Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding Makeup

So, on the road to being wed I have had three test runs in the area of bridal makeup. My last run-through was my favorite, and therefore I chose to work with her. We had so much fun discussing makeup, and chatted for a long while about beauty products in general. My dream. It was a match made in heaven, and I was sure that her positive vibe would mesh well with the girls (she already scored with mom, who decided to make her tea and sweets while she was working on my face). Only problem is, she unexpectedly moved to Japan. Therefore, I am now going to be working with her bff who is also a fabulous artist and parallels her every technique. This is the look that she left me with...

Please don't mind the bright red jumper (or for that matter, the oven) which makes me appear as though my face is even more pink than it is. This is a very heavy look for me--I've said it several times and I'll say it again: for the amount of makeup I own, I tend to go very light when it comes down to actually applying it. I know that this tactic isn't very successful when it comes to bridal (as it also is not for fashion), because the color needs to take on film. The look I was aiming for was fresh and clean, yet with an accentuated eye. I wish I could replicate my eyes like she did. Ah well...there's always practice. I've considered comparing this to the looks that the other artists did--but I think this one wins out. What are your thoughts?


Saimese said...

You're very beautiful. I like the look. Congrats on the wedding. When are you getting married?

fantastic said...

@saimese: thank you so much! it's all happening end of may...le sigh. i'm glad you like the look--i wasn't sure if it needed to be a bit more dewy..but thought that might end up looking greasy halfway through the day?

Muhsine Emin said...

u look absolutely beautiful! love the make up! x

fantastic said...

@bubblegarm: thanks girly--okay, so no dewier?

Tali said...

Great make-up look, I think it will photograph beautifully!!

Not more dewey!! :)

rufflesandrouge said...

you look gorgeous :) I love this look . So glad you found a new MA that worked for you !

fantastic said...

@tali: thanks for the feedback--i think you're right..i'll stay away from dewy for the day. i'm almost sure it will end up looking too shiny

@0ladyb0: thanks sweets :) i'm happy i found him too! all MA's are not created equal!


ohhhh me likey! YOU LOOK AMAZING! I love that lip color...can u tell me what shade that is from MAC please. Thank you.

fantastic said...

@alleyboballey: thanks girly ;) it's not MAC! First, she used Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Pink Raspberry, with Stila's Lip Glaze in Raspberry

eseta polka dots said...

OMG - You look stunning. I love the makeup!

fantastic said...

@eseta: thanks eseta! hey, update your blog!!! (you know, if you have time that is!)

Anonymous said...

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