Sunday, February 25, 2007

GTL - Aishwarya Rai

Sorry about the short time off. Been having connectivity issues. All is now better. Anyway, in other news...

I recently finished watching yet another Aishwarya Rai film--Kyun! Ho Gaya Na. I loved the styling and makeup (as usual), but was especially drawn to the scenes where Aishwarya was wearing an orange-hued eye color, which seemed to blend effortlessly into a shimmery pink. It really gives the eye a subtle and warm feel and matches up wonderfully with a brown or green eye. Of course since these brown eyes are always looking for something new to make them pop, I went on mad hunt for something to re-create the look. Because I have movie ADD (and the movie was 3+ hours!), I had that netflix rental at home for days on end. It was no problem though, as it gave me enough time to keep referring to the exact scene that I had been entranced by. I finally found the shade I was looking for, and who would have known that it would have ended up being a blush?! Shu Uemura has been so very good to me, and has not failed me yet. After much going back and forth, I settled on their Glow On Blush in Brick (65). I first lightly covered the lid with their Pressed Eyeshadow in Pearl Pink (102), and then used a blending brush to smooth on some of the Brick blush over the crease. Following up with some great lining action using their Drawing Pencil in Brown (02), created the Bollywood eye that I had been going for all along. Curled the lashes, swiped with some DiorShow, and then--the best part about it all!--got a little cheeky with the very blush that I had used on my eyes. Voila! Total re-creation!

The visual gives a very vague idea of what I was trying to achieve. It was the best I could do, as I couldn't find the beloved scene I had been working off of.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great Gloss!

Sephora and I had a great day together today. Why is it that all good things happen to me within the walls of a Sephora store? In New York I've run into influential people in these buildings--in addition to breaking down at the number of lines they carry in comparison to our West Coast stores. Today, while investing some good genuine time into our relationship I was interviewed for the local news in regards to how I felt about the introduction of so many new organic cosmetics lines and the risk of carcinogens and hidden ingredients in conventional lines. I was thanked by the store manager with a gift basket, and let down later to find that the television station had edited my piece down to a few lines about what a beauty junkie I am, and how it is that I've come to be a sucker for kitschy packaging. Oh well. It's all experience right?

I did leave the store with a couple of fun finds that I've been dying to get my hands on. Cargo's Purse Gloss in Beijing is a wonderfully sheer lip slick that infuses just the right amount of color to your pout. Definitely not for the thin-of-lip, it accents the slight pucker that a full-pouted girl has to offer. At $16 a tube, you may as well grab a handful.

I couldn't leave with just one treat though. Lorac's Mocktails in Tropical Dream is a mix of sugary sweetness, and pineapple goodness. They are everything they've been promised to be. Not only are there a variety of shades to choose from, but the scents are out of this world! They are all very tropical and fruity, and on the slightly goopy side. Perfect for a lingering-infused scent. Regardless of how often I tell myself that I have enough gloss, it is about as large a weakness as mint-iced chocolate brownies. Undeniably addictive. And at $18 a pop, totally do-able.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not quite seeing the logic..

Along with Fashion Week and this whole stint with "super-skinny" models, London restaurant Bumpkin, has come to the rescue. They are offering free meals to girls who are a size 0, and have proof (a model card) that they are part of the industry. Is it just me, or is this a little bit obnoxious? I'm thinking that if someone is keeping themselves on a strict diet that allows them to be a size 0 in the first place, a free meal really isn't going to be a reason to eat at your establishment. It seems as though people are taking advantage of a situation where young girls are dying due to eating disorders, to poke fun at the industry and promote their business. I don't know--maybe it's well-meaning. Thirty percent of the models originally scheduled to participate in this season's Fashion Week flunked the body mass index test and were prohibited from participating (and furthermore, paying their bills). I just spoke with a trainer at my gym today who had so many negative things to say about those BMI tests, because of the fact that each person's body and bones differentiate in weight. There must be a better way to go about all of this.

I'm thinking I want this.

It has goji berry in it. I love goji. It won't look the same on anyone but you. Enough said. Just buy it.

It's the Ten Commandments, not the Ten Suggestions.

1. Thou shall not use thy neighbor's eye makeup. Your eyes are very susceptible to germs. When you use your friend's eye-makeup, it becomes contaminated. Have you ever seen eye-lash mites? You don't want to. You are now sharing more than mascara; you are sharing germs.

2. Thou shall match their concealer and powder to their skin tone. Concealer is a lighter shade than your makeup, because it is meant to do just that. Conceal. It looks hideous when someone has an orange face and a white neck. Blend your makeup straight through to your neck. It's not an option.

