Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally, the Giveaway!

In celebration of this special time of year, I wanted to be able to share something with you that I had picked up and absolutely loved. So much so, that I wanted to give it to my readers to thank them for caring enough to read the rantings and reviews ;)

However, before I go any further I do want to reflect for a quick moment on the meaning of the season. It's not all about stuff--even though I sure love it! I post a lot about my "newest finds" and all of my latest obsessions, but by no means do I advocate buying every single thing that tickles your fancy. I don't buy into the hype surrounding the extreme worry regarding our economy, but I do think that it's smart and beautiful to be mindful of what really matters. I try my best to talk about affordable alternatives to the high end stuff (when it's possible--I mean, some things are highly priced for a reason, right?), but in reality, the way to stay truly beautiful is to take a good look at your insides and to figure out what's really going on inside your heart and mind. Best anti-aging trick I know of! This is not meant to be preachy, but as it's so easy to lose sight of the real meaning in life (especially around the holidays when shopping can be stressful instead of pleasurable), I figured I'd just throw it out there.

So...onto the good stuff. I'm gifting two Lola SocialEyes Gel Liners/Shadows in Fiji and Bora Bora (bottom two in the above photo). It took me ages to find something that I thought would be perfect in name and product for you guys! Although the title leads you to believe that the consistency is jelly-like, it's more of a cream shadow which is very blendable and buildable. Because it's a bit firmer than a typical gel, it makes lining and shadowing a breeze. Fiji is a striking ocean blue, while Bora Bora is a goldy bronze shade. I added a picture using both hues (with my own of course!), which I think highlights the possibility of using them together to form a look thats reminiscent of the sea. You can up the intensity by adding more of the gel, or by layering it with some powder shadow.

The giveaway is open to everyone--regardless of where you live! All male readers are welcome to give it a go as well...afterall, you either have a wife, or a girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. After subscribing, please give me your:
  • Name
  • Two favorite products and why you love them so
  • A holiday tradition that you can't live without
I will announce the winner on January 12th, 2009 and will post the winning entry. I'm sure you all have holiday plans, and that way you'll have one last surprise to look forward to! Good luck!


Peti said...

My two favorite products are perscriptives all over powder and maybelline define-a-lash mascara. They are the two essentials that I use everyday.
The Christmas tradition I can't live without is shopping downtown and getting hot chocolate or tea:) Pretty simple but I look forward every year to seeing the lights on all of the buildings and trees, especially downtown.

Enchante said...


Okay so my two favorite products at the moment are Bobby Brown eye shadow camel 5 and Aya Natural Hand cream. This eyeshadow is a must have and is usually soldout. I love that I can use it for a smokey eye or for a natural look, it really works with everything. I discovered the Aya Natural hand cream on my recent trip to Israel. I love this hand cream because my hands get extremely dry, especially in cold weather and just alittle of this hand cream goes along way. Plus, it has a really nice smell and it's made with Galilean olive oil.
A Christmas tradition that I cannot live without are my Mom's blueberry pancakes. Just talking about them makes my mouth water. She only makes them several times throughout the year but my family looks forward to waking up Christmas morning and smelling blueberry pancakes and maple syrup.:)

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