Friday, June 20, 2008

Orange You Glad I Review, Too?

I rarely stray from my trusty faves. And that includes DiorShow. I reference it in every 5 posts, as the one and only way to complete the perfect eye. But this past week I was tempted like a girl on prom night. Everything I have learned about how to stay true and fast to the things I know to be good and right, totally flew out the window. Actually, I've been flirting with this idea for a while, and I finally gave in with a 2 minute phone call. My sister-in-law called me with a "Have you tried the new Lash Blast by CoverGirl?" That was all I needed to hear. Straight to the drugstore I drove, and picked up the fat orange tube of greatness that I had read about for months now. What I have to speak about, is a mascara that's completely different from the ones we're used to. The wand consists of a rubbery brush, and a blunt edge. I've now used it many times (in the car too--which is always a good test--I've yet to smudge it on my eyes), and there are a few key things I'm lovin. It coats your lashes easily, but not so thickly that you end up with black flakes and smears. Also, it comes off quickly at the end of the night (you'd be surprised how much product ends up on your cotton). One swipe is perfect for daytime, in that it doesn't give you the fake-lashes look, but you would need multiple swipes for evening. The only gripe I have with it, is that if you want some extra oomph, you definitely need to use your curler first. Although it claims to give good curl, it seems to me that it actually battles it. All in all, I will never turn my back on my beloved DiorShow, but this is definitely what's holding my attention.


Anonymous said...

oh good... another product for me to try out. waterproof is terrible for your lashes i know but this is how i get my ultra-stick-straight-and-almost-non-existent-asian lashes to curl... eyelash curler first and then several heavy coats of waterproof does the trick. i noticed that if i don't use waterproof my lashes will straighten out after a single swipe of mascara no matter how much i've curled them. anyway, maybe this is something you already knew... and actually now that i think about it, you have some naturally big lashes on you anyway so nevermind my makeup tips!

fantastic said...

yes, try it out and let me know what you think! i love your makeup tips...keep them coming :)
and next time you're in japan, will you pleaseeee snatch me a japanese eyelash curler for my non-japanese lashes that WISH they were straight, so that i could test it out?!

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