Sunday, February 25, 2007

GTL - Aishwarya Rai

Sorry about the short time off. Been having connectivity issues. All is now better. Anyway, in other news...

I recently finished watching yet another Aishwarya Rai film--Kyun! Ho Gaya Na. I loved the styling and makeup (as usual), but was especially drawn to the scenes where Aishwarya was wearing an orange-hued eye color, which seemed to blend effortlessly into a shimmery pink. It really gives the eye a subtle and warm feel and matches up wonderfully with a brown or green eye. Of course since these brown eyes are always looking for something new to make them pop, I went on mad hunt for something to re-create the look. Because I have movie ADD (and the movie was 3+ hours!), I had that netflix rental at home for days on end. It was no problem though, as it gave me enough time to keep referring to the exact scene that I had been entranced by. I finally found the shade I was looking for, and who would have known that it would have ended up being a blush?! Shu Uemura has been so very good to me, and has not failed me yet. After much going back and forth, I settled on their Glow On Blush in Brick (65). I first lightly covered the lid with their Pressed Eyeshadow in Pearl Pink (102), and then used a blending brush to smooth on some of the Brick blush over the crease. Following up with some great lining action using their Drawing Pencil in Brown (02), created the Bollywood eye that I had been going for all along. Curled the lashes, swiped with some DiorShow, and then--the best part about it all!--got a little cheeky with the very blush that I had used on my eyes. Voila! Total re-creation!

The visual gives a very vague idea of what I was trying to achieve. It was the best I could do, as I couldn't find the beloved scene I had been working off of.


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