3. Thou shall moisturize before every application and nightly. Moisturizing is the key to good skin. When used before application, it will help set the products and avoid that caked-on look. At night, it helps keep your skin smooth so you will have a good canvas to work on when morning arrives.

4. Thou shall throw out mascara after three months. We've already commented on germs. Within three months they will make your mascara their nice toasty home. If they haven't, your mascara is probably dried out anyway. To keep the germs out of your mascara, don't "pump it." Pumping it may put more gunk on the brush, but it will only push germs inside that can't get out.

5. Thou shall use eyeliner responsibly. Too much eyeliner looks bad and so does shaky eyeliner. If you can't maintain a steady hand when applying, perhaps you should refrain from lining your eyes. I don't care what sort of rush you're in or how busy your life is. Eyeliner will not make or break you.

6. Thou shall moisturize lips constantly. Nothing is wrose than your crusty lips. During these cold months make sure you are using some sort of lip balm to stop flaking and drying. You can also help bring this to a halt by exfoliating. Moisturizing will also come in handy when applying lip liner and lipstick.

7. Thou shall remove makeup nightly. We all know to take off our makeup before bed. If you don't it only ages you faster. Face makeup will dry out your face. Eye makeup will weigh down your eyes, which will create wrinkles. And on that note, don't rub your eyes. Same reasoning.

8. Thou shall not match their eye shadow to their clothes unless it's white, black, brown or gray. When wearing colors like pink, green, red, blue and orange, don't match your eye shadow to your clothes. It's tacky.

9. Thou shall not use blush more than two shades darker than their natural color. Joining the circus anyone? Stay away from extreme blush and in-circle formations. Rule of thumb — start two fingers' width away from your nose. And only use blush on your cheek bones. Sweeping it up to your temples will make you look crazy.

10. Thou shall blend blend blend, and blend some more. You want to look natural. Nothing should be crisp or clean cut. This is not paint by number. Use your brushes to blend anything you apply with powder.

Big Time for a Small Name

Picaso is the new kid in town. The new brown kid. A makeup line that was born out of Suzi Picaso's desire to beauty the "girl with beautiful brown skin tones" has just been given an opportunity to begin taking their line from the small-town boutique to the small-town WalMart. Although I am so very unenthused about WalMart and anything of their kind, I am over the top excited about an opportunity to have one more cosmetics line on the market that caters to the needs of women of color. With happy hour lip glosses like Strawberry Daiquiri, Tequila Sunrise, and Lemondrop, it will be hard to have just one drink. Although they are being given the opportunity to begin selling in just one WalMart store at a time, distribution is said to possible spread nationwide within the next couple of years. If you just can't wait that long, contact Picaso for a catalog which will allow you to order from the comfort of your couch.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend Inspiration

"You can't rush glamour." - RuPaul

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Must-Read for those who have "lived"

Bobbi Brown is 50 years old this year, and with this milestone birthday, she has come out with a new book! There are a handful of reasons to appreciate Ms. Brown, outside of the fact that she creates wonderful natural looking makeup. She is an advocate for women embracing their natural skin, and all of the ups and downs that come with it. Constantly emphasizing the risks and the plasticity of going under the knife, she has come forward with this new book that has been tailored for women with aging skin. It is a must read for women who plan to age gracefully!

Write me!

I love the emails that I've been getting, and I will begin answering some of your beauty questions very soon right here on this blog! Thank you so much for the support, and definitely feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I love it!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I saw this on another blog, and I had to share. Frutels is a new gummy candy that helps to fight acne. Now, I can hardly resist a gummy, regardless of the flavor, size or quality. To me, gummy is GREAT and you'll find me constantly chewing on one. But could it be true? These guys fight adult acne as well?! I'll take a dozen packages...

My TOP choice is...

Nobody. I'm so over ANTM. Of course I am...but then, who can resist watching it? I'll most likely still continue to invite friends over and cook, and get ready to watch each week, but why? I'm not sure. The new series is starting on Feb 28, and is beginning with a 2-hour premiere show. Unfortunately, the girls never end up getting much work after the show is over so it seems to me that we watch for the drama of it all. Afterall, who can resist some good reality tv drama? Not too long ago, they featured Britain's Next Top Model on the CW, and I definitely could use some more of that. The visual is of BNTM's 2nd season contestants. Hopefully our networks will smarten up and start airing the new season for us to join in on!

And you so pretty too!

