tali said...

tallness + Heavy bag= back pain :(
LOVE the lip conditioners.. so yummy!! xx

fantastic said...

@dila: sounds good! xo

@alejandra: thank you! and thank you for following ;)

@kajal couture: which brush did you get?? was it the shadow brush? Tali, Tina_mbc, Bubblegarm, Su-Pah and Dila are all on board so far! I think that only Su-Pah has completed 5's hard work!!

Tina A. said...

Oh, I know, I 'll get more than 5! But yes, it's a way of having 5 less items, so that's how I 'm looking at it! ;)

So I only got a nail top coat today, and since nail products don't count, I 'm still in on P5P! :))) (way to work around the rules huh)?

Hopefully, I 'll get back on my regular excess lipgloss-ed lips routine tomorrow! ;)


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