Thursday, December 04, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean

Want to put your best face forward? I learned years ago from a beloved Eastern European facialist, how to ensure that I wouldn't redistribute bacteria to other parts of my face, every time I washed. It has nothing to do with buying special sponges or battery operated scrubbers, but everything to do with keeping your derma sparkling clean. Oh yah, it's washcloths. Can you believe it?! It's easy as pie--as long as you follow these steps to a T:
  • obtain stacks and stacks of white washcloths (I choose to go the Costco route--a dozen for somewhere around the $7 mark)
  • use a new cloth every single time you wash your face--be gentle, but be sure that it is a one-time use situation, and that you don't use it beyond your face and neck
  • toss washcloth in laundry and ONLY wash with other said white washcloths
  • bleach the hell out of them
  • begin again
Of course because of this little addiction to clean face washing, I've had to endure the many questions from friends in regards to why there's a basket full of dozens of rolled washcloths under the sink...usually something along the lines of whether or not I'm extremely dirty, or just extremely OCD (definitely the latter, in case you were wondering). Can I tell you something though? I will never stop doing this. It's the most effective way of ensuring that every last speck of cleanser has left my face, and it serves also as a mild daily exfoliation. Everyone I've convinced of this, has told me they love it--guys included. So make your cleanser work overtime for you, and get down to the "nitty gritty" (I can't stop throwing that in).


TOKA TOCA said...

you been buggin me about buying these things for months

still on the fence about it...hahaha

maybe...maybe soon lol

"nah, I made it up cos I knew you'd all flip out...I'd smash im' out if he tried to do that..." lol

Anonymous said...

great tip. now i have to go and stock up on face towels :D

fantastic said...

@toka: all we have to do is skip the hot dog eating part when we're at costco...and you're a seventh of the way to your stack of towels!

Unknown said...

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