Valentine's is getting closer, and regardless of whether you're with or without a honey, it should be a day that's all about you. Miso Pretty is a fun little line of super-flirty products which never fail to make a girl feel her best. Their Sake Bath Soak is sure to be the greatest help in livening up bath time, for the chic who doesn't want to take herself too seriously. I mean come on, the red and pink bath gels are so last year.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On the cleaning note...

Since I'm heading in the direction of all things hygiene--or so it seems--I was thinking the other day about how there is a real shortage on great toothpastes. I have been using Marvis' Paradise Fruit Mint for what seems likes a very long time now, and I think that a few more companies need to get the wheels turning and get on with some new innovative brands. I like to use natural formulas, because I'm just not keen on having surfactants, animal byproducts and other strange ingredients in my any time. I just picked up a new tube of Nature's Gate Creme de Peppermint at my local Whole Body department of my Whole Foods. We'll see how this one goes, but usually when I'm in a rut I just revert back to good old Jason Organics. I think that distinguished companies need to bring back some old world charm with the metal encasings, which look exquisite on the bathroom counter. Neiman Marcus used to do this, and at one point had a whole line of "After Dinner Toothpaste" flavored with a choice of Anise, Amaretto, and Creme de Menthe. Apparently I'm not the only one interested in toothpaste, as there is a site: which features the largest collection of toothpaste in the world. Now if only I could make it to India to pick up some Amar toothpaste, or be living in the 50's when I could grab some Bourbon or Scotch (6 proof!) variety. How's that for a morning pick-me-up?!

Good Cleaning

Ear cleaning is something we tend to overlook, as it's a day-in day-out sort of activity that we don't give much thought to. That is, some of us. I have become nearly obsessed with ear cleaning, and I don't care what Dr. Oz says on Oprah, but there is always a better way to do it that exceeds the standards of the same old q-tip routine.

Tingatinga is a children's hygiene brand that carries baby ear-buds which have compacted cotton. These are much safer than the regular kind, because it takes much less effort to remove wax, and doesn't encourage you to push it deeper into the ear canal. At $8.50 a bundle, they are affordable for not only baby, but you!

One of my newer finds has been the Japanese ear pick. You must be very careful while using something of this nature, because you have to be able to trust yourself not to go into overdrive with the wax-removal process. However, when it is removed, you feel as though you have made great progress and can hear much better. At only $1.50 for some models, you're in for a great buy! The down feather duster on the end of some can be used to brush off any extra wax, while others feature icons such as hello kitty and different good luck charms. You can also find this style in metal, although for some reason the wooden sort feel a lot less "doctor's office" to me.

My very favorite, time-proven method of removal is ear candling. For generations, men and women all over the globe have used wax candles (they can be purchased at most health food stores) as their removal tool of choice. The process is simple, but you definitely need a helper to ensure that you don't burn yourself. One friend needs to hold the candle in your ear at an angle, while burning the end. The warmth and heat from the flame will literally draw the wax from your ear and into the candle. This method is the most successful in increased hearing, and it has grown so popular in my home that we have actually gotten together as a family to do this!

I know, wax removal isn't always the mark of good conversation--but you'll be amazed at what a difference it makes when you look into the many options that are before you!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekend Inspiration

"Kiss and makeup--but too much makeup has ruined many a kiss." -Mae West

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Making Beyonce Beautylicious!

Is it just me, or does makeup genius Mally Roncal resemble some sort of Filipina-Beyonce-Import Model? The Beyonce bit could be in part to the fact that this 34-yr old makeup genius has worked wonders on the faces of our favorite women in Hollywood. Beyonce, JLo, Mariah, Angelina, Iman, Thalia--trust me, the list goes on. Not only is she talented, but she is proud of her Filipino culture, and shares her love for her culture (especially the food!) with her clients. Regardless of how far she has risen in this fame-filled world, she has held on tightly to her roots and encourages women to build off of their natural beauty. She is in one word: amazing. Originally on the path to medical school, she never snuffed out her passion for the art of creativity through makeup. Always driven to show others that beauty is to be seen through natural, dewy skin, her outlook is right-on and always eye-catching. Not only is she the spokeswoman for Sephora, but she now has her very own line, Mally Beauty which she created while travelling through the U.S. with some of her A-list clients. You'll find that many of the products are named after cities that she stopped in, which inspired her to develop the shades and colors. This line is all about women who are on the go, and in her own words "want to look beautiful in 5 minutes or less". Although they are currently only available through QVC, they are well worth the delivery wait. Want to know a little secret? It's said that her Lip Gloss Single, Be Sexy was named in honor of Ms. Knowles herself.
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