Saturday, November 15, 2008

GTL - Maryjane McKibbin-Schwenke

You probably know her best as Princess from Sione's Wedding, but did you know that this talented radio dj, mother, and Pacific Xpressions co-owner (her and the hubby started the Polynesian dance company), was also the reigning Miss South Pacific 1998? It's no surprise, that as Sione's Wedding was her first movie, her mother was quite bothered by her role as the "fast girl" who was out to get with all of the boys--so much so, that she didn't speak to her for two weeks! See? It's not just your mom, it's all of our mom's! She later redeemed herself, when the movie became a hit, everywhere in New Zealand and beyond.

So now you want to get her signature look from the big screen? Follow as directed:

What you'll need:
Face: Prep your skin with moisturizer and eye cream, and let sit for a few minutes. You want to insure that you don't streak your base. I don't prefer a lot of foundation or heavy makeup, but do what is best for your skin. Cover up what needs to be fixed with concealer, and if you need a little extra mattification, dust a translucent powder over your entire canvas.

Eyes: Dip a angled liner brush into the left side of your Anastasia pot. This will ensure that you get a lighter shade to work with, and you won't have to go back and "erase" with makeup remover. The key here, is to follow the natural arch of your brow, and to use light strokes when filling in and creating shape. If your brows are darker, delve into the right side of the pot. Just be careful. Never ever extend your brow for inches beyond the natural hair growth. People will be secretly laughing at you.

After ensuring that you have a dry lid (you can do this by dabbing on a primer, paint, or a very neutral skin toned shadow), line your upper lid with Shu Uemura's matte Brown Drawing Pencil. A thin to medium line will do--this is a time where you won't want to thicken the line.

A quick swipe (or two, or three..) of your favorite mascara (after curling, of course) will finish off the eyes. I--as always--recommend Dior's Diorshow, but if you have a favorite, you can use that too.

Cheeks/Highlight: With a powder brush (I like Stila's #8 Powder Brush), take the Stila Sun bronzer and pat the excess off on your wrist (more on this in a later post). Proceed to brush on your face starting near the temple, and continuing downard in a backward 3. This means that the middle of the 3 will be near your mid-cheek, and the bottom of the 3 hook will be near the bottom side of your lip. Also dust a little bronzer on your nose, forehead and chin. Be careful to only dust where the sun would naturally hit you...meaning, the mid-forehead, middle of the nose, and middle of the chin.

Next, use a blush brush (I use MAC's 129 brush) , to sweep the Celebrity Pink onto the apples of the cheek. Start with just a little bit, and then decide if you'd like to layer on a little more color. It's easier to prevent accidents this way, which would demand that you completely wash your face and begin again.

After, use a fan brush (such as Smashbox's Fan Brush #22) to lightly grab some of the Soft Lights in Shimmer powder, and brush with strokes of the wrist just above the cheekbone, and up through the temple. You can also lightly brush the same shimmer very thinly down the center of the nose, to create an illusory reflection.

Lips: Ensure that your lips are moisturized. If not, dab a little bit of aquaphor or whatever you may have over the tops. Line lips (and pleaseeeeee stay with the natural lipline. No craziness here.) with Prestige's Sheer Gloss Liner in Calla. I like using these gloss liners, because they don't end up caking, and are perfect under anything glossy or shiny. Create a little definition, but definitely do not overload on the borders. Fill in (I like to use a lip brush, but if you prefer to just swipe straight from the stick, be my guest) lips with Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Raspberry Rush. If needed, you can apply a little extra clear gloss on top.

...and we are done! Maryjane sports a very healthy and dewy look, so keeping it natural is best. There's no need for intricate eye shadows or contouring. All you need is this and a healthy smile, and you're set!


TOKA TOCA said...

man she is beautiful ain't she?! yup...not sure where ladies like that are hahaha

fantastic said...

apparently they're in the south pacific..hahaha! oh yah, and i heard there's one in seattle..but uh, she's not interested. LOL.

so, she's hafekasi and her mother (obviously) is the samoan one, while her dad is...hmm..lemme check on that again. her and the husband's dance troupe competed in Dubai!

TOKA TOCA said...

wait who's the one in Seattle?

fantastic said...

you're such a jerk. HAHAHA!!!!

Will said...

dang, what a detailed post! It's as if you did her makeup yourself...

and lol @ toka's last comment!

fantastic said...

@will: i know..that guy..such a jerk! haha.

just kidddding Toka!
XxOo (*in my best nacho libre voice* "big kiss little kiss...")

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Cara Mengobati Kelenjar Getah Bening
Obat Kolesterol Tinggi Di Apotik
Obat Luka Diabetes
Obat Herbal Penyumbatan Tuba Falopi
Obat Tradisional Penyempitan Tulang
Cara Mengobati ISPA

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Manfaat Jelly Gamat Walatra
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Obat Herbal Flek Paru Paru
Obat Tradisional Vertigo

Obat Tradisional Nyeri Sendi
OBat Tradisional Asam Urat
Cara Mengobati Benjolan Di Leher
Obat Herbal Ruam Popok

Cara Mengobati Pleuritis

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