Monday, September 29, 2008

Come On, Dab It On!

Ay yay yay...there are a few things that I have had the pleasure of running across these past couple of weeks, and I don't know where to begin! So let's just jump right into it, and start with the new line of cosmetics that Target has decided to pick up. I was overly enthused at the idea of finally have Jemma Kidd's makeup line featured in the beauty aisles--but little did I know that I'd also have the opportunity to pick up items from Pixi and Napoleon's new offshoot, Napoleon Set! So as I pranced around with my little handbasket full of new glosses, liners, and shadows, I stumbled upon the item that really shot me into seventh heaven. Napoleon has arrived with a lip gloss compact that is nearly unbeatable (when I say compact, think mirror! Big Plus!). Can you believe that it can be purchased for only $12 from your local Target? One of my biggest peeves about glosses, is that they can tend to be too sticky, and end up getting everything from crumbs to your own hair stuck on your lips. Not so with this baby. Sunflower oil provides ultimate moisture, so that you don't have to apply any sort of balm or prep, and the shade (of course this was the seller) Vanuatu, has just enough iridescent gold in it to turn your lips from peachy to glamorous!


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