Thursday, February 05, 2009

Needed: Wedding Scent

As I've eluded to a few times now, I'll be getting hitched this upcoming May. Of course there are big decisions that need to be made. You know, regarding catering, floral, etc etc. But as you could have guessed, I've kicked it up a notch, and have decided to focus on the very important things such as what perfume I will be wearing.

Really now? Yes.

This planning business is all too much at times--so of course as I've been perusing through the many wedding websites out there, I've found that it's common for brides to choose a special fragrance for their special day. Now, I'm not so delusional as to believe that the Mr. will notice any difference (I typically wear a different fragrance from day to day anyhow), or that he will somehow forever link it to memories of love and laughter (that's more my thing, actually)...but hey, if there's a special dress, special shoes, and a special freakin garter belt involved, then why not a special perfume right?!

So here are the contenders:

1. Creed's Love In White: To me, this just screams wedding. You know, like something you'd imagine you'd eventually throw in a shadow box with a little copy of your wedding programme on the side (not really though. I hate shadow boxes.)

2. Creed's Virgin Island Water: Completely non-floral, carrying traces of sugar cane, rum and hibiscus. If the day-of becomes stressful enough, I may resort to ingesting this one.

3. Estee Lauder Private Collection: This tuberose gardenia scent leaves me smelling as though I've been rolling in a garden of unassembled leis. Some may find it a bit strong, but for the girl who can constantly be found with her nose stuck in a box of gardenia corsages, it's nothing.

4. A Mix!: This past month, I've been really into at-home chemistry with my perfumes. I like to spray one scent on the neck and wrist, and then just a little of another at the back of my neck. It may sound strange (and I promise it's not as strong or as overpowering as one would guess), but it really creates a nice effect which is hard to place--especially if you tend to prefer very common scents or brands. With this method, there's a little bit of foreground and background and your scent is completely unique.

With this in mind, I wandered on down to Sephora a couple of weeks ago, and picked out two very good single fragrances that merged into a great combined scent! I would never have picked out the Harajuku Lil' Angel, had it not been for the recommendation of the salesperson (it has lollipop in it...umm, do lollipops now grow on trees with possibility of being extracted?!). Mixed with Marc Jacob's Gardenia Splash, you get a lightly fruity yet tropical result.

So what do you suggest? One of these? Something else? If you were picking out a very special scent, what would it be?


eseta polka dots said...

Hmmmm. I love florals and turberoses, and gardenias :) Yes, I can see it might be considered too strong of a scent for a wedding. But I love it. So I think I would go for the Estee Lauder. But since it's your wedding, then maybe you might want something lighter... I dunno.. Up to you. As for my personal faves, I LOVE strong, rich, glamorous smells. My absolute fave. perfume is 'Fragile,' by Jean Paul Gaultier. I've had it since Fall 2003, and it's near the end but I don't finish the bottle on purpose... Haha! My second fave perfume is 'Michael Kors.' It's all tuberose. Sorry, that didn't have anything to do w/ wedding scents... hahaha. Let us know what you decided to wear :)

fantastic said...

I can't recall if I've experienced Fragile before...makes me want to go to the store and check it out! Don't you just love tuberose? Estee's is the closest that I feel I've come to an actual flower...

Typically I like very clean and fresh scents..I love the rich and strong ones, but I think they amplify on me and depending on the day, can go so wrong!

Kayleen Taulanga said...

Congrats on your upcoming Wedding! How exciting!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding, very exciting. Have you considered scenting your wedding? Visit our website and get an idea of what we can do
Once again congratulations!

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