Thursday, June 25, 2009

Naked Honey: A Quick Review

There aren't many MAC collections that I look forward to throughout the year. I feel that they've been overdone, and the focus now seems to be on how many collections can be put out, as opposed to real solid collections that make a mark. That's a bit of a rant, but regardless, I was anticipating the Naked Honey launch, as I have a total soft spot for honey scented (and flavored) things. I marked the release date in my calendar, and was excited that I would be home from the honeymoon in time. Ah, the things that really hold weight in my life.

The makeup didn't appeal to me, on exception of the Queen Bee Lipglass. I'm really enjoying this one (um, it's already a third empty), because although it's a bit more sheer than I expected, it goes a long way in toning down the pinkness of my lips. I paired it with NYX's Tea Rose round lipstick, and developed the most beautiful pinky/coral that I could have asked for. It's extra yummy with a tan.
The Honey Skin Salve is the sort of product I'm always on the hunt for. Something moisturizing, that is ridiculously thick. The lady at the counter need only slap it on my elbow for me to realize that "Oh yes...I need this. I totally see what it's doing.." The stuff is thick. Sure it may be a bit overpriced compared to other salves, but the scent is that of honey. Top that.

The final product that I snatched was one of the scents, Africanimal. I'm an avid user of Lush's Honey I washed the Kids (solid, please!), and so naturally the lingering scent of honey in this one also appealed to my senses. It's definitely not light, but instead offers a heady sort of nightime muskiness. As of late, I've rediscovered a bit of an obsession with fragrance, so it didn't take much to throw this one in the bag.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), I pre-ordered all of these things, and they accidentally rung me up for doubles on all of the items. I think that mi madre is happily enjoying all of her new honey scented items in Aussie :) I like to think of it as a reminder of her daughter, and why she needs to hurry home!

Does anyone know of a good dupe for Queen Bee? Also, are you looking forward to any upcoming MAC lines?

PS. Huge Congrats to my dear cousin on his Uni Grad
this past weekend! A quick pic of myself, sis, and the big
baby who is now a college graduate :)


Javy said...

I wish I wouldve picked up the salve, I just couldnt get to a counter, and now they sold out, uh uh lol. Your cousin is a cutie btw! haha

fantastic said...

@javy: he totally is...i love playing cupid with him :) hahaha..they did sell out?! you know, they only had 6 of each fragrance at the nordstrom counter..what is that about?!

Tali said...

I want the salve and perfume (i got my items on ebay from the us so they didnt ship the body things) I cant wait till it comes out in the uk!!

You have a beautiful family!! :)

There was a bloggers event in london today god i wish you were in the uk!! Would have been so nice to meet you!

Tali said...

p.s I agree with your rant. 16 collections a year means nothing if all 16 are the same, repeted shades... and crap!

fantastic said...

@tali: i saw the girls talking about it...i wish i could have been there too! how did it go?

you're so funny, getting to the naked honey online before it even hits the uk. hahaha!

btw, are you planning to go on twitter? ;)

Tali said...

I know so impatient!! No no tweeting for me.. its just another commitment I will end up neglecting!!

fantastic said...

@tali: just try! commit to a short term contract...1 week of twitter :) haha

Anonymous said...

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