Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Steamy

It wasn't until about five months ago, that my near-obsession with steam rooms began. I was in Vegas with the girls, and we were getting pampered in the amazing spa at Mandalay Bay. A eucalyptus steam room was part of the relaxation area, and we all egged each other on to enter. Apparently the majority of us have a bit of claustrophobia about small and damp places, so we practically linked arms and entered (which is really impressive, as we are grown adults). You could hear the heavy breathing, as we all made desperate efforts to calm ourselves down and take in what we were told was good for us. Go figure, twenty minutes later and I'm still laying there totally relaxed and in love with the heat (until of course the naked woman decides to enter and sprawl around, at which point we all up and moved camp).

My skin, after said 20 minutes, was so similar and familiar to something I used to love and now miss--it wasn't until an hour later that my sister and I realized what it was. It was that feeling that we get when we arrive in Tonga, and take our first step out of the plane. Absolute downpour of sweat, immediate drenching of the body, but yet--totally open, refreshed, and glowing skin. The kind of weather that makes you feel like--yes, this is what my skin was created for!

Upon returning home, it was decided that I needed to find a new gym with the focus being the steam room. I saw some ugly things in the process--co-ed spots that were just creepy, others that looked as though they hadn't been scrubbed down in years--but finally, fell upon a lovely womens only room at an establishment other than Curves. Daily, I try to find myself in this place--and when I don't, I can feel a huge difference in the health of my skin. It opens every last pore and expunges whatever toxins have decided to make their home under the surface. Relaxing it is, as the heat makes it the ultimate wind down from a workout, or just a long day. There are so many benefits to steaming, you only have to research to find out!

Do you like to steam?

I also have an update on Project 5 Pan: The Body Edition. I have officially finished three items, and am actively working on the final two.

I have now seen the death of a bar of Lush Porridge Soap, an H2O+ guava body lotion, and an Arbonne RE9 facial scrub. It's gratifying to me, to finish products (regardless of this pact)--I'm not sure why?! In terms of makeup, I believe I have just about three items finished, but I promise to post photos soon, for real hardcore evidence.

How are you ladies holding up with Project 5-Pan?


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I don't steam enough, but after reading this I want to!

Thanks for your nice comment today. I have also always loved his name. So quintessentially Italian :)

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Crystal

fantastic said...

@plush palate: his name really is! i just had a friend who named her baby that as well--with a name like that, you're destined for great things! xx

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

My gym has a little steam room, but very small, you'd be scared being in there :-) But it's the women-only gym, so I don't have to worry about that. Talking about it, I haven't been in that room for a long time

Monika @ RocailleWrites said...

Last year when I had a membership card I regularly went to a steam room at a women's only facility. I mainly did it to help with my breathing and clear out sina, so I spilt a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and it really helped to unwind after workout! I don't have a membership these days, but I use aromatherapy at home - will blog about it soon! xxx

fantastic said...

@halifax: i think the fact that it's women only, would help quite a bit. you should go back and re-discover it :)

@rocaille: it helped sooo much leading up to the wedding. sometimes i'd go in there and nearly fall asleep! the one i go to isn't touted as a "eucalyptus" steam room, but there is a spritzer inside that is full of it, so that really helps to clear the sinuses. i'm looking forward to reading about your aromatherapy!

Tali said...

That is so funny how you made the steam room hunt the focus of finding a new gym!!

I love steaming.. i always end up glowng after a nice relaxing steam and the color of my skin is less yellow some how.

Have you ever tried aromatherpy steams? My dad always put oils in the Steam room in our old house (yes he had a steam room lol.. old sports man.. loves his 'sports therapy') and when he did the menthal oils my skin clarity would improve! xx

GReat post... however was explecting the alcohol haul :P hehe

fantastic said...

@tali: to prevent looking like a lush, I had to hold back on the bar-stocking trip :) I'll tell you the highlights though: 42 below vodka (my faveee..from nz), cachaca, and fernet branca ;) do you prefer any of those??! Drink coming right up!

I'm putting in an order for a steam room in our next house--a friend used to have one in hers, and growing up I was scared to go near it!

I will be bringing some oils to mine next..I'm always there when it's empty anyhow. I do bring exfoliating scrubs sis said they're going to void my membership if I bring any more beauty items in there! Xx

Tali said...

hehe.. im sure she wont mind if you bring a Daydream in there ;)
But seriously you need to try the oils.. if you ever feel a bit sick.. one session can open up your chest and let your breathe! I miss that stupid steam room.. never appreciated it when i was little.

I love 42 Below.. I have a friend from NZ who smuggles it over as gifts!! My fave is Russian Standard and Stol.. v.scary that i can off the top of my head name 10 and their nationalities! OH DEAR!

fantastic said...

@tali: hahaha! It's ok, I understand! You have done your studies and are just v eductaed...ha!

42 below, feijoa flavor is soooo yum w/apple juice. I swear though, everything in nz seems to have shot down straight from heaven. Their alcohol, candy, butter, meat...

Muhsine Emin said...

i never go to a steam room :( i think my skin really needs it! that photo of the steam room is AMAZING!!!! well done for using up 3 body products :)

fantastic said...

@bubblegarm: you definitely should the next time you have a chance. It does wonders for my skin...I would recommend that you not forget moisturizer though--the second I get out, I wash and then immediately moisturize, to avoid my skin drying out. If I do it quickly, my skin feels amazing!

The tiles in the photo...beautiful right? I keep looking at it bc I just love it!

Tina A. said...

I have never tried steaming, but would love to...the eucalyptus smell must have been so relaxing....

I 'm back on track on P5P, going slow but steady! ;)


Anonymous said...

A steam room is something I have yet to try. With the eucalyptus mention it sounds heavenly!

Project 5 pan for body products sounds like an awesome idea.

fantastic said...

@tina_mbc: it's alright, i'm going a little slower than i'd like as well :) trying to organize my things as it is, and finding that it was a much needed project!

@su-pah: do the body edition too! i'm sure you'd be done..tomorrow! ;) hehehe

Kajal Couture said...

I wish my gym had a steam room....I always feel so great afterwards.

I know exactly how you feel about finishing fact I recently wrote a whole post about just that on my truly is satisfying!

fantastic said...

@kajal couture: it's sort of like checking off a list in my mind...i think also, because i rarely do finish a product--so sad!

Puna said...

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say I really love your blog! Very detailed, humurous, honest and total fun to read. Im able educated my self on multiple beauty products at once. Now Only if you had a TV show it would be on my Top Favs:D You have 103 followers way to go and only Many more will soon be following!

Island Lifestyle
xoxo Puna

fantastic said...

@puna: thank you, i'm glad you like it ;) xxoo

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