Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have always and forever made my attempts to stay away from lipsticks in the tube. I'm all about the tinted gloss, a sponge applicator, and everything in between, but when it comes to that dried-out matte looking lipstick..no thank you. However, this weekend I came upon two new sticks that really made me change my mind. Poppy, was one of my favorite lip-color creators of all time when I first came into my little obsession with beauty products. Not only was she from Australia (one point!), but she featured her line of sticky pots of colored gloss at Barneys (two points!), which were so right on the money (that makes three points!). Something happened, and I missed the memo. One day her line went missing and I thought she would never come back. I cherished what I had left of my remaining colors, and had to move on. But this weekend I received news that she was coming back, and in a big way! She's back at Barney's with a line called "Lipstick Queen", and she's all the better for it. Half of her line is called Sinners (consisting of 90% pigment and 10% viscosity), while the other half of her line is called Saints (10% pigment and 90% viscosity). Hold on tight, because she'll be out with new glosses soon as well.

So, this wasn't the end of all things lipstick for me. I also took my little curious mind on over to Victoria's Secret to pass some time..and what did I find? A collection of lipsticks (and a shade!) that I actually liked! Not only did it provide a super-moisturizing punch (thanks to coconut, vitamin E and tiara flower), but it was the perfect color which enhanced the tone of my lips without the need to look in a mirror during application. I was really wrong about the traditional lipstick, and because of it I feel that I have waisted some good time we could have been spending with each other. In case you're interested in dropping a measley $12 on a super-great lip color, you'll be looking for the Very Sexy Sheer Moisture Lipstick in Exhibitionist.
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