Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watching the Big Screen for the Good Stuff...

I think there's a saying that some of life's greatest moments happen during a sale--if that's not a saying, then I just made it up because I'm floating around in 7th heaven. Why? Because I found one of my all-time favorite childhood movies at a Suncoast Video store liquidation sale. That's right ladies--The Neverending Story for just a little bit of pocket change. And neverending was the perfect word to describe how long I would sit in front of the tv watching it. Some things never change, and to this day I could watch (did I say could? Because I DO.), a movie every single night--of course Netflix makes that easy-as-pie. Now that ANTM has chosen a winner (yay, Saleisha!), here are some of my favorite flicks pertaining to fashion, beauty, and the like:

1. Umrao Jaan (2006) - Fabulous makeup and design on this set--at certain points, I'll find myself pausing the dvd so that I can get the exact look that Aishwarya has going on. Actually for that matter, her looks are always spot-on in all of her films...even when she plays the poor peasant roles.

2. Seamless - A great look into the fashion world following designer Isaac Mizrahi (super-genius, might I mention for all that he has done for high-fashion, as well as his affordable line that has lasted years now at Target).

3. Unzipped - You've gotta love this older hit of Isaac's--if only for the appearances by Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford. Again, another documentary.

4. Clueless - I can't count how many times this VHS has gone through the player. This was the one to memorize the lines to, all through junior high and high school.

5. Footballer's Wives - This hit-drama series from the BBC, is one not to miss. It's going to be difficult to find it on tv, so it definitely falls into the dvd rental section. Start from season one, and it will be high-drama all the way 'til the end. The styling can be ridiculous, but so satisfyingly interesting.

In the running, but not quite a movie, would be the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Watched the 2007 trot the other night, and who else agrees that it was about time someone introduced an Aussie (Miranda Kerr) to the lineup? She rocked the PINK line like nobody else could. I nearly stopped breathing when I read that she was a devout fan of Noni as well!

I'm sure I will have more to add to this list--I'll keep you girls updated for your viewing pleasure.


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