Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Now the 7th Day of Christmas...

...and I must say, that on the 5th & 6th days, my true love's been to me...oh-so-great! What a surprise for some unexpected and gorgeous gifts! They are perfect, and just what I've been craving. Oops, did I say that? I meant needing. It almost makes me feel bad that we had made an agreement not to gift each other this season...but that's alright. It's just icing on the cake!

I will say though, that when shopping for others this year, I found the most wonderful men's lip balm that I could ever dream of. I don't know if your honey is into keeping his lips moist, but it's a definite plus when he does! Why waste time on an old jar of Carmex or a tube of chapstick? If he's gonna use it, then get creative! We've gone through the ringer trying to find one that doesn't slip out of his pocket, but is good enough to remind him that it's there. While there's always the old standbys, I fell upon John Allen's Spearmint Lime Lip Balm, and have now found myself trying to snatch it out of his pocket for my own use! It consists of green tea, ginseng, coconut oil, and of course shea and vitamin E. Could a guy need anything else? You can find it at Marqsmen, sometimes Barneys, and always Sak's. It's nothing metro. It just makes sense.


Will said...

Looks like something I need to try. Does this product keep "his" (lol) lips moist for a long period of time? There's others products that I have used before where I have to re-apply it like every other minute! lol...

fantastic said...

i've just checked with the source, and he claims that he does not need to re-apply as much as other "glosses" (haha) he's used in the past.'s a go!

Will said...

yup, malo source, it's good to know that this is better than other "glosses" lol!

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