Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Coconut Oil Diaries: Part XVI

I know, I know...if I write one more thing about coconut oil, one of you will jump through your screen and strangle me. But I can't help it, and because of this I must take my chances.

Coconut oil has saved my life. Again.

As the weather continues to transition from freeze-your-butt-off cold, to just slightly warmer, the one thing that's been suffering more than my mood, is my scalp. It's been so flaky in these parts that I thought I would just need to keep a hat on until June. But like any island lady, I have a head full of hair that I love to let down. This was just not going to do. I could invest in an intense head massage at my salon, or coat my head in olive oil like I've heard others do. And then someone mentioned coconut oil. Helllooooo--only my most loved product and drug of choice! I ran to the store and picked up a jar (no need to waste a whole bottle of Tongan oil on this project--besides, the scent would probably be too powerful to travel into work with, after) of organic coconut oil--which happens to be on sale at Whole Foods right now--and set it on the counter to warm up. Ten minutes later I was slathering my whole head with the stuff. I couldn't stop there, so I ran as much of it as I could through the rest of my hair as well. After, I wound all of my beauty up in a bun and fastened it with an elastic band. Popped a shower cap on top, and then scared the hell out of the fiance.

Watching tv and eating dinner with this thing on became so addictive, that I decided I must sleep with it on as well. And boy am I glad that I did. After a double dose of a morning shampoo (to remove the residue) and the regular in-shower conditioning, my hair re-emerged so shiny and silky, and with an itchless head to boot! Ah ladies, just one more amazing wonder that coconut oil provides. Genius, the mighty coconut!


Anonymous said...

Well I don't have dandruff...but I do looooooooove coconut....so I'll be using it just to make my hair soft and shiny! Wooo hooo!

fantastic said...

@alley: haaaa! hey, it was a temporary problem. at least i'm real about it. LOL alleyboballeyyyy. hey, do you know poo-diddy?

Saimese said...

I use it once per week! & I hope L'Oreal's Ombrelle sunscreen works well for you if you decide to try it out :)

fantastic said...

@saimese i was just looking for it--seems like the closest place to find it is in canada! deserves a trip, i think :)

Charlene said...

i heart coconut oil too!

Unknown said...

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