Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sprayed Back Into Submission

I have this ish where I don't like to wash my hair everyday. It's just too much of a hassle, with all of the blowing and drying and straightening--plus I always look better the day after a wash. Well sometimes I take it to the extreme (that can only be blamed on laziness). Well, it came to haunt me in a big way last Friday, when I was just about ready to spend the evening with some friends. The dress was on, earrings in, and makeup just about finished...and then I saw it. Greasy roots. The kind that makes you think everyone else will wonder if you rode your bike to the bar, because you have a sort of helmet headish thing happening.

I don't really like slicking my hair back into a ponytail for a night out, so happy was I, that only a couple of weeks earlier I had picked up one of my favorite products to-date. Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser had been under the sink just waiting for a disaster like this. I whipped it out and started spraying like mad--making sure to pay extra attention to the roots (at one point, spraying a little too close and appearing as though I had dropped baby powder on my tresses--lesson learned). Now I remember the dry shampoos from the mid-nineties, and boy have we come a long way! This formula absorbs oil slicks, clears up excess residue, and fixes the result of a heavy hand on styling products. All it took was a handful of spritzes plus a little massaging of the head, and I was back to having Beyonce-esque volume once again. Ingenious! (And might I add, I smelled wonderful--the whole line leaves you smelling most desireable).

Tip: You don't have to wait until your hair needs a washing...you can also use this gem to give your roots a little extra volume any time of the week!


Anonymous said...

Love this stuff!! :) thanks for helping me out with my greasy hair!

fantastic said...

hahaha..you silly girl...you only have greasy hair because you comb it so much! take that thing out of your purse ;)

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