Friday, September 12, 2008

No Water Needed

Pre-trip, I was preparing in every way for the beach with my waxing diva. He might be the cutest and most immaculate waxer on the face of this planet. But that's another story. As I was leaving his "office", I found myself head on with a wall of body brushes. I wasn't sure why there were so many, and with different handle lengths. After a couple of minutes of thinking I could figure it out by myself, and then realizing I couldn't, I decided to ask him. Ah, but of course. They were for dry brushing! How did I miss this? I had read about this technique a few times, but wasn't sure what sort of brush it entailed. Well, not only is it great for cellulite and digestion (sign me UP!), but also for a whole slew of other problems, such as circulation, dead skin, and so on. The best way to go about it, is to dry brush before a shower, so you can rinse off all of the dead skin and toxins that surface. It helps with breakouts and dry skin, and can assist with a cold as well! I've already experienced the results in ways that range from my circulation (which is poor), to the elimination of a small breakout. If you haven't gotten hip to it, then go to your local natural food store and purchase a long handed soft, natural fiber brush. Then go to town with the brushing, and watch the miracles happen!


rufflesandrouge said...

yay after some digging I finally found this post.

Love your info on it - I will def have to look into getting one.

fantastic said...

@ladyb: yay ;) loveeee using it. at first it's a bit harsh feeling, but then i start wanting to do it all the time!

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