Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope that all of you had a great time celebrating--regardless of what you did. As for myself, last night was wonderful. It was perfectly chill, and full of laughter and only the slight chance of rain. We began with a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant I've been aching to try--and that is where I rediscovered my love of gnocchi. After, we just barely made it to the lounge that our friends were at, in time to make the countdown to midnight. Not more than 30 minutes past the new year, did we call it a night and shimmy ourselves back to the car to go home. Party animals? Not really. Full and so very tired? Totally.

2009 is going to be full of all sorts of crazy. I'm ready for it. But because of the events that are lined up for the next 12 months, don't be surprised if my posts will circulate widely around all that bridal and travel goodness. Btw, is the idea of a free gift just not your cup of tea? You only have until the 12th!
Anyways, in other news...I think I have found a gloss that I am loving even more than NARS' Turkish Delight. If you really really know me, then you probably are well aware of the fact that I like Kim Kardashian. Sort of her look, sort of her weird personality...sort of, I don't know why. That's irrelevant though. When I found out that she loved Turkish Delight, of course I had to figure out if I did too!'s just okay. It's one of those colors that look really nice if you're making an effort at a nude lip, but because of the formulation, it tends to glob up a bit at the middle of the lip. Before applying, you must ensure that your lips are well moisturized--which if you don't wait long enough, can alter the finished look by the time you finally apply the gloss. Although I don't want to keep adding on the negatives, it also has a very plasticky for $24, it leaves a bit to be desired. I do admit that I really enjoy the colors that the line offers, but these are just some things to keep in mind before purchasing.

Which brings me to what I found. NYX's Goddess of the Night Lip Gloss is amazing. That's the easiest way to put it. It's not sticky, and is super moisturizing--while offering many of the same shades that NARS does. I picked up the color Perfect, as an attempt to create the same look as Turkish Delight, and I am in love. The applicator tip (which is bent) feels soft like a little mit brushing over your lips, and reapplication is very infrequent. Although it's just a tad more sheer than TD, it only feels as though reapplication is necessary about every hour and a half or so (which I think is very good for a gloss). My girlfriend was also so pleased with the gloss that she's forgoing the NARS line to order this online. How much, you say? $5! My luck with finding these dupes, is sure to bring me pure joy in the new year :)

What did you do to ring in 2009?


Unknown said...

Hey Suka:)
Thanks for stopping by
my page and for the
wonderful comments.
Love your blog:)
Well, we rang in
the new year at home
baking bread and blogging.
yeah, I
Hope this year brings
you much blessings, more
love and laughs, some
awesome beauty deals
and much prosperity!!

God Bless,

Maopa Lutui

fantastic said...

@maopa: hey there! baking bread was a very wise choice for ny's eve ;) over here it was rainy and wet, so it would have been nice to have some fresh bread in the oven. have you made the no-knead bread before? i keep meaning to get to that...

many blessings to you in the new year!

Kayleen Taulanga said...

I love turkish delight! But I will have to try this! Thank you!

fantastic said...

@Kayleen: thank you for reading! So, as the color Perfect is just a tad sheer compared to Turkish Delight, I believe that the color Beige is almost an exact dupe. The difference is hardly recognizable. It's also pinky, unlike the name would lead you to believe :)

rufflesandrouge said...

have you tried smokey look by NYX?

I like it better than I like beige, it's just a tad more pink, but still really really nude =)

fantastic said...

@ladyb: i haven't tried that one...alright..added to the list :)

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