Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm Firing Comcast.

It occurred to me that we never discussed the Oprah Beauty Episode, or the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! How could I?

First things first--there is no question that Big O's last edition of Beauty Secrets from Around the World was so much more satisfying than the one we watched this month. Am I wrong? I feel like learning about the differing outlooks that women from around the globe hold, concerning inner and outer beauty, is much more satisfying than just plopping a couple of exoticized products on the show, and wrapping after only viewing "secrets" from about four or five countries. I was however, surprised to see the clip on the Maori moko. It's a shame that nothing was offered in the way of meaning or significance when it came to this. To the average viewer, it was just played off as a "cultural thing" wherein Polynesians happen to love blue lips. Not okay. One thing that caught my eye however, was the Nightingale Droppings that they touched on in the Japan feature. I remembered seeing an ad for a product with this ingredient years ago, and sped straight to my computer to check it out after the episode aired. I mean, did you see those women's faces? Why not give it a try? After all, I just noticed that one of the main ingredients in my night serum is urea, and you know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word. What would we have offered in the way of Pacific Island beauty secrets, had we been featured?

And now onto the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Every year I look forward to Tivo-ing, watching, Tivo-ing while watching, and then of course re-watching the Tivo version over and over and over. However, something went insanely wrong this year. I can't put a finger on it, but I cringed at almost every scene. The horizontal runway. Usher's poor styling. The overly orange brown skin tone of all the models. Total bronzer-gone-wrong. Why VS? Why would you do this to me? I usually love the crazy accents that the girls have, but this year I'm quite positive that they were asked the dumbest questions that anyone could have scripted. Making of course, the dumb answers sound even worse--accent or not. What went wrong? I don't want to lose hope in next year's return, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with the absence of Giselle. As you can see, the idea behind the makeup looks never really translated onto the runway. Ah well, like the prodigal daughter, I will return next year with refreshed hopes. Oh, and I still can't be mad at Miranda Kerr (above).

One last note. While Lifetime television usually wins the award for better-than-life, but cornier than Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta "women movies", they are now taking a jab at reality TV. Blush is all about makeup artists trying to make their mark. Have you seen it? What say you?


Anonymous said...

You have posed such intriguing comments and questions I cant seem to focus :D. ok so for the polynesian beauty secrets

1. The tuitui (candlenut) which we use as a two in one treatment, exfoliator & moisturizer. In fact a bride was given a "tukilamulamu" before her wedding night to soften her skin for her husband. oish!

2. Westerner's have their lotions we have our lolo tonga :D its a great moisturizer and it does our elderly wonders to their skin, just see how young they still look!

3. Surely living a mildly stress free life would do wonders for ourselves? No baggy eyes, no breakouts, no dull over processed hair etc...*sigh*

What's your take on Blush? I've missed that countless times yet I mean to catch it. Lol@your comment on Kim, do you agree with me that NeNe is the most hilarious person featured in these shows?

fantastic said...

Blush--mmm no thanks. It's sort of a low-budget reality show, imo. I liked Nene...at least she was telling the truth about everything. I guess she just got evicted from her home, and it made the headlines. She wasn't trying to deny that either!

However, my favorite was the reunion when Lisa told Kim she was "not the one", and that she would flip her over the couch. My mouth dropped. I laughed. I cried.

Anonymous said...

*dies laughing@reunion* i loved that reunion, there was kim playing the victim and getting knocked round by lisa and nene. i freakin loved it!! oh and of course its never really done until they bring in the "unofficial 6th housewife: lmaoooooooo. when i think of dwight for some odd reasons i keep thinking, wow the fkleiti's need a show and watch it sky rocket with ratings lol

fantastic said...

@lostfob: i meant to tell you this earlier, but i overheard a conversation some folks were having about other cities that real housewives could be featured in that would be interesting...

RealHousewives of SLC
RealHousewives of Seattle
...shoot I forget the third one, and I know it was hilarious.

What do you think? Any additions? I do hope they keep adding--things are so different from city to city.

TOKA TOCA said...

you added a picture to your profile! hahaha...readership will increase three fold!!! lol

fantastic said...

@Toka: hahaha..funny even while you're sick with flu ;)

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