Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My TOP choice is...

Nobody. I'm so over ANTM. Of course I am...but then, who can resist watching it? I'll most likely still continue to invite friends over and cook, and get ready to watch each week, but why? I'm not sure. The new series is starting on Feb 28, and is beginning with a 2-hour premiere show. Unfortunately, the girls never end up getting much work after the show is over so it seems to me that we watch for the drama of it all. Afterall, who can resist some good reality tv drama? Not too long ago, they featured Britain's Next Top Model on the CW, and I definitely could use some more of that. The visual is of BNTM's 2nd season contestants. Hopefully our networks will smarten up and start airing the new season for us to join in on!
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