Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Enormous Lash: Pass!

Long and lush lashes? They seem so beyond me...I suppose it doesn't help that I want mine to look really really fake. Like, as fake as Kim Kardashian's booty. So as many of you know from a previous post, I had taken the plunge and was giving the Enormous Lash growth serum a road test. Well, I don't think it helped. And for $100, I feel like it's a bit of a downer.

after:I used it religiously every morning and evening, and experienced a bit of fall-out to begin with. I thought, "Oh who cares? I can sacrifice a few less lashes now, in exchange for about 100 more lashes in a few sweat!". But um, no. Never happened. I think the difference between this product and others, may be the fact that it is missing some of the chemicals (certain prostaglandins) that others contain. This was done in order to create a safer product (which mind you, was then able to be sold at Nordstrom..hmm). Of course these are the very chemicals that many say can be harsh on the eyes (they're the active ingredients in glaucoma medications, which is why many growth products actually do work--one of the common reactions to glaucoma medication is hair growth). But you know what? Perhaps I need harsh chemicals! Harsh conditions may just call for harsh chemicals. I must note that I started with pretty regular length lashes--nothing too stubby or short, but I have seen the wonders that certain other products can obtain. Sadly, this was not the product.

Needless to say, I've stopped using it. I haven't taken them up on their money back guarantee, since...well, I'm just a bit timid when it comes to asking for my money back. But I have replaced it with a conditioning/growth serum from Mavala. If one thing doesn't work, it's time to move onto the next in my book. Mavala is a Swiss beauty line that always seems to be spot-on with their little bottled products. I'll keep you updated with the results on this one as well, as it's a mere $16, and therefore much sweeter on the pocketbook.


eseta polka dots said...

Your blog ROCKS woman! Keep it up! :) You have beautiful eyes! I love how you were your make-up natural! :) It's so gorgeous! :)

Muhsine Emin said...

aww u have lovely eyes :) my eyelashes are so fair.. without mascara they look like nothing. keep up the blogging xx

Tali said...

Your eyelashes are really nice.. which is rare. I have patches of missing lashes :(!

fantastic said...

@eseta: you're so positive! thank you :)

@bubblegarm: i'm definitely trying to keep my blogging it seems the only escape from this other craziness going on ;)

@tali: aww thanks..i was in the same boat a few months back. in a rush, and totally plucked a load of them out all at once. i had to wear eyeliner every day to try and hide it!

LissaSioux said...

Hi there! I'm loving your blog and currently staying up wayyy past bedtime and have way too many tabs opened up with suggested things to try.... :) I know this is a super old post, but on the off-chance that you might read the comment, how did you find the Mavala, if you can recall? I'm using it now and i'm getting a little impatient so i'm wondering if it's worth the wait?

fantastic said...

@LissaSioux: I found it to take a long time! I've since switched over to the L'Oreal lash serum, but am starting to switch back and forth between the Mavala. Will keep you updated :)

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