Friday, November 07, 2008

New Little Obsession

Much to the dismay of the other half, I have found myself unusually preoccupied with YouTube demos on makeup application. I--the one who surfs the internet more than all mankind combined--was shocked to view such interesting girls explore their artistry for the world to view. I thought I would leave you with this sweet treat, as we fall into the weekend. I give you, the "Tropical Look":


::kava family:: said...

orbital bone.... haha. i don't know why it's funny...

fantastic said...

@lil' sush: i know right?! it sounds funny to me too!

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm browsing thru ur posts old and new and came across this :D, i love rissrose, she's so funny. perhaps you should do tutorials on youtube, let me know so i can sub to you there :D

fantastic said...

@lostfob: isn't she funny?! this wasn't my favorite video of hers..but oh well..maybe i'll post some more of hers at a later date. so, how did you find the blog? thanks for following!

oh..and as for youTube...I'm a little hesistant..maybe if i figure out how to use my video camera better. =]

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