Friday, March 21, 2008

Belated, But Not Forgotten

It occurred to me (in the midst of a recent crazy-busy work schedule), that I had not been doing my part to keep this little project up. So although this is so one month ago, I was over the moon when I found out that I would be attending the MAC Fafi launch party. Of course I don't mind any extras of anything makeup-related, but when I found out that my favorite French grafitti artist was teaming up with someone other than LeSportSac, and that she was doing it big in the cosmetics world, I almost flipped! There were cute fafinettes (read: super-sexy/cartooney girls) dancing around the store, and also a huge white board that I was able to "tag" my best version of a fafi signature on. The drinks were flowin, and the treats to match. So of courseeee I bought a coupla lipglasses in Cult Fave, a blusher in Fashion Frenzy, and the cutest see-through makeup tote that will fit perfectly into my purse (but is instead currently being used as my "sick" kit...damn this flu season.) Of course all of the above-listed are sold out--but don't let that stop you. The packaging is so cute, that you need to get your hands on whatever's left--pronto. Check out the press release below if you don't believe me:

You Tell Them.

"Please Mr. Ambassador, don't be mistaken. The "Friendly Islands" credulousness is not a sign of an inferiority complex."

Three cheers for a country that stands their ground, and will not be pushed around!
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