Thursday, February 14, 2008

So Overdue...

I'm talking not only about my post, but also the way I feel when I start seeing grays. No, I'm not talking about blurry vision--I'm talking about what happens when you are hafekasi, and still have a serious issue with a creeping problem better known as Premature Poly Graying. There. I said it. I admit that I have had to struggle with this disease for some time now, but what I won't admit to is letting it get the best of me. For years I turned to my colorist who was consuming a big piece of that Quicken pie chart, until it occurred to me: Professional coloring is good and well for someone that has a bank account to play funny money with, but not so good for those who don't. And for those who have very little time, such as my busy self, there definitely isn't any of that time to spend waiting to get in line for an appointment either. Of course I'm not psychotic--I'm not sitting in my bathroom trying to highlight my own hair, but I've become settled in my darker shade of brown and have been a-ok with maintaining just that--a nice solid head of brunette. I have sworn in products, and thrown out others, only to fall upon one of my new favorites, and one that I believe will become a standstill for some time. Clairol's Perfect 10 is absolute genius. I wasn't so sure, when I read the reviews about how the pH was lower (causing less damage to hair), the scent was that of berries and vitamin e, and the process was much quicker (10 minutes to fully cover grays? Are you kidding me?). I bought a package anyways, and decided to test my luck. As I live and breathe, I promise that this lived up to all my expectations. The applicator was as easy as combing color directly into the hair shaft, while the color delivered on it's promise. No hot roots, or dark ends. And can I tell you what a difference it makes to be in a bathroom surrounded with a scent like this, in comparison to the usual gas-chamber effect? Additionally, at Walgreens they're giving away $5 gift cards just to try the stuff! Perfect, yet again!
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