Sunday, November 18, 2007

So Scentual...

Island ladies, have I got a new one for you! Who would've thought that Estee Lauder would hit so close to home with something so spot-on? Aerin Lauder has officially released her Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Parfum, and it couldn't be at a more fitting time than the holidays! Think of all the times you've been lei'd and you could hardly walk in a straight line because everyone wanted to get a whiff of your neck. Although the image doesn't do it justice, the packaging is beyond fantastic, with little shells inset a gold cap. The most exclusive thing about it, is that the only shop carrying this gem of a scent is good old Bergdorf Goodman. Last time I checked, they just didn't have one of those on every block. You'll be the only one rockin this scent this Christmas!


Anonymous said...

*screams* yess, someone who shares my same exact thoughts lol, but truth be told i find my nose directs me towards anything "tropical" lol, i even bought michaels kors island fiji cuz it was tropical lol. i purchased this estee lauder fragrance and i cannot be any happier because its just a nostalgic least for me

fantastic said...

@lostfob: nice to meet you ;) thanks for checking out the blog! i lurvvveee this one...and i noticed that you enjoy the cco--do you know they have it there now? *shhh*

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