Friday, April 18, 2008

Now Brush It Out...

This time of year, one thing that bugs is how dry the air (not to mention cold) is around these parts. Consequently, it has always been a difficult time to maintain a healthy scalp. As the weather starts shifting, the flakes come a rushin'. Up until recently, it has always been about as taboo a subject as my greys have been. But in the interest of being real about it, and making an effort to help those travelling the same road, I now give to you my latest secret: The Goody Styling Therapy Copper Brush. Although it's a mere $9, I pondered the idea of whether or not it would really be effective in eliminating the source of an embarrassing scalp. Two weeks ago I finally bit the bullet, and decided that regardless of whether it worked or not, it would at least be worth a drugstore-priced try (Wish I had seen the website prior to that "major" purchase..I could have scored on a coupon!). I'm pleased to announce that I only have good things to say, one of them being that it has ultra massaging powers because of the copper bristles. I can't give you statistics or anything--but I admit that I look forward to a good brushing every morning and evening, and black is back in my wardrobe.
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