Thursday, December 18, 2008

Frigid Weather Survival Kit

I don't know about you, but where I am, the weather is wayyy too cold. I'm talkin, it got down to 19 degrees the other day (that's -7.2 C for you gals in the Pacific!). Is this okay? Not really. Will I make it? Yah, probably so. I've been doing everything under the sun to prevent my skin from chapping, eyes from going bloodshot, and hair from splitting. I think after many years of this fickle sort of weather, I've finally got it down pat. The following are my save-my-life from the frost finds, which will seal the moisture into every major part of your body.

Body: When temperatures plummet, it's time to bring in the big guns. An everyday moisturizer is no match for the elements, so you need to call in something bigger, better, and badder. Something like Vaseline Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. Made with Brazilian nut and almond oil, and way more accessible than our reliable island oils (can you tell that I'm a nut for oil?), you comparatively don't have to wait for it to de-solidify. Either way, I like to keep a bottle in the shower so it's extra melty smooth, and then I apply it immediately after turning off the water. No towel-dry first. This locks in the moisture, and there's considerably less to dry off from afterward. After that, it's time to slap on your favorite moisturizer, because there's no taking chances during these trying times.

: We're all aware that the area under the eyes is tissue paper thin. But do we ever remember the fact that it's one of the driest parts of the face? This can mean horrible things during the winter. My save-all? Castor oil. I tell you, my mom must have laughed me out of the chemist when I went with her to pick up a new bottle. Apparently, it was more commonly used for treating another problem back in the day--but don't let that deter you, as the results are worth the criticism. After applying your eye cream (only at night, of course--and if you like, you can skip your regular eye cream), gently dab on a little bit of this stuff in all of the same places--and even on your brows! I admit, I go as far as using it on my lashes, but you can avoid this if you're worried about getting it in your eyes, or if you wear contacts to bed. Dry skin is one of the leading causes of wrinkles, and I'm just not feelin' the premature wrinkly look. Castor oil has been used around the world to cleanse, moisturize, and encourage regeneration in skin. It works wonders while you sleep.

Lips: I know that Aquaphor is touted as the go-to moisturizer when it comes to serious chapping and dryness. However, even though I keep a big vat of it bedside, it's more of a fallback. I really prefer Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mint. Why mint? I think I played out the unscented version. This year, the new flavors are Mango, Coconut and Vanilla. Mmm...right up my alley! But what about when you need some color, or want to switch it up during the day? I have been attached at the hip to Milani's Glossy Tubes. They're more affordable than many of the cosmetic counter versions (cheaper in drugstores than online, and typically on sale), but just as good. They leave my lips moisturized and shiny, but not overly sticky. Dreamy Glow is a good shade for those who want to forego color (I kid you not, I have guy friends who have been stealing this out of my hands).

Hair: No straight minded island girl wants her hair to suffer. It's her pride and glory! Well, the sun isn't the only thing that wreaks havoc on your locks. Cold, blistery air works double time to parch and break the healthy head you've been maintaining all year long. To the rescue? A deep conditioner. Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment isn't necessarily easy on the wallet, but will do all sorts of miracles on your hair and scalp. I've yet to come across a product that will really do the things that this little wonder does--even my mama can back that up! My trick is to apply it, and then either do a little housecleaning or just go to bed (of course I wrap my hair first), so that I can awake to the healthy hair that I only dream about. On a post-shampoo basis, I like to coat my ends (which otherwise will be a big splitting hot mess) with Herbal Essences' Long-Term Relationship Leave In Split End Protector for Long Hair. Wow, that was a mouthful. This is an extra step that goes a long way in lengthening the amount of time between trips to the salon. Additionally, if you're like me and you have a bad habit of throwing your hair up into a bun, you don't end up with those crazy iron-fried looking ends that usually hang out. You know what I mean, don't act like you don't!

Eyes: Can't forget the peepers! Sometimes they get brushed to the side, until it becomes painfully obvious that they need some TLC. I grew up in a Visine-dependant family, and looking back, I don't know what was going on that forced everyone to have an economy sized bottle in their pocket at all times. With that said, I really enjoy Rohto V's Cooling Redness Reliever/Lubricant Eye Drops. They do everything that the others claim to do but don't, all the while making you feel as though you've popped an Altoid in your eye. The packaging's not too shabby either. To some, the sensation is a little too intense and I understand. If that's the case, I also highly recommend Similasan Computer Eye Relief drops which have a very natural ingredient list, and is non-habit forming. Just nice and refreshing.

Before you know it, we'll be bending the holiday corner to Spring. If you're on the lucky end at this time of year and are experiencing all sun and sand, just know that I think about you often. You have to admit though, don't you just sort of wish you had a reason to use these things?

PS. I really am posting the giveaway soon. I've just been slacking on uploading the pictures of the prize--make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!


eseta polka dots said...

Damn woman! You rockin' it with your beauty blog! I'm lovin' it :)

Anonymous said...

holy mackarel! this is too much to take in, i at least have to come back a dozen more times before i get all of this commited to memory :D great tips girl!

fantastic said...

@eseta: thanks girl! i'll try and keep you satisfied!!!

@lostfob: soon you'll be in a very warm place (if you don't stay behind for the hello kitty collection), and this will all be a vague memory to you :) honestly though, i think some of these can stand for longer than just a cold weather blast (ie. haircare)

Tali said...

I went through a phase in school of applying v to my eyes every 4 seconds! Nostalgia product!!